Home and away belle aden first meet

Home and Away Aden & Belle - First Kiss - video dailymotion

home and away belle aden first meet

Aden Jefferies first appeared in the bay in , but did not appear frequently until After Aden defends Dan Baker's honour at his memorial, Belle Taylor eventually ends up writing an article on Aden, . There, he meets Joey Collins. Aden Jefferies is a fictional character from the Australian Channel Seven soap opera Home and Away, Aden's backstory played a substantial role in his early material. Certain media outlets enjoyed Aden and Belle's romance citing the moment they were torn apart as a "sad loss" .. Aden meets Cassie and flirts with her. Belle Taylor is a fictional character from the Australian soap opera Home and Away, played by Jessica Tovey. She made her first appearance during the episode broadcast on 3 February When Aden confronted Belle, she denied taking pills, but he tore the room apart and found her stash. He then "absolutely loses it" when.

Home and Away Aden & Belle - First Kiss

Belle is upset when Lisa is later killed during a drag race. Belle is given a cadetship at the local paper that she was working towards. Dom kidnaps Belle and she tries to convince him to let her go by kissing him. Drew rescues Belle and he accidentally runs Dom over.

Dom returns and Belle get him medical help and a reference for a job in The Diner. Belle later forces him to leave town. Drew also leaves after he tells Belle's boss that she quit her job and they argue.

The business does not last and both Leah and Belle are offered jobs in The Diner. Belle's new job brings her closer to Aden. While drunk one night, Aden climbs through Belle's bedroom window and she makes him sleep on the floor.

However, in the morning, Belle finds Aden in her bed.

Aden Jefferies

She initially rebuffs Aden's advances, but they later share a kiss. When Belle wanted to take things further, Aden kept putting her off. Aden tells Belle that his grandfather abused him, which made him scared of being intimate with her. After Aden attends counselling, the couple sleep together. Aden and Belle are held hostage and Belle witnesses Aden undergo a breakdown.

They are rescued by Angelo and Aden is admitted to psychiatric care, Belle also ends their relationship. She attempts to move on and begins dating Angelo. A man named Murray Buchanan Ben Tari contacts Belle and tells her that the council is in on a plan to build on a toxic waste dump site.

Belle attempts to help uncover the truth. She joins a protest against the site and is arrested by Angelo.

home and away belle aden first meet

Belle uncovers a link between the contaminated soil and local cancer cases. The site developers find out she is on to them and they break into the house to steal back plans Aden got for her. Belle asks Angelo to look into Murray's accounts and they discover that thousands of dollars have been paid to him by the council.

Belle believes Murray has been paid off. During this time, Aden forces Belle to tell him that she still loves him and they kiss. Belle begins seeing Aden while she is still seeing Angelo. Angelo is attacked and Belle cannot break up with him while he is in hospital. Murray returns and tells Belle that he will help her, but Belle is unsure about trusting him. Belle's car is run off the road and the evidence that the toxic waste site causes cancer is stolen.

Angelo finds out about Belle and Aden and publicly humiliates Belle. Aden finds Belle badly beaten and she is taken to hospital, where she names Angelo as her attacker. The Police find no evidence and Belle becomes depressed. When Belle helps Leah out in the kitchen, Kane Phillips 's Sam Atwell car hits the building, leaving her trapped and fighting for her life.

She is diagnosed with a compression fracture and she becomes paranoid, believing the developers are out to get her. She does not want to leave the hospital, but she eventually goes to Aden's.

home and away belle aden first meet

Belle struggles to cope and turns to painkillers to help her through. Rachel Armstrong Amy Mathews refuses to supply her any more painkillers and she looks for other ways to get pills.

Belle gets high with Liam Murphy Axle Whitehead while she is covering his music concert. Belle is sacked from her job when her boss finds pills in her desk drawer.

Aden finds out about Belle's addiction and she decides to go cold turkey on her own, but struggles to cope without Aden. Rachel is unconvinced when Belle says she has recovered. At Rachel's wedding, Belle takes some more pills and collapses. Her stomach is pumped and Rachel insists she goes to rehab. Belle gets clean with the help of Liam. Belle and Aden get back together and Aden asks Belle to move in with him. Belle's feelings became clear when she was lured to the site by a phone call which told her of an accident to Aden.

When she arrived home Aden was once again waiting in her bedroom. They kissed and collapsed onto the bed only to be interrupted by Angelo's arrival. He had been assaulted. Unable to break up with Angelo while he was in hospital, Belle continued to cheat on him with Aden behind his back.

