Jack frost and hiccup meet elsa

jack frost and hiccup meet elsa

Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Fantasy - Jack Frost, North, Pitch, Rapunzel yelled to what seemed like no one apart from Hiccup and Merida. . " ahh yes, Jack, meet Hans, of the southern isles, I bet you've heard of. Hiccup meets Jack Frost. how to train your dragon hiccup jack frost THE TRINITY rise of the guardians and their . Rise of the Brave Tangled Frozen Dragon. The white haired boy-Jack, Elsa reminded herself, shakes his head at Their eyes met, and Elsa decided that the flush that lightly covered "We-that is-Frost, Punz, Hiccup an ah have something we want tae show yeh." Jack.

Along the way they meet a young boy name Jack Frost with his twin brotherJake, and two friends Jamie and Emma. Watch the two of them struggle with their attraction and eventually fall for eachother. Along with other friends, Anna, Kristoff, Rapunzel, and Hiccup every story is a journey to find the one you love.

All inspired by music. Review a chapter and a story may be made. T - English - Family - Chapters: And someone feeds off of her desire to make it come true and ruin what Jack and Elsa have together. Now, Jack must fix what Pippa ruined in order to get his life back. Can Jack save Elsa from the hands of Prince Hans before the kingdom falls on his lap? And who is giving Pippa magic? How would she handle on going to high school and hiding her true identity?

T - English - Romance - Chapters: Merida is the bad one. Jack Frost is the desired target that brings the two girls together. It has been ten years since the Guardians were defeated.

The Ice Family is finally happy and safe. Meanwhile, the Ex-Guardians are plotting revenge on the happy family. What happens when these two groups, the Burgess kids, and two special guests get called to a large room to watch not one, but TWO movies?

Rated T because I'm paranoid. But life is cruel to her. She ignored people, her past and her emotions. When she realize silence can't help to solve her problems, she will show everyone the real her: The girl who stands up to bullies and Big Four. But something will happen that she doesn't want it. High School AU Rated: They didn't know each other Until the danger came. This is how the story of the Snow Queen and the Winter Spirit started.

He had to teach Elsa how to control her powers so she wouldn't have to suffer the same thing that he went through. But he must kept his job a secret and from getting suspicions from her. And Astrid and Hiccup are playing cupid. Do you trust me? And now, she was a queen.

But that doesn't stop the fact that Pitch Black wants to use her against the guardians. Too bad that Jack doesn't like to share. The secrets unfolds and Anna and Elsa learns the truth about themselves and their whole family. How will they take it?

Except that this year, there's a new student; Elsa. She was becoming tired of all the formalities that surrounded her duties as queen. And, seeing Rapunzel and all of her friends laughing and reminiscing sent a slight twinge of jealousy and longing through her chest. Having been isolated from people for so long, having said people stare at her for long periods of time made her feel slightly self-conscious.

Elsa hesitated for a nanosecond. These are the fellow ambassadors with whom you are about to sign a peace treaty with, she reminded herself sternly. If you can't trust them, you might as well let that treaty and the peace that comes with it go out the window. She twirled her hand and snowflakes began to fall from the ceiling.

jack frost and hiccup meet elsa

Jack's expression is the emblem of joy. Rapunzel, grinning from ear to ear, made a sudden grabbing motion, jerking her fists towards the ceiling as a tree begins sprouts from the ground.

jack frost and hiccup meet elsa

Branches form, buds quickly forming on the ends. Merida lifted her arms and the temperature rose in the room, to the point where sweat was dripping off everyone's face, even Elsa's, and it took a lot to get her hot. At the end of the branches, flowers began to bloom from the small buds, sending a rush of color into the hall. Elsa was dumb folded, her mind processing a hundred different theories, each one more inconceivable than the first.

Just watch, her eyes communicated. The flowers seemed to gleam with an otherworldly glow, growing bigger and more brilliant with each second. Hiccup simply stared at the tree. It's blooms fall to the ground in a sweet surrender and the green, supple leaves turn brilliant shades of orange, red, and copper. He tapped the tree with his staff and the leaves fell to the floor.

Ice began to snake it's way around the tree, coating it in a layer of frost. Within seconds the tree was completely ice-encased. The light filtering in through the window seemed to make the tree sparkle with an otherworldly glow.

Rapunzel made a fist and the tree disappeared, the leaves laying on the floor soon following. Elsa gaped, open mouthed at the quartet. She blinked several times, taking a moment to recover. Even then, she still had trouble believing that she'd really seen what she'd thought she had.

He uh-" Hiccup trailed off, rubbing the back of his neck with his hand. Jack turned his head, nodding slightly. Once the duo was out of view, Merida released a snort. If her mind hadn't been in the clouds, she might have noticed that it wasn't just Jack and Elsa that seemed to have good chemistry.

As Merida playfully punched Hiccup on the shoulder, Rapunzel's thoughts were anywhere but on her two friends. She was too busy trying to decipher the unpleasant feeling that was slowly spreading through her body. It was a new sensation, and, frankly, she didn't like it.

Hiccup looked up in amusement. Hiccup sighed, glancing around the library. A smile tugged at the corner of her mouth. A sharp glare from the redhead and he quieted. Hiccup was painfully aware of a sharp glare directed at the back of his neck.

He turned his head very slowly. From the corner of his eye, Hiccup could see the librarian scowling disapprovingly at them.

jack frost and hiccup meet elsa

He made an apologetic face and pointed to Merida. Why don't you go talk to Punz or Jack? She grabbed the nearest book and began opening and closing the cover. Hiccup grit his teeth. Now let me finish. The question came not three minutes later.

Jack sighed, running his fingers through his hair. The question dug up memories that he would've preferred to keep hidden, but if he was to tell anyone it would be this beautiful white haired girl whom he felt himself strangely drawn to. Elsa rolled her eyes, elbowing him. Though his words reflected his tale, his eyes sought Elsa's face, memorizing every detail. North had told him of the events that had transpired not a year ago.

As he began telling about the discovering of his powers, he watched her expression carefully. Truth be told, Jack was curious. Honestly speaking, he was curious about everything, but Elsa made him even more so. He wasn't sure if it was the similarity of their powers, or her firsthand knowledge of isolation, but Elsa intrigued him in a way that he hadn't felt intrigued since he'd met Rapunzel almost six years ago.

It would've been too painful. The two girls stopped by the gate, panting for breath. A small, perfect flower sat in the center of her hands. Anna exclaimed in delight. A stem began to sprout, full, vibrant, and green. She breathed gently on the flower, and the petals began to change color, from purple, to pink, to blue… "It's beautiful! She held a tentative hand. It's everlasting, just keep it in water. The duo resumed walking, this time heading outside into the bright sunlight.

Anna stopped as a familiar sight greeted her eyes, tugging Rapunzel's arm to get her attention. Rapunzel looked questioningly at her cousin as Anna point and grinned. Olaf was sitting happily on the castle steps, building an elaborate snow castle. Olaf looked up at the two newcomers and laughed a goofy, happy, drunk-on-life laugh. I'm Olaf and I like warm hugs! She personally found the snowman adorable. She looked admiringly at Olaf's project.

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His face fell, though, as a section of his fortress collapsed under the weight of the snow. She pulled out a paintbrush and carefully began to draw on the snow. Her tongue sticking out as she analyzed the structure, Rapunzel finally nodded, satisfied. Where Rapunzel's paintbrush had touched, snow began to gather, forming the shape that she had drawn.

Within seconds Olaf's walls were fixed.