Harry and hermione meet as kids fanfic lemon

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harry and hermione meet as kids fanfic lemon

I read almost-exclusively Snape-centric fan fiction within the Harry Potter Universe Revenge Is All The Sweeter: Acceptable Words: , Rated: M A chance meeting ten years after the war may not be just a coincidence, and may Hermione and her two kids) From the Corner Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic Author. Fanfic: Harry Potter and the Sword of Gryffindor Ch 1, Harry Potter. Are there any good Harry Potter fan fictions where the next generation kids read the books ? might be a little difficult since at the end of the day sex can only get so smutty, I'm not sure I want to meet the person who knows for absolute certain which is. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.

Sitting back on his knees, he looked over at her, "Ummm, what next? I mean I know the basics, but how do you want to do this? I don't want to hurt you. And Madam Pomfrey gave me a pain potion, just in case. Finding them and both wands she placed the as of yet unneeded potion and two wands under the pillows and handed Harry his vial. Hermione laid down, resting her head on one of the pillows and pulled her new husband down with her.

Harry stopped himself on his hands and knees over her naked body and leaned down to kiss her with every bit of emotion he felt for her. Lowering himself, they both gasped at the feeling of the other's body pressed against their own. Harry marveled in the soft perfection of her skin while Hermione felt his firm muscles. Slowly he positioned himself near where he felt an extra warmth between her legs. Reaching down she gently guided his hardness in to her. Both of the young lovers cried out in pleasure as the two bodies became one for the first time.

Harry was embarrassed when he spilled himself only a minute after they began, but Hermione quickly reassured him that it was normal for a mans first time and the subsequent orgasms would come much more slowly. Holding him tightly against her body, she slowly began rocking her hips, enjoying teen aged stamina.

He was quickly ready to go again. Having recovered from the small amount of pain, she quietly guided him to a more comfortable position for her and helped him learn to please her. It was a thoroughly exhausted and sweaty yet happy couple that finally curled up in each others arms and succumbed to sleep in the wee hours of the morning.

The goal of extending the Potter line temporarily forgotten as they explored and shared their new love. The dorm room was silent when the lovers awoke mid morning. The spells Hermione cast the night before had kept anyone from disturbing them. This was to be the day but neither wanted to leave the warmth of their shared bed.

With a grin, Hermione rolled herself on top of her still groggy husband and took advantage of his morning arousal. Kissing him gently as she slid herself up and down on him, he quickly woke. After another wonderful round of love making the couple reluctantly agreed they needed to prepare for the day, not knowing when Voldemort would strike. While in her shower Hermione couldn't help imagine what she would look like in nine months.

What would her parents think, assuming she would be able to find them. Even if she had to go to Australia alone, she would do it. And with their help, she could do anything else. Her only wish at that point was that she was able to introduce Harry to her mum and dad, and they would all be together for the birth.

Cleaned and refreshed they met up in the common room before heading down to join the rest of the school for lunch. There was a nervous excitement in the Great Hall. Harry Potter had come back to Hogwarts. There was a stunned silence then a great commotion as Harry and Hermione walked through the doors in to the Great Hall together.

The couple hadn't been seen in public since the disaster that Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour's wedding had become. Their one time companion, Ron Weasley, had returned to Hogwarts after the Christmas Holidays and refused to discuss where they had been and anything that had happened. It took Headmistress McGongall several minutes to get everyone calmed down enough to explain what was happening.

Granger came to Hogwarts with my blessing last night to find and eliminate the final piece of the puzzle that is Tom Riddle. We don't know when Lord Voldemort and his followers will attack, but we suspect it will be soon. As such, all communication in and out of the castle has been halted until further notice. Everyone will remain here in the Great Hall or your dormitories until we feel it is safe to return to a normal schedule.

It was a mix of accusatory and curious stares that followed Harry's progress from his seat to the head table where he spoke briefly to the Headmistress. Hermione from her seat could hear some of the conversations that took place around her. Most of the students were curious why they had come back, but a few were worried that people would be hurt because You-Know-Who was going to attack Hogwarts because Potter was there. Harry stopped and had a whispered conversation with Neville on his way back to his seat.

The bushy haired witch looked confused for a second before she understood exactly whom he was referring to. So we are going to make some plans after lunch with the Headmistress and Neville. Riddle was sure to bring his minions. Neville rose from his seat and waited for Ginny to join him. With a short nod to Professor McGongall the pair made their way to where Harry and Hermione were sitting.

He rose from his seat then helped Hermione stand and they followed Neville and Ginny to the doors of the Great Hall. Just before they reached the huge doors Neville stopped and turned so he was facing the students. In a voice Harry had never heard his former roommate use, Neville barked out, "Macmillan, Goldstein and Boot on the door.

