Hiccup and astrid meet fanfic

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hiccup and astrid meet fanfic

Hiccup's childhood friend, Camicazi, comes to visit Berk. Astrid distrusts Camicazi , and feels a bit jealous with her relationship with Hiccup. What if Astrid was with Stoick and Gobber when they went to go find Hiccup? Let's see how she reacts when she meets Hiccup's long lost. One-shots based on my OTP Hiccup and Astrid. The one-shots will "Oh and mum before I forget I like you to meet Astrid." Valka held out her.

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K Special She saw the look he had when she ran to them when Stoick was downed. His face softened once she rested her head on his shoulder as he wept the loss of her love, his father.

It made her wonder who she was to him. She saw the smile on her son's face when she walked up to them after their victory. Their interaction was short but enough for her to know they were lovers.

hiccup and astrid meet fanfic

With that kiss they shared, it didn't take a magician to figure out that fact, and Astrid looked just as proud as she was when he was named Chief of Berk. Hiccup glanced at his mother before walking towards her, pulling Astrid with him. She looked a little startled, but smiled anyway. Astrid gave him a look, as if asking why he never mentioned her to his mother.

hiccup and astrid meet fanfic

Watching the two's interaction, Valka gave out a short laugh. So if you enjoy this one check out my other fic! Hiccup said and finished the screaming match with a loud slam of his bedroom door. Pacing the length of his room Hiccup pulled at his shaggy hair thinking back to how the disastrous evening began. This was it, the acceptance letter of his dream school in California laying in his hands. Full academic scholarship to the 1 medical engineering program in the country.

hiccup and astrid meet fanfic

All his hard work had paid off, big time. All through high school which he had just graduated from a week prior he had been labeled as one of the two nerds in his group of friends because he took extra classes. Even during his junior and senior year he took prerequisites at the local community college just to give him an edge. By the end of school he was at the top of his class.

He had done it. Now came the hard part…. You see Hiccup came from a long line of lawyers; his Dad was a lawyer, his grandfather had been a lawyer, his great grandfather had been…well you get it. So it was obviously expected of he go to Berk University for a law degree just like all of them had.

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Everyone thought he was doing all of the extra curricular classes so he could get a top spot in law school. Oh boy were they about to be surprised.

hiccup and astrid meet fanfic

Heading downstairs, letter in hand, towards his Dad's study where conveniently his Mom was perched beside his large father, both looking at his computer. Oh, yeah, and his Dad is the Mayor. Walking behind his mom and giving a quick glance to the plans, "wow, yeah th-they look great. Don't call them that! Putting a safe distance between them. Probably easier just to show me," he said with his large hand extended.

Realizing that it would be easier to just hand it over then keep being a stuttering mess. Hiccup placed the letter in his fathers hand and waited.

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It felt like the seconds turned into years as his Father's eyes scanned every line in a meticulous way, like he would on any legal document. Very quickly his expression started to morph from a look of concentration to one of pure fury. Then his eyes connected with Hiccup's.

hiccup and astrid meet fanfic

This school is the best in th-the country and I got in! Full scholarship…" he trailed off his excitement for getting accepted quickly dissolving as he looked at his parents faces. One furious the other confused. Three years ago at the age of 15 Hiccup had been involved in a horrific car crash where his lower left leg had been crushed beyond repair leaving no choice but to amputate.

Though it had been a life altering experience it turned out to be the best thing to ever happen to him. He found his passion in life, designing and building prosthetics. Hiccup grinned and climbed on his black friend. Let's go see our little Bog-Burglar! They reached the port in no time. Sure enough, there was a small boat, with the Bog-Burglar crest Hiccup was so familiar with.

A lot of people were crowded around the port, looking at awe and surprise at the small boat, and most of all, at the tiny girl with wild blonde hair. On her side she had all sorts of knifes, swords, and stolen jewelry. Her face had a playful smirk on. Some things never change. Hiccup pushed through the crowd to the girl. The girl flashed that familiar triumphant look when she saw Hiccup.

Hiccup had just realized his bear head. The crowd gasped at the girl's burglary skills. For a boy, I mean.