Bella and edward meet at a club fanfiction

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bella and edward meet at a club fanfiction

Jun 21, Rated: Fiction M - English - Crime/Romance - Bella, Edward Later today Edward had a meeting with some business people to discuss a few . non of them were bent, Aro and his men left the club and Edward men laughed. Mar 8, All human oneshot Edward and Bella meet in a nightclub. Rated: Fiction K I stumbled into the club and took in the surroundings. There were. Jan 7, Edward meets Bella at a club and is instantly drawn to her. Emmett and Rosalie, Jasper and Alice and of course Edward who was dragged.

The Cullen family assumed they were mated, so they let them assume it. This is something they seemed to think was great news. He didn't care if they wanted to think his companion is his mate. He looks up in time to see Bella walk to the bar and ring a bell. They have four security guards cornering them. Then Bella comes back and stares down the Cullen's. She directs her gaze to Jasper and motions with her eyes to the bar.

He saunters over and she nods to the door, knowing the family will not make a scene, they can't risk exposure. She pats the four big burley guys on the back and they chuckle as they go on their own way. Do you know our history? They left jasper Peter and Char were sitting down in a booth I sat with them and Jasper made one of those two fuckers talk "What the hell are we gonna talk about the fact that Bella went to the Volturi with out any of us?

Jasper looked at me "Why the fuck did you go there? Then he went hunting so I thought he ment alone. I could do a whole lot with that. They will change me Alice you thought that if you can control Jasper every one will love you when in truth half of the Vampire World fears him. So why the hell would you even think about lying to him about being your mate. And Edward you thought I would except you back well were done for good after you left me in the woods.

Carlise Esme you two were my second parents then when Golden boy and Peppy girl says Jump you do it with out a care for your other sons and daughter. Emmett your were my brother I never had you killed that when you left with out a goodbye. Rosealie you were still a sister to me even though you hated me. So Cullens you left me broken i'll let you know when im ready to forgive you. If you can't forgive us? And he's been waiting for you to sign the papers.

You took me and Char away from him for no reason! It's not like he's mine. We just met, and technically not even that. But for some reason, jealousy is rearing it's ugly head, as I watch his body move and touch and be touched by some blonde bimbo. Edward and I occasionally make eye contact, but we don't dance together again.

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He busts out some moves. I show him what I've got. The playing field is even. A burst of courage comes when I see him lose his step after I perform a particularly sexy dance move.

He doesn't seem like a person who can be rattled like that, so the power I feel from knowing I did that to him is exhilarating. I decide to test my theory and run my hands down my body, letting one slip between my legs, and then gradually back up. Edward's mouth drops and I can see him swallow hard from across the room. His own hand travels down his body and palms his cock, which I'm assuming is standing at attention.

I'd like to know for sure. I'd like to replace his hand with mine. We go on like this for what seems like forever.

Our own little game of cat and mouse, until it's almost closing time. I know it's getting late and the club will be closing soon. Alice and I have been dancing together for the last couple of songs, attracting stares and a few glares, but it has been fun. I wonder if I'll ever see Edward again. I hope that, since he's Jaz's friend, he'll be back. I can't imagine this being the last time I'll ever see him. I want to ask for his phone number or something, but that seems so forward.

There's also the chance of rejection, which I am not interested in. I look around the club, willing myself to take a chance, but I don't have to, because he's gone. I don't see him anywhere. Jaz isn't even standing at the DJ booth. All of his stuff is packed up and there's just canned music playing through the speakers. I feel myself sigh heavily in disappointment. If there is one area of my life that Alice can't avoid sticking her nose in, it's my love life.

If she thinks for one second that I might be interested in someone, she'll be all over that. As we walk out of the club, there leaning against my car, is the sexiest damn thing I've ever seen.

I can tell by the look on his face that Jaz didn't know that little nugget of information until about 5 seconds ago, but from the enormous smile that is now plastered on his face, he doesn't seem to mind.

He spins her around and carries her to his car, which leaves me standing in the middle of the parking lot with the Greek god.

Did I hear him right? Get in the damn car. I get in without saying another word. He closes my door and runs around to get in the passenger side. When he sits down in the seat, I can't help but stare. His eyes lock with mine, and the pull from the dance floor is back. I want him, and if I'm reading him right, the feeling is mutual. Please, God, let the feeling be mutual. Edward and I go to the Waffle House and share a large pile of blueberry waffles with peanut butter chips.

They are delicious, but what is even more delicious is the gorgeous hunk of a man sitting across the table from me. Under the bright lights of the restaurant, I can see his long eyelashes and the various shades of green that make up his eyes. He has a small dimple that peeks out when he smiles big, and his eyes crease at the sides when he laughs really hard. We talk like we have known each other forever. His voice is soothing and sexy at the same time and, as we sit here, waiting for our change, I want nothing more than to take him back to my apartment.

When we get in the car, I see that the clock on the radio reads "2: Is he saying what I think he's Did I shave my legs and trim the hedges? I think I did. Was that today or yesterday? Am I really doing this?

bella and edward meet at a club fanfiction

You can just take me home or I could He reaches between us and picks up my hand, placing a soft, sensual kiss on my palm. The feel of his lips on my skin makes me moan. Without breaking too many traffic laws, I drive quickly back to my apartment. Neither of us say much on the way there. We share glances and he holds my free hand, rubbing soothing circles with his thumb. Every touch and look has me losing my shit. I can't think of anything else but having his hands on the rest of my body and hearing him talk to me in that low, smooth as silk voice.

I've suddenly developed vampire speed, it seems. Before I know it, I am out of the car and making my way to my apartment door.