Creeveys and Bones at the front. If they draw a wand, terminate with extreme prejudice. From their posture and attitude Harry could tell they wouldn't hesitate to follow their orders. Turning back to the doors Neville opened them and Ginny stepped through, scanning the entry hall before moving any farther out. Harry and Hermione followed and Neville pulled the door closed behind them. Mostly Death Nibblers picking on the younger students. Unfortunately there have been a couple assaults we didn't find out about until it was to late.

Ginny shuddered as she remembered some of the things that had happened. No one feels safe, and the teachers won't do anything even if the students do report it. I know it wasn't what the DA was originally formed for, but it is what we needed to do.

She couldn't argue that, it was her idea. The quartet arrived at the guardian to the Headmistress' Office and Neville whispered the password causing the gargoyle to slide to the side. Harry's face fell remembering the last time he was here, as he watched the others step on to the moving staircase. Reaching the top, Hermione immediately took hold of his hand.

The door opened again and Ginny stuck her head out from the office, "You two coming? We've been here for most of the last year, this is your first time back," Minerva said.

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Granger, how wonderful to see you again. I trust your year has been productive? Harry's eyes were suddenly shining and his throat painfully tight so he simply nodded his head. Hermione spoke for the pair, "Yes sir. We have one more, and Riddle himself. But it wasn't to be. I just need Neville and his Association here to keep everyone else safe while I deal with Tom.

The most obvious is to storm the gates and charge the castle. Though we have plans for giants and dementors. They spent the next several hours hashing out plans and trying to determine Voldemort's most likely plan of attack. Suddenly the castle shook. On arrival they saw several other pairs of students taking positions atop the castle. They saw several giants hurling boulders from the edge of the Forbidden Forest.

The impacts they were feeling were the boulders bouncing in to the wall. They didn't appear to be doing any damage, as they were not striking the the wall with much force because of the distance they were traveling.

Walking over to stand between two of the duos, Neville called out, "Let's throw some boulders back! Loading and drawing back in unison they released simultaneously. The second member of the duo sent a spell after the pebbles. The boulders landed just feet from the giants, causing the Death Eaters to scramble. The giants weren't so lucky, having their legs taken out by the incoming projectiles. Enchanted pebbles that respond to a wide area, customized Engorgio.

All three of them gaped. Ginny spoke first, "You're the one that gave them the money to start the shop? I didn't need it, and the Diggorys wouldn't take it. I figured we would all need a laugh by the end of it. Soon four boulders at a time were bouncing through the Death Eater's forces. The head of the DA was hit by a Patronus messenger and relayed orders to his people on the roof, informing them that the enemy was moving.

Answering the unanswered question, Ginny grinned, "Disillusioned flyers patrolling. She moaned and closed her eyes, indulging in the wonders Harry's mouth was inflicting on her.

harry and hermione meet as kids fanfic lemon

Hermione pushed the robe off of Harry completely, revealing him now only clothed in his boxers. Hermione looked down and smirked at the evident bulge. Now it was Harry's turn to be shy. This was his best friend and, in all the years they had known each other, Harry had never let her see him like this. He usually didn't care what the women he went with thought of his body, but with Hermione, she was different. With her, he was conscious of what she thought of him, but by the dreamy look she was giving him as she checked him out, he needn't have worried.

Especially when she licked her lips. Oh God did this woman realise the things she was doing to him? With that, he picked her up bridal style and apparated them to a very lovely decorated guest room that he usually retreated to get some sleep and alone time after he had been with a girl who he often left in his bed to sleep.

He had apparated onto the bed, placing Hermione below him; he took a moment to just stare at her. Harry just shook his head and said, "You truly are beautiful. She didn't know whether she should say it back; she definitely loved him, but she felt guilty saying it while she was still with Ron. As if reading her thoughts, Harry gave her a reassuring smile, "Don't worry about Ron. Just for tonight, I want to be the only man on your mind. When she emerged she saw Harry staring at her, his mouth hanging open, almost drooling, his pants getting tighter and tighter.

This made Hermione smirk. She took one of Harry's hands and placed it so it cupped one of her breasts; she felt his hand trembling but she took that as a good sign. Harry nodded staring at his hand on her breast. It feels so soft, he thought, desperate to use his hands and mouth on them more. He wanted to worship her, show her just how truly beautiful she was and what she was missing from the true love of a man. Harry almost couldn't breathe; he had never seen this side of Hermione before, but he loved it!

He couldn't take the temptation any longer.

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He pushed her back against the pillows, making a beeline for her now exposed chest, kissing his way around her breast. She moaned, but in frustration because of where she wanted his mouth. She kept trying to move her nipple into his mouth, but he kept avoiding it.

She knew he was only teasing her, but it was frustrating as his mouth was so warm and delightful that she could only dream of the sensations it would erupt in her.

harry and hermione meet as kids fanfic lemon

When he finally took her in his mouth, she arched into him, moaning in relief, throwing her head back against the pillows.

She was right, Harry wasn't Ron, he was ten times better! Harry pulled off her pants, revealing a pair of his green boxers that matched his eyes. They were soon gone as well, Hermione nearly fainted in pleasure when Harry slipped two fingers into her and began moving. Sure she had masturbated, but no man had ever done this to her before so she couldn't believe how good it felt.

