Lion king 2 kiara and kovu meet again guilty

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lion king 2 kiara and kovu meet again guilty

Vitani's warning ringed in his mind. "Yeah it's great to see you again." he said honestly, smiling. Kiara hugged the lion cub firmly, causing him. A page for describing NightmareFuel: Lion King II: Simba's Pride. Simba: Why have you come back?! Little Kovu was a sweet kid despite his harsh upbringing, risked his life to save Kiara minutes after meeting her and even