Charlie and the chocolate factory 2013 musical meet violet

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charlie and the chocolate factory 2013 musical meet violet

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a stage musical based on the children's novel of the . For this production, the characters of Augustus Gloop, Violet Beauregarde, . He then meets a terrible demise as he is sucked up a chocolate pipe leading to . A London original cast album was released on 7 October Violet Beauregarde is in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory The In the factory, Violet insults Mr. Wonka upon meeting him, insisting that she is there to win and Halil (November –November ); Sophie Naglik (May –May ) . In the film Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, Violet was depicted as a preteen girl from Miles City, . In the musical, Violet meets a far stickier end.

Upon arriving home, Charlie is overjoyed to find that his family have pooled their money to buy his birthday chocolate, but is crushed once more when the candy yields no Golden Ticket. His mother and his other three grandparents remark that their lives would be better if Charlie's father were still alive "If Your Father Were Here".

The next day, Charlie visits the candy store only to find that all the inventory has sold and that the owner Wonka is closing up shop.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Musical)

After he leaves, Charlie discovers a single dollar left behind under the cash register. After attempting to return the dollar, Charlie runs into Mrs. Green once more and decides to buy a Wonka Bar instead of vegetables. As he opens the bar, he is elated to find the fifth Golden Ticket inside. He rushes home to share his good news with his family.

Despite her happiness that Charlie has won, Mrs. Bucket is disappointed to learn that Charlie must be accompanied by an adult in order to go on the tour, as she is sure to lose her job if she asks for a day off of work.

Grandpa Joe, however, claims that Charlie's good fortune is his "Call to Arms," and he decides to get out of bed for the first time in years so he can take Charlie on the tour.

After a few failed attempts to stand up, Grandpa Joe finally gets on his feet, and dances gleefully with Mrs. The big day arrives, and the five winners are greeted at the factory gates by paparazzi and "Chocolate TV" reporters Cherry Sunday and Jerry Jubilee, making Charlie and Grandpa Joe feel out of place. Act II[ edit ] The five winners and their families check in with Wonka, where he explains the rules and regulations of his factory and has the parents sign a ridiculously long and complicated contract "Strike That, Reverse It!

Afterwards, the group enters the Chocolate Room, where everything is edible, and the children explore the candy-coated utopia "Pure Imagination".

The adults however, are less impressed by the world of candy, as they see it as an impractical use of money and resources, much to Wonka's dismay. Despite Wonka's warnings, Augustus takes a drink from a molten chocolate lagoon and falls in. He then meets a terrible demise as he is sucked up a chocolate pipe leading to the Fudge Room.

Wonka fails to console Augustus's distraught mother, as he is more concerned with having to pick bones out of his fudge. The group is stricken, but Wonka assures them Augustus will be fine and sends Mrs. Gloop with the Oompa Loompas to find her son. They continue into the Mixing Room, where an enormous mixing cup mashes random ingredients together to make new flavors and inventions, from furry lollypops to a glowing orb made from bananas and uranium dubbed "Liquid Sunshine.

Violet and her father are overjoyed, as they believe the new product can catapult Violet into gum superstardom. Despite Wonka's warning that there is a problem with the dessert course and the gum is not yet safe to chew, Violet takes the gum and accidentally swallows it.

charlie and the chocolate factory 2013 musical meet violet

The excess of juice in the gum causes her to swell up and turn into a human blueberry. Wonka sends Violet and her father to the Oompa Loompas for help, and is quickly distracted from the situation by Mrs.

Teavee asking about the origin of the Oompa Loompas. Violet then explodes in a shower of purple goo onto her father after an Oompa Loompa shoots a blowdart at her. Wonka is unconcerned and sends Mr. Beauregarde to the Juicing Room, assuring him and the group that she will be fine. Wonka decides that they should visit the ingredient storage corridors, but first they must traverse an invisible maze of deadly traps.

The others are skeptical that the maze really exists, but change their minds when Mike Teavee gets beaten up by the invisible traps. The whole group passes through except for Grandpa Joe, who cannot bend down far enough to fit through the door. Undeterred, Wonka suggests changing course to go and see the Nut Room instead. Outside they meet Jeremy, a worker squirrel who sorts the good nuts from the bad.

Veruca is enamored by Jeremy, and demands that her father buy her a squirrel. When Wonka refuses to sell, Veruca throws a tantrum and runs into the Sorting Room to retrieve one herself, against Wonka's warnings that the squirrels are very dangerous. Inside, she chases and dances with the squirrels, but tries to run when they begin to get violent.

charlie and the chocolate factory 2013 musical meet violet

She is seized by the squirrels and dubbed a "bad nut", and is promptly torn apart to the horror of her father and the rest of the group "Veruca's Nutcracker Sweet". Wonka assures them that the Oompa Loompas will be able to put her back together, and Mr.

