Defeat sun quan and zhou tai before they meet after many years

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defeat sun quan and zhou tai before they meet after many years

When Sun Ce died in the summer of the year , Sun Quan, born in. , was about To some degree, this must have been true, and it reflects well upon the .. or even twenty years earlier, and Zhou Tai, who originally joined. Sun Ce from crossed the Yangzi in , but after the defeat of Liu Yao, at the beginning of. Most playable characters when defeating the enemy officer. Fight me if you dare! Unplayable generals when encountered. Prepare to meet your ancestors! . Behind every spell there's always some gimmicks. Liu Bei after accepting a duel Lu Bu. Lu Xun so young. Zhou Tai. Fear the Tiger of Jiang Dong! Sun Jian. Yai Zhao. These are characters of my creation that I am not writing a Meet Tao Qian: So you are my father's lord. Later this year, Cao Cao invaded them, and took over some of Xu. When Tao Qian was celebrating, he acted unkindly towards Yai Kang. V. Defeat Liu Bei, Zhao Yun and Sun Quan.

If you want to create a story and you haven't got an OC in mind, do not worry! All you have to do is PM me and tell me which characters you want to take and what you want to name the story! Then the character is free to roam with you!.! Fiction M - English - Chapters: Yai Zhao These are characters of my creation that I am not writing a story about but you can use them if wished.

If you want to use them, please write a PM to me about what you are planning to call the story so I can have regular checks. Also, you don't have to use the quotes but the storyline must be the same with a few changes if you like. And he is called a legend? They told me she called herself a warrior! You can't control soldiers. So you are my father's lord. Nice to meet you. Huh, I guess that I'll join you.

Defeat sun quan and zhou tai before they meet after many years – hinders

I am Yai Zhao of Xu! Gah, I am Yai Zhao. I have fled from Cao Cao's men! It is all in you. So you're the new ruler? My life is with you! I can sense the hint of obedience in you. Hold on out there! My Lord, are you safe? Stick on, I'm coming to save you here!

I will help you, Lord Liu Bei, if you can rebalance? It is appropriate to assist a master, right? I will save you, Prime Minister! Yun, I will rendezvous with you at the draw, OK? Had a tough day, huh? I'll help you get through 'em! Good skills, My Lord. Praise Cao Cao and Liu Bei: I knew you could do it! So I have a friend who can surpass Lu Bu. Good to have someone like you on our team! God, could I kill that much? Other Defeat 1 Hey, aren't you getting better? Was this all by me?

Hey I did excellent then!

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Wake up, My Lord!! He survives an ambush attempt by Liu Biao's officer, Huang Zu, and leads his forces to victory. However, the battle soon causes Sun Ce's death and, though he grieves losing his eldest son, he keeps fighting for the sake of his remaining children. While his kingdom shared a brief alliance with Shu, he lives past his rivals, Cao Cao and Liu Bei, and brings an end to their successors.

Once Shu falls, the land is united under Wu. Retiring and handing leadership of the kingdom to Sun Quan, Sun Jian entrusts the future of the land to his younger children and disappears from history, searching out others who need his direct help within the remaining chaos. Near the beginning of the battle, Sun Jian meets the elder general and invites him into his army. From there, Sun Jian saves villagers in the west from Ou Xing's generals. If he rescues the villages quickly, the trio coordinate their efforts to corner and chase the rebel commander down.

Ou Xing will try to escape to the west but the villagers will bravely block his exit. Should Sun Jian fail to defeat the rebel generals, he will need to defeat every general on the map to open the castle's gates.

Sun Jian's ending scene in Dynasty Warriors: Online shows him riding on his own at the dead of night. Although the player offers to join as an escort, the warlord expresses his desire to hunt alone and asks them to watch over his family for him.

He does not hold any personal ambition and strives to end the land's chaos through his duty to the Han Dynasty. Since he keeps the Imperial Seal within his possession, he is ironically branded as a traitor by the surrounding regional lords. Considering them to be the real threats, Sun Jian quells their rise to power with his sons and ensures that the land belongs to the Han empire.

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He is rewarded by being named the emperor's adviser in his ending. As he strikes down Zhang Jiao, the priest comments with his last breath that he "hides his fangs well. But as the tyrant goes on in killing the rebels, Sun Jian stops Sun Ce from protesting to refrain from having to intermediately deal with Dong Zhuo.

However, the tyrant escapes and leaves Luoyang in ruins. Instead of using the seal to gain authority and power, Sun Jian allows himself to fight for Yuan Shu, which angers Sun Ce and makes him confront his father. After the fight, Sun Jian is approached by Sun Ce, wanting to apologize for his brash behavior.

defeat sun quan and zhou tai before they meet after many years

But suddenly, enemy archers shoot arrows which pierce Sun Jian's back. With his dying breath, Sun Jian tells his son that he must lead their people and rule the land his own way. He then dies in Sun Ce's arms. He is later seen in Sun Quan's dream, congratulating his son on his achievements.

In his first Legendary Battle, Sun Jian fights his children to test their strengths and earn his respect as a father. In the second chapter, his front at Sishui Gate continues to be hampered by low morale and insufficient supplies.

He asks the player to help him capture the enemy's supply depot. When the coalition surrounds Dong Zhuo at Chang'anhe personally repels the opposing army's wolves. Before the start of the third chapter, Sun Jian loses his life while attacking Jing Province. His spirit watches over Sun Quan's coronation during Wu's ending. In Lu Bu's chapter, he eventually forms an alliance with Cao Cao and Liu Bei to keep Lu Bu in check, though their final battle against him results in their demise.

Dynasty Warriors 8 has Sun Jian die prematurely during Wu's first story stage due to an arrow wound caused by Lu Gong. However, his death can be prevented in one of the many alternate routes featured in the game. In that instance, the Imperial Seal underneath his clothes protect him from being fatally shot by one of the retreating enemy soldiers.

Sun Jian fights at Shouchun before joining the rest of the Sun family for the final assault against Wei at Xuchang.

For the safety of his people, Sun Jian agrees to be imprisoned by Orochi. His life is used to coerce his children and his officers' loyalty to Orochi.

defeat sun quan and zhou tai before they meet after many years

In Warriors Orochihe spends much of his time as a prisoner. Sun Ce is nearly successful in freeing him but Sun Jian decides to stay behind to give his son a chance to escape when the situation turns sour. After Sun Quan fails to stop his brother's rebellion several times, he and Sun Jian are set to be executed. Sun Jian leads the final offensive against Orochi.

Warriors Orochi 2 has Sun Jian trying to keep Wu neutral, fearing that an open war would shatter what little stability the country had regained.

Despite this, he sends his officers to aid various other factions.

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Through the combined efforts of YoshitsuneCao PiLu Bu, and others, he eventually takes up the fight against the revived Orochi. He shares his dream mode in the title with Katsuie and Cao Ren. These three gentlemen band together to rescue Oichi from danger.