Ron sure is one lucky man, he thought, to get this kind of treatment from a woman this amazing. He couldn't believe Ron didn't appreciate that. Didn't he know Hermione was a goddess in bed? He put it to the back of his mind while he positioned himself between Hermione's legs. He held himself up with his elbows and used one hand to cup her face while she had one hand on his chest and the other tangled in his shoulder length black hair that was as messy, as it usually was.

He stared at her for a minute. She smiled back at him. Both of them gasped at how complete and amazing it felt. He took her into a loving kiss, pouring his heart into it as he thrust with a slow rhythm trying to make it last as long as possible.

He couldn't believe how good this felt, he had always thought sex was sex and nothing more except maybe one time with Ginny, but this…this felt different. He had never felt more connected with someone so physically and emotionally. It was as if the whole world had vanished around him and only he and Hermione were left. This wasn't just sex anymore, this was making true love, and even Harry was completely overwhelmed by this.

He didn't think he could hold on much longer, even at this slow pace. He had to delay it. He wanted to make her feel what he was feeling. He suddenly flipped their positions so Hermione was on top. Hermione gasped at the new depth of which she was in him and the places he touched.

She began to gyrate against him; he met her thrust for thrust as she felt the familiar from a vibrator feeling bubbling in her stomach and making its way downwards. Harry soon felt her cum, his head fell back at the feeling, gripping the bed covers, still trying to hold back his own release. Just as Hermione was relaxing and starting to stop shuddering from the intense waves of pleasure crashing over her, Harry flipped her over, but this time she grinned knowing what was coming.

Harry thrust and thrust with her meeting him; he put everything into it, all his emotions, all his feelings, all of him. Hermione soon felt another wave descending downwards; she prepared herself as Harry whispered into her ear through ragged breaths and mass panting, "Cum for me baby. He stimulated her more to bring her over the edge.

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This did its job as she came around him; he thrust a few more times, before he reached his own peak of ecstasy. Both were panting each other's names over and over, holding on to each other for dear life. It was official, even though she didn't have much to compare him to; Harry Potter was a sex god! They cuddled up exhausted and fell asleep, both with huge grins on their faces. This was truly a night they would never forget.

The next morning, Hermione didn't want to wake up. She had experienced the best night of her life and she was afraid it might have only been a dream. Hermione was content to stay in bed all day, taking in large scents of him that filled the bed from their previous occupation last night. With her eyes closed, her senses were heightened, so she could truly remember his scent, his sweat, and him in essence.

harry and hermione meet as kids fanfic lemon

Hermione only woke up when she heard her daughter's happy squeal. She sighed and opened her eyes, immediately blinded by the incoming sunlight. She squinted and turned away from the window to see an empty space beside her. She knew where he was and that only increased her want for him to have been her little princess's king. As suspected, she walked in to the kitchen to find Harry pulling funny faces and performing simple spells to the delight of two year old Rose Weasley while she tried to eat some cereal, but kept spilling the milk down her chin from laughing at her silly uncle.

She noted Harry had sat Rose on a box then placed a cushion on top so she could reach the table. Rose Weasley was used to waking up in her Uncle Harry's house, but she never before woke up alone or got to see Harry in the morning as her and her mum usually left before he got up or he had already left. But she loved her Uncle Harry; he was like a second daddy to her and she was ashamed for thinking it, but sometimes she wished her mummy would marry Uncle Harry so Harry could be her daddy.

She was still too young and had been too badly scarred by Ron to understand that you can't just change who your daddy is, as much as Harry, Hermione and Rose would have liked.

When Harry saw her he grinned and she smiled back. She had never woken up in a better mood before. Hermione noted Harry had even gotten her changed into her now dry and ironed pyjamas. She had picked something up off the table, in order to hand it to mum, when she was in her arms hugging her.

Harry watched the scene in awe. She was such a brilliant mother, he thought. She had raised Rose so well despite what they had to go through. Harry and Hermione froze at this, both staring at the letter. The letter was scruffy and only had one sentence on it, 'I know where you are, get home now! He couldn't possibly know, could he? She ran to the guest room that she had occupied the night before. She quickly changed back into her clothes and appeared back in the kitchen to a shocked Harry and Rose.

She rushed to pick her daughter up. Harry was very shocked and confused with Hermione's actions. When she turned around, he saw a look of sheer terror plastered across her face, and tried to wordlessly convey what was happening.

She dropped the note on the table and apparated. Harry watched them go, knowing she would go back to him, his supposed best friend whose wife he had slept with the night before. Also a WIP, but is pretty regularly updated. I will point out that while some of these began long before Noma Dumezweni was cast as Hermione in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, having her to use as inspiration definitely helped kick these up a notch. Still, racebent characters—and even stories featuring the canon characters of color—are few and far between in the already-very-white fandom that features well over a million fanworks.

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