This particular series of events really polarised fans and many found it difficult to forgive Belle for this. The true fans had no problem however. Inevitably Angelo found out and publicly humiliated Belle in a town meeting. Later he also lost his temper and threatened her while throwing furniture at Irene's house. Later she was found brutally assaulted. Aden blamed Angelo but Police found no evidence to support this. After all these events Belle became very depressed and was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Aden the second time - Adelle Rachel, who had become very concerned about Belle's anxiety in the face of all that had happened to her, prescribed anti-anxiety medication.

home and away belle aden first meet

Through all of this Aden's devotion to Belle never wavered and a different, much more caring relationship began to emerge between them. Aden invited her to be his partner at the School Formal. She initially refused but then decided to go making a real effort and looked gorgeous. However once again fate intervened and, while she helped Leah in the hall kitchen, she was trapped by Kane's car which crashed into the hall.

After being rescued by Aden she once again ended up in Hospital with burns on her back. This coincided with Jack's death and Belle became more depressed and afraid. She feared that her pursuit of the development site issue had lead to Jack's death.

She became so afraid that she wanted to stay in Hospital as it was the only place she felt safe.

home and away belle aden first meet

Aden made a huge sacrifice at this point and put aside his career ambition to look after her. He gave up his University place. Once again their relationship reached a new point. Aden persuaded Belle to leave the Hospital and move into the townhouse with him.

But at this point Belle was in real pain from the mounting accumulation of injuries and the pressure of her job. She found and took some of Larry's pain killers which were addictive. This was the start of a downward slide when events conspired to make the pressure on Belle unbearable.

Her development site research had proved inconclusive; Aden, at work on the trawler, was not as immediately able to support her, and a series of events at the paper where she was working saw her increasingly resort to painkillers.

Eventually Belle's work suffered and when she was interviewing Liam, a visiting rock star, she accepted his offer of drugs and they both ended up high. Belle was hooked and ended up Doctor shopping for drugs when Rachel refused to supply more. Belle's work continued to suffer until she submitted an article that was totally unintelligible. Aden attempted to cheer Belle and to break her depression by buying her a necklace to assure her of his on-going love and care.

Belle was so desperate for drugs that she "hocked" Aden's gift as security for them. Aden found out and a furious confrontation took place where Belle finally told him the truth.

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Aden was unable to handle Belle's addiction after all that had happened with this Father but assured her that if she could get clean without him, he would be waiting for her - but he couldn't help.

By this time Belle knew that Aden was a huge part of her life and she used this incentive to endure several horrible weeks of cold turkey to get clean. At this time we know of a scene which was filmed but never shown in which Annie reminded Aden of how Belle supported him through his court case.

This made him think. Many of us felt that this scene would have explained events if it had been shown. Once again pressure mounted on Belle when Irene decided to go away with Lou and Belle had the responsibility of looking after Geoff and Annie while still going through withdrawal. Aden visited and found her in a bad way. He decided to support her. He had realised what a huge part of his life Belle was. To make matters worse Belle collapsed at work at the Diner and Annie discovered her addiction.

Geoff was furious and refused to have anything to do with Belle. Once again she felt her life had fallen apart and so at Rachel and Tony's wedding she ended up taking drugs mixed with alcohol and collapsed into cardiac arrest. She was revived but this time Rachel put her into Rehab as an involuntary patient.

Aden couldn't cope and once again left her alone. Belle was so ashamed at once again falling off the wagon that initially she refused to see anyone, not even Annie and Geoff. Pippa, on one of her visits to the Bay, persuaded her. Liam - An Interlude In Rehab Belle really missed Aden but formed a sort of mutual dependence with Liam, the rock star she had met earlier.

In a series of chance encounters, Aden saw photos of Belle with Liam and Belle walked in on Aden who sought comfort in the arms of Nicole. Aden realised it was Belle that he needed and visited her in Rehab. He told her he was sorry for sleeping with Nicole and that they weren't and never would be together. He helped her to be confident enough to leave Rehab and go home. In a series of confused events and misunderstandings Belle tried to stand by her promise to be there for Liam and went as far as to invite him to stay with her.

Liam put on the pressure for a relationship with Belle and promised to leave his wife but Belle told him she just wanted space to deal with her recovery.

She moved Liam out. Once again Belle and Aden disagreed and their relationship stumbled.