I can feel Edward right behind me. I want to turn around and see his gorgeous face, try to get a feel for what he is thinking and wanting, but I can't because I am mentally berating myself, trying to calm the fuck down. That's what I want to do. Damn, when did I become such a sexual deviant. When did I start sleeping with guys the first night I meet them? Is this a one-night stand?

Holy shit, I'm verging on whore status! Calm your tits, Bella. As if he can read my mind, Edward reaches up and turns me around, before I can put the key in the door. He can read my mind.

Without another thought, I attack his lips with mine. This isn't a soft beginning. It's intense from the moment my mouth touches his. It's desperate and passionate. I turn my head slightly and his tongue glides across my bottom lip. I open my mouth, and when he gently bites my flesh, I can't help the wanton moan that escapes. My hands grip his shirt, wanting to rip it off of his body. One of his hands presses firmly against my back, holding him to me, and the other is trying to pull the key from my hand that is gripped to his side.

He fumbles around until the door opens behind me. We practically fall through the door before Edward kicks it closed behind us, reaching back to lock it. Just like when we were dancing in the club, our bodies are moving together in perfect cadence.

He pushes, I pull. I push, he pulls. With each caress, the need for more increases. His lips leave mine but not for long. Edward presses his forehead against mine, like when we were in the club, and his breath is coming out in loud huffs. Turning me around, he pushes me up against the door, putting delicious pressure exactly where I want it the most, where I need it. The ache I feel is more of a need than a want at this point.

bella and edward meet at a club fanfiction

I wrap my legs around his waist, shamelessly rubbing up against him, as he kisses me hard. His hands are in my hair, holding my face to his. My hands are all over him, trying to touch every inch of his body that I can. We immediately go back to kissing.

bella and edward meet at a club fanfiction

I have condoms," I squeak out, between kisses. He chuckles and it forces me to lean my head back, looking at him. Did I say something wrong? She said there are three boxes and that I could use them Well, not all three boxes.

Two minutes later, we are in my bedroom, with one box of condoms. I start fidgeting, looking around my room. I would have sexed this place up, if I knew I was bringing a hotass man home with me tonight.

Off, " Edward growls, looking at me with eyes that are intense and hungry. I do what the man says, never once thinking about the kind of panties I'm wearing or what I look like out of them. I realize at this moment that I will do whatever he tells me. I've known him less than six hours and he completely owns me.

My clothes are laying in a pile around my feet, and I reach back to take the ponytail holder out of my hair. Edward steps forward, stopping my hand. I've wondered all night what you hair would look like down, spilled across a pillow, while I'm lying on top of you.

I almost come from the amazing feeling and his words. Bella is the perfect name. Tell me," he says, seductively, "is it just Bella or is it 'Isabella'?

It's sweet and sultry, and adds to the heat that is building between my legs. I need him naked. I need to feel his skin against mine. I need it like the air I'm breathing, what little bit I'm breathing.

bella and edward meet at a club fanfiction

I want to feel you," I whisper, tugging at the edge of his t-shirt. When I pull his shirt over his head, for some unknown reason, I feel the urge to smell him. I lean forward, sniffing his chest and then his arm pit, sticking my tongue out and licking it. I just want to see if he tastes as good as he smells, and he does. It's all man, all Edward. I pop the buttons on his jeans, but before I can get them down, he forces me back toward the bed, guiding me down.

His lips are on my neck and my chest, taking a few minutes to kiss each breast. He sucks one of my nipples into his mouth, allowing his teeth to graze the sensitive skin, and I almost come undone.

I feel lips traveling down my body and my head is swimming. I hold tightly to Edward's strong shoulders, grounding myself, and holding him to me all at the same time.

My body moves with the strokes of his tongue. I'm not the most sexually experienced person on the planet, but I know that this would be considered exceptional by anyone's standards. He slips a finger inside of me, putting pressure on my clit. I feel the coiling deep in my stomach and I know that an orgasm is right around the corner. Between the foreplay on the dance floor and the building anticipation, I'm surprised I've lasted this long.

With just a few more thrusts of his magic fingers, I'm falling over the edge. My leg muscles are shaking and I'm coming apart at the seams.

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I look up to see him lick his fingers clean. His eyes bore into mine, as he crawls back up my body. When our lips meet again, I can taste myself on him, and a new surge of neediness hits me. I want him inside of me. I swear, if this were a cartoon, there would be a halo around his cock. He quickly opens one of the condoms and slides it down his shaft. The whole act is erotic and I want to do that for him next time, if there is a next time. Please, God, let there be a next time. Kneeling back on the bed between my legs, he reaches down and positions himself at my entrance, and with one fluid motion, he pushes inside of me, filling me.

I exhale loudly, relishing in the tightness and sensation. It's like nothing I've ever felt before. I feel him freeze above me, and when I open my eyes, I realize his are closed. He looks like he's concentrating or, maybe, he's in pain. I just want this to last. I want to make it good for you. The moment is transcending. Through each thrust, it's like we exchange feelings that can't be put into words. It's so much deeper and more meaningful than a one night stand. My breath hitches, as I see an expression pass his face looks like how I'm feeling inside.

bella and edward meet at a club fanfiction

I need you to know that. His thrusts speed up and our movements become more desperate, clinging to each other, holding each other together, while we fall apart in each other's arms. The tightness is back in the pit of my stomach and I know that I'm close.

Edward slips a hand in between us, and puts just the right amount of pressure where I need it the most. As I come, I feel his thrusts become quick and sporadic, and his release follows. We both stay locked together, breathing heavily, both of us refusing to break the connection.