The Victory Awards

The Victory Awards are the awards given to the world’s largest political consulting awards. It is the only prize whose call extends to more than 21 countries and includes a variety of categories from state and local campaigns to those that contest the presidency of a country and among its illustrious winners are Joseph Napolitan, Ralph Murphine, José Luis Sanchís, Michele Bongrand, Dick Morris, David Axelrod and Jim Messina.

Since the award was established and to these days, both successful leaders, candidates, statesmen and researchers in the field referred to are aware of the prestige that gives the trajectory to obtain a Victory Award for being the award that recognizes the best of the best in the political consulting industry and is a reference of this professional area worldwide.

The statuette is also a guarantee for those who become creditors, of having the ability to provide their services anywhere in the world, and even being credited with identifying new talent recognized as emerging leaders at the continental level with the capacity to vitalize the political development of the region. In the 2015 version the number of young award-winning promises rose to 12 winners and definitely, they will be the future stars of this medium.

What does this award represent?

The Victory Awards has a commitment to excellence, creativity and professionalism and every nominee and winner is the representation of those characteristics and identifies it as the best exponents in their professional area. The vision of its organizers is to elevate the profession of political consulting and the mission of contributing to further development of the democratic system around the world.


The Victory Awards was born in Washington DC in 2012 during the POLI Conference to grant recognition to the work and talent of consultants and professionals in communication and political marketing working with Spanish-speaking audiences, a situation that until that date was unprecedented.

Initially, the awards focused on a number of political blogs and a number of categories that expanded over the years. We are very proud to be the first awards to recognize this specific area in the political industry, which was made visible by the EFE Agency and after that generated a boom in international media managing to get the attention of companies like Yahoo and Google that placed the Victorys in the global audience.

In a short time it reached a unique position and the golden statuette represents the recognition given each year to the best of the political consulting industry. and that is that in advance, no other awards in the industry had focused on recognizing the talent and work of leaders, rulers and professionals working with candidates, parties and political causes in the Hispanic field.

What’s in the future?

The awards from the outset worked with the vision of raising the quality of the profession, recognizing the deserved talent and inspiring new professionals, with the mentality of a non-profit organization, a situation that remains to this day.

The award is held in Washington DC and is represented by leading experts in more than 21 countries, making them an event of global dimensions. Now, dreams and plans expand rapidly and will reach professionals not only Spanish-speaking.

As part of the new features in this edition, this year is officially launched the creation of The Washington Academy of Political Arts & Sciences (WAPAS) that will help the awards achieve and surpass their mission each year.