Ash and butter free meet again

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ash and butter free meet again

Pokémon of the Week Episode The Duo Splits Up!? Ash & Rotom Airdate: 25/11/ Episode Showering the World With Love! Synopsis Pictures. The upcoming episode will reportedly feature the return of Ash's Butterfree. It's been far too long old. Jan 5, The Pokédex spoke, "Butterfree: the Butterfly Pokémon and the evolved form . Ash looked back at Butterfree and said, "I can't believe you're still wearing .. " Well it sure is quite a pleasure to meet you Ash, my name is Dolan.

Ash looked around to see where the voice was coming from, until he laid eyes upon a young, blonde woman in a white tank top with a camera strapped around her neck. Bonnie was the first to reply, "Viola, you came for us!

Clemont I told you she was a keeper! Ash smiled at the siblings' antics and said to Viola, "What are you doing here, Viola? At this time every year, Butterfree from Kanto come right here to start a family.

The forest around here is one of the safest places for young Caterpie to grow. I heard rumors about a family of extremely rare Butterfree around here too. I'm gonna find them and capture as many pictures as I can along the way. Viola nodded, "Yeah, I don't see why not. I could use the company, as long as Bonnie doesn't propose to me anymore. Viola looked around at the field of Butterfree and Caterpie, pulling up her camera to snap pictures.


I need to get a good picture of you guys with the Butterfree for my collection," she said as she pointed her camera right at Ash's face. Ash nodded and sat down next to Serena. Pikachu jumped over and placed himself between the two trainers. A group of Butterfree joined them, and landed on their shoulders and heads. Serena noticed her proximity to Ash, and slowly scooted closer. Though Ash was unaware, Pikachu was squeezed between Ash and Serena's thighs as she moved.

ash and butter free meet again

Pikachu looked up at the female trainer to see the slight blush building on her face. He noticed lately that Serena would act differently around Ash, especially when the two were away from Bonnie and Clemont. Though she tried to hide it, she couldn't help but make obvious hints about the way she felt towards Ash.

He knew how oblivious his trainer could be when it came to girls, and he decided that he would try to help Serena in any way, simply because he liked her so much, but first he needed to get away from the tight gap in between the two trainers. He pulled himself out from in between Ash and Serena and sat down on the ground in front of them. While the three posed for Viola's pictures, Bonnie and Clemont joined the group again. Clemont made Bonnie apologize to Viola, who accepted the apology with a light chuckle.

Bonnie turned back to her brother and stuck her tongue out, before running to sit by Ash and Serena. Serena smiled at the young girl and pulled out some cookies for them to enjoy. Ash spaced out watching the Butterfree fly above, and Serena nudged him lightly in order to hand him his cookie. He gladly accepted the treat and went back to watching the sky. Out of the corner of his vision, he spotted one Butterfree that looked different from the others, because of the yellow scarf that was draped around its neck.

It's really my Butterfree! Ash's eyes widened immensely and he shot up before bolting after the Butterfree as it flew over the horizon. Serena also stood up and yelled, "Ash, where are you going?

It was a younger man, about 30 years old. He wore a black, sleeveless shirt that accentuated his muscular build. On his face was a week's worth of stubble, which he scratched with a gloved finger. The man set down his binoculars and pulled out a phone. He dialed a number and held the device up to his ear.

It rang a few times and a female voice came through, "Dolan, is that you? If I follow him, he'll lead me right to the family. Do what you need to. I'll call back once I have what we need. He grabbed a black hard case and opened the locks to reveal its contents: He loaded a couple of darts into the rifle's internal magazine and closed the bolt. Dolan shouldered the rifle and checked all the parts to make sure it was in working order.

He wiped the sweat off of his brow and said, "Now, let's get me some pay," before jumping up and chasing after the Butterfree. They dodged branches and bushes, but Ash always seemed to widen the distance between them.

It wasn't until he stopped that they managed to catch up. Once they had joined him on the edge of a small precipice, Ash yelled out into the distance, "Hey Butterfree! After all these years, he could never forget those faces. He felt his heartbeat accelerate as he reversed his direction in order to greet the trainer. After all these long years, he would finally see those who had helped him achieve his lifelong dreams. Ash felt his eyes swell with tears as Butterfree landed right in front of him.

Once again, the strange female voice answered, "What is it Dolan? This might put a damper in our plans. Just get what you need and get out. Do you understand me?

ash and butter free meet again

I'll get the job done. Don't call me back until you have the goods. He set the binoculars back onto his face and continued watching the interaction between the Butterfree and trainer. Serena watched Ash hug the Butterfree, a single tear falling down the side of her face after seeing the Kanto trainer cry in joy. She wiped the tear away and asked Ash, "So I take it that you guys know each other? I let him go so that he could start his own family.

