Artis and jess meet

Music from Catfish Season 2 Episode 9

artis and jess meet

Even so, Artis described Jess as an “uplifting” person in his life, and was Nev and Max felt uncomfortable arranging a meeting before Artis. Though he has a girlfriend-slash-baby-mama of several years, Artis has been chatting with a woman named Jess who most certainly resembles. This week's Catfishee is Artis from Woodstock, Illinois. Four to five months ago, Artis met Jess from nearby Marengo, Illinois on Facebook and.

It kills your social life, so I had to create something.

The biggest lies they showed on Catfish

When Max loses it and goes off on un-Lanum: And you're that guy. John wonders if his online love interest is the proverbial Real Thing. He first "met" Kelsey while gabbing in a psychology chat room.

artis and jess meet

But Florida-based "Kelsey" is unwilling to meet John in person because of … her "body dysmorphic disorder," according to People. Though John works in IT, he refuses to do any cyber-sleuthing of his own, out of respect and love for "Kelsey. Before kicking the investigation into high gear, Max tells Nev: Plus, Kelsey refuses to call or video-chat with any other members of the chat room.

This includes Ellie, a psych chat room dweller who now considers Kelsey a friend. The final confrontation introduces us to nefarious internet rogue Adam pictured right, who glibly refers to himself as "King of the Catfishes. Thad, 'Sara,' and all the drama Hulu Thad pictured left wasn't the first guy to be burned by Phony Sara.

Every time they arranged a meet-cute, Sara had the perfect excuse for standing him up. Once, she'd had a seizure. Another time, her ex-boyfriend had popped 'round and kidnapped her.

Catfish's Justin & Artis Are Best Friends Now, Might Launch YouTube Channel [Video]

These little white lies prompted Thad to investigate Sara, and he discovered someone named Ashley has stolen Real Sara's photos. For quite some time, Ashley's been using those photos to deceive men. This Ashley person reportedly continued using Sara's photos after the filmed confrontation. Still… that's almost moving, right? Our introduction to Zac begins when a single mother of two approaches Max and Nev with deep suspicions about her online paramour, "Lucas. That's when Urszula enters the picture.

Urszula reaches out to Jayme because she'd also been flirting with "Lucas" online and came to learn he's a dirty little liar. Urszula and Jayme both sent nude pics to "Lucas," and "Lucas" promised to move to each woman's hometown so they could live happily ever after. Yes, Sarah is also an unwitting victim of so-called Lucas' caprices.

Catfish: The TV Show

To make a long, sleazy story short, "Lucas" is the aforementioned Zac. As Reality Blurred reports, during a confrontation among Jayme, Urszula, Sarah, Max, Nev and Zac, it's revealed that Zac flirted with hundreds of women, collecting their photos and keeping copious notes about each mark.

artis and jess meet

He assures everyone he's "deleted" the photos, but there they are actually saved on his phone. As the disgusted crew leaves the premises, Zac pulls a deeply insincere: This Cincinnati resident only craved love, but he'd never landed a real relationship.

His cousin Carmen contacted Nev and Max, sharing her concerns that Antwane was being conned by "Tony. Tony remained tight-lipped on personal details. He wouldn't even share a personal photo with Antwane, yet Tony assured the smitten fellow that he was very tall and quite muscular.

That seemed to be enough for Antwane. For much of the episode, it looks like Antwane's virtual lover is an incarcerated convict.

Catfish The TV Show: Artis and Jess S2/Ep09 Recap

This turns out to be less of a catfish, and more of a red herring. After Max, Nev, Carmen, and Antwane visit three locations, they're still no closer to the truth. Carmen causes the Earth to spin off its axis by sharing a shocking revelation: She flirts on the phone with Antwane in her deep, sexy "Tony voice.

Antwane once teased Carmen about her weight in front of the whole family. After all, Cassie's been in a downward spiral ever since the murder of her father in Still, one shining beacon of hope peeked out from all this darkness: Artis and Jess have never talked on the phone or Skyped; he has her phone number, but they've only used it to text.

The Excuses Jess has a really jealous, controlling boyfriend Artis actually keeps using the word "strict," which is creepywho prevents her from doing things like put more than one photo of herself on her Facebook profile. She has a fair number of Facebook friends from Marengo High School, which she claims to have attended. However, despite all this talk of a controlling boyfriend, her relationship status is "Single," and after one status in which she'd asked if anyone wants to "hang or bang," one of her contacts comments that he doesn't believe she's real.

Nev reaches out to this guy, Kevin, who calls them right back and explains that Marengo is a tiny town where everyone knows each other. At some point, this Jess went on a friending tear through his class, but that no one who accepted her friend request in Marengo and subsequently got hit on by her actually knows who she is. Google Image search, you say?

Well, they find matching results on a bunch of porn sites, including one that's topless. They also find the full-length version of her one-and-only cropped Facebook photo. Well, this is damning evidence! The Presentation Of Findings After confirming that, per Nev and Max's request, Artis has come clean to his real girlfriend about Jess, Nev and Max meet with him -- at a coffee shop, though, which might suggest to a suspicious person that Artis isn't being entirely truthful with Max and Nev.

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Regardless, Nev and Max barrel ahead, telling him about Jess's obvious fakeness. Nev does his whole "But even if the person you've been talking to doesn't look like this, you have real feelings for each other, riiiiiiight? Artis wants to meet "this person" and find out why he or she targeted Artis. So Max and Nev try to call the number they have for "Jess," but she hasn't set up her voicemail yet.

artis and jess meet

There's some Facebook back and forth where Jess makes Max and Nev prove who they are. When they finally tell Jess that Artis is serious enough about her to have told his real girlfriend about Jess, that changes everything, and now Jess wants to meet in person, at a park in Woodstock the next day.

artis and jess meet

This very weird guy emerges from a beat-up car and does a slow clap as he walks toward Artis. He's also really aggressive toward Nev, who tries to get between the guy and Artis despite Nev's having just broken his foot days ago. The guy complains that Nev was giving him attitude the previous night over Facebook, but keeps getting in Artis's face until Artis finally walks away.