Salt leaves to rescue his daughter. Teavee reprimands Wonka for his belief that the Oompa Loompas can really save all the children from their certain demise, but he dismisses her and presses onward. Wonka and the Teavees board the S. Wonka, a bathtub-shaped boat, and travel through an underground river deep below the factory.

Charlie and Grandpa Joe, who were too slow to catch the boat, are forced to swim behind them wearing scuba helmets. Wonka leads them into the TV room, much to Mike's delight. Wonka demonstrates Chocolate Television, which uses a machine to send chocolate bars to TV screens.

charlie and the chocolate factory 2013 musical meet violet

Mike's obsession with electronics overcomes him and, despite his mother and Wonka's protests, he uses the machine to teleport himself into a television set. However, they cannot locate him on the usual channel, so Wonka calls for the Oompa Loompas to bring more screens to try to find him faster. Mike jumps from screen to screen until his mother pulls him out, now as a doll-sized boy "Vidiots".

Teavee is relieved that her son won't be able to cause trouble anymore, and leaves the factory satisfied with her son in her purse. Charlie is the only one left. Wonka leads him and Grandpa Joe to the Imagining room, where Wonka writes his ideas into a notebook.

When Grandpa Joe asks about their lifetime supply of candy, Wonka replies by giving Charlie an Everlasting Gobstopper.

charlie and the chocolate factory 2013 musical meet violet

Grandpa Joe is furious at Wonka giving his grandson a "measly Gobstopper," and the two quickly begin to fight. Charlie diffuses the situation, telling Grandpa Joe that the Gobstopper is a great present and that the trip to the factory was enough. Placated, Wonka ushers Grandpa Joe into his office to negotiate legal paperwork and warns Charlie not to touch anything.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Musical - Adrianna Bertola singing Juicy (Part 1) - 2013

Charlie breaks the rules and opens the notebook, adding his own inventions to the blank pages in the back, only to be caught by Wonka. Although he seems angry at first, Wonka finds it incredible that Charlie is unable to stop inventing, even if it means breaking the rules. Wonka tells Charlie that he has won, and ushers him into his "Great Glass Elevator". He reaches into his pocket and reveals that he received Charlie's letter after all, and wants to begin working on some of Charlie's inventions.

As they land back outside the factory, Wonka is immediately ready to begin working but Charlie is concerned about what will happen to his family. Wonka explains that they have already been moved in to their own room in the factory, and invites Charlie in to begin their new life as candy-making partners.

It is here that Violet revels the origin of her fame by chewing on a stick of gum for three years which has in turn somehow granted her the celebrity title "the Double Bubble Duchess" gained her a TV show perfume line and chain of boutiques.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (musical) - Wikipedia

On the day of the tour, Violet arrives in a sparkly purple tracksuit with blue back pack and immediately begins to show off her experience in the spot light and behaving highly obnoxiously to the other guests, immediately striking up a rivalry with fellow insufferable brat Veruca Salt. In the factory, Violet insults Mr. Wonka upon meeting him, insisting that she is there to win and nothing more. Wonka is unsurprisingly unimpressed by this and even less so by Violet's "credentials", declaring that while her father thinks she's really something, he is unsure what she is.

Sophie Naglik as Violet Violet's competitive behaviour soon lands her extremely sticky end in the inventing room. After the party enters the Inventing Room and Wonka presents each child with a gift a sample of his latest and greatest invention "The Everlasting Gobstopper" a sweet that could be sucked forever and never get any smaller, Violet however is unimpressed by this remarkable invention declaring that it "sucked" and that she wanted something to chew. In response, Wonka presents her with another sample of another invention a stick of chewing gum that remarkably contained all the nutrients proteins and flavours of a three course dinner from the 's.

Now while the other guests are astounded by this invention, Violet is only really interested in the fact that it is gum so she grabs it and starts to chew despite Wonka's protests that it is not ready. Immediately Violet is blown away by the gum tasting such foods as tomato soup roast chicken potatoes and gravy but before she can hit desert Wonka intervenes declaring that she must spit it out at once but her idiotic father almost instantly contradicts him telling Violet to keep chewing until finally she hits dessert blueberry pie.

At this precise moment, Violet's skin turns to a deep shade of purple and her lower body begins to alarmingly swell up much to her fathers horror who grabs Wonka demanding to know what is happening to Violet. Wonka cryptically explains that violet has excesses fructose in her fluid sacks which when prompted he revels means she is literally turning into a blueberry.

Immediately the Oompa Loompas begin a 70's roller disco routine appropriately naming Violet Juicy and declaring that even though she has no talent she has now achieved her dream of becoming the biggest celebrity of all time and that now she is blue everyone will know who she is. Violet meanwhile makes a pathetic attempt to waddle away behind a large mixing vat while her unconcerned father simply complains that he cannot put a blueberry on the cover of vogue and tries to call his lawyer but before he can, the Oompa Loompas raise Violet into the air who now swollen into an enormous blue ball.

Violet is then spun around while lights are flashed on her like a giant disco ball for the Oompa Loompas to dance to.