He would never dream of losing such a keepsake, it became a part of him as he aged. Ash stood up and turned to his friends, wiping the tears off of his face with his sleeve.

He pointed to each of the party and said, "Butterfree these are my friends: Serena, Clemont, Bonnie, and Viola. Serena was surprised at just how friendly Butterfree was, as he jumped on her shoulder and gave her head a hug.

Ash smiled at her and said, "Looks like Butterfree really likes you, Serena. I really want to see the Pink Butterfree again. I can't miss a photo opportunity like this. As they moved forward, the underbrush began to snare their legs, slowing the pace of the group immensely.

Ash struggled to climb onto a fallen tree trunk to find Butterfree. There's no need to rush. Clemont used his Aipom Arm to lift himself and Bonnie up, and he collapsed onto the curved wood, completely out of breath.

In between gasps he asked Ash, "Can we stop here? I don't know how much more of this I can take. Don't you want to see Butterfree's family? This forest is a perfect place for the young Caterpie to grow up. Not many humans pass through, and the plants around here give them plenty of nutrients to live.

Ash smiled and said to Butterfree, "I'm proud that you found such an excellent place to make your family. It makes me happy that you are happy. Ash turned back to the others and said, "I think we're getting close.

Ash looked in the branches of every tree to see them filled with hanging Metapod. At a closer glance, the group could see that the oak tree wasn't one large tree, but rather two smaller ones that intertwined as they grew. Ash watched as Butterfree flew into the dark hollow, only to reemerge after a couple of minutes. However, when he came back, he was not alone. Next to him was another Butterfree, though this one looked a lot different than Ash's.

She had the same light blue arms and feet, but her body was pink instead of a blue-purple. Her wings were also tinged pink, instead of white. Ash immediately recognized her as Butterfree's mate, the same one that he had courted all those years ago. He looked back at Viola, who stood mouth agape as she looked at the pink Butterfree. She pulled up her camera and once again began to take more pictures. Behind the Butterfree, a trio of Caterpie crawled out of the hollow in the tree.

The antenna on their head was also different, as it was a dark red instead of the usual pink. The Caterpie inched their way to their parents, eyeing the humans. One of them managed to summon enough courage, and slinked its way past its parents.

ash and butter free meet again

That Caterpie crawled straight towards the group and began to scale Serena's leg. It continued to climb and eventually came to rest on her shoulder. Serena chuckled and patted the Caterpie on the head, "It looks like this one likes me, huh? Though, you are much better at handling it than Misty was. She didn't really warm up to Butterfree until he evolved into a Metapod. Ash laughed and patted his old friend on the head.

Bonnie approached one of the remaining Caterpie, who hid behind its mother for protection. Don't worry I'm not gonna hurt you, Caterpie. I just want to be your friend! It set itself on her hand and allowed her to lift it right in front of her face. She laughed and said, "I think that this little one is hungry. Tell you what, I'll get dinner started early for all of us. He turned to the others and said, "That sounds like a great idea, Clemont.

Butterfree, Pikachu, and I will go pick some berries around the forest so that everyone can have a sweet treat. Pikachu take care of Ash. You know how much trouble he can get himself into. They both knew that what Serena said was true.

Ash's Butterfree

Trouble always had a way of finding Ash wherever he went. The trio walked off into the forest as the rest of the group went to their respective tasks. Serena and Bonnie played with the pink Butterfree and her children while Clemont began to prep dinner.

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Little did anyone know that they were being watched from the tree line. I guess today is my lucky day. The arrival of these kids sure made it harder for him than it should be. He placed it against a rock next to him and loaded a couple more tranquilizer darts into the rifle.

He had one for each person, the mother, and the Dedenne that the little girl carried around in her satchel. After that, he could easily catch the Caterpie and throw them into cages.

Dolan knew that he had to act now, or the father and the Pikachu boy would come back, and he didn't have enough to deal with them as well.

Dolan shouldered the rifle again, and focused the scope on the teenaged girl in the pink hat. He gently squeezed the trigger and felt the gun slightly recoil as it released a puff of air and the first dart. Ash, Butterfree, and Pikachu walked the path in search of berries.

They looked around and found a small stream surrounded by tall trees. Pikachu jumped off of Ash's shoulder and began to sip the water. Ash patted Pikachu on the back and looked around at all the trees. Various fruits hung from the trees, and Ash picked a good number of the low hanging berries, but many more were out of his reach.

He focused his attention on Butterfree and asked, "Can you fly up and pick some of those berries for me?

Did Ash ever meet back up with Pidgeot or Butterfree? [Archive] - The PokéCommunity Forums

His eyes began to glow a slight blue, and the berries began to pick themselves off of the tree one by one. Ash smiled at Butterfree while the berries were collected in his knapsack and said, "Wow, Butterfree, you learned the move Confusion?

Once he left Ash, he spent a large amount of time training himself to become stronger. It took him a while, but he learned how to use that move and many others. He really had learned a lot from his trainer, and he took Ash's advice to heart.

As the last of the berries made their way into the sack, Ash pulled the drawstrings to seal the opening. Ash then said, "Here you go. Pikachu jumped back up onto Ash's shoulder, and the three began to make their way back to camp.

What if Ash Kept Butterfree?

When they were almost back at the campsite, Ash heard a shill scream ring out in the forest. In the distance, he could see a large flock of Butterfree flying into the sky. Once they had reached the campsite, Ash looked around to find that all of his friends were lying on the ground, unconscious. He ran over to Serena and rolled her onto her back. In her shoulder was a small metal cylinder with a red fletching on the back.

He pulled it out an inspected the small needle at the end. He jiggled the dart a little, and a small drop of clear liquid dripped out of the opening in the needle. The question is, what did they take? Ash gave him a solemn look, knowing the implications, "They took your family didn't they? Ash yelled after him, "No, Butterfree, wait!

Ash stood steadfast and said, "Butterfree, you don't know where you're going. We're going together, but we need to find where they went. Look around the area for clues, tracks, anything. Serena was the first to wake up, and she rubbed her eyes aggressively. She saw Ash searching around the area and asked, "Ash, what are you doing? They took Butterfree's family. I bet they plan to sell them on the black market.

I can't seem to find any clues as to where the hunter went. Slowly, the others began to wake up as well, and Ash filled them in on the situation. Soon, they were all working together to find something to help them track down the hunter. Ash soon found a gash in the ground and footsteps leading into the forest. He turned to the others and said, "Hey guys, I think I found something. We have to find him before he gets away. Clemont reached into his pocket and pulled out two bands with a small camera in the center.

He chuckled to himself and said, "These should help us. They're small cameras that will give a live feed to this device. He continued, "They also come with a GPS system, so we can find the hunter and keep an eye on his position.

Thanks to science, we will find Butterfree's family. Just keep an eye on the feed. If you find the hunter, keep a bead on them. We'll be following close behind. I know you're angry, I am too, but we have to work together. I can't let you go out there alone. He knew that Ash was right, because he was planning on fighting the hunter alone.

He didn't want to drag Ash into his personal problems. He and his mate always had trouble with finding a good place to settle down, because Butterfree of her color were so rare and sought after. Finally, after seven years, they had found a relatively safe place, but they still couldn't escape from the obsessed collectors.

He was beginning to feel agitated by the amount of time that he and his family had to spend running away from their problems. But now he was with Ash, his original trainer. With him, he would run no longer. He would protect his family, no matter the cost. Butterfree looked back up at Ash.

ash and butter free meet again

He would follow that man to the ends of the Earth. There was no other human that he could trust more. He stared into the trainer's eyes to see the same resolve that he felt in his gut. Ash understood Butterfree, and he would not give up either.

The hunter wouldn't know what hit him. Ash and Butterfree stared into each other's eyes for a few more seconds, and once a silent consensus had been achieved, Ash turned to the others and said, "C'mon let's go.

Jonghyun March 24th,6: They already answered the question, but I'm going to get this out anyway. I really wish he would've at least gone back to get Pidgeot. Even if he kept for five episodes, and then sent it back out to Johto. That could have been any random Butterfree. Kristine March 25th,2: Every time Ash gets good Pokemon early on in the show, he just turns them loose. I'm sorry foor ever thinking I was right about something as simple as this.

I'm such an idiot. This can be any random Butterfree and I should've known that. Now that I look at it, it doesn't even look like Ash's old Butterfree. Characters that never show up are often used in opening clips Max and Misty have all been in openings for Sinnoh. Now yes it's obviously Ash's old Butterfree in that clip, but isn't that part of Spurt, where the entire point is to highlight all of Ash's Pokemon? Kirbychu March 26th, It looks like the writers might have originally planned for Pidgeot to appear in the 10th movie.

Either way, it was cut. Vernikova March 26th, Right, which is why I said in an opening. Right below that sentence I clealry gave the answer no that he hadn't. In an opening he did. I don't know if you people just can't read but really now. The Pikachu Company produces the movies. The anime ongoing series is a completely different company. They probably share some staff of course, the voice actorsbut they generally act as two different bodies. The people who made up the theory that this is Ash's Pidgeot are the same idiots who thought Ash and Brock were leaving the series just because ONE poster only featured Dawn and no one else.

AmitieFan March 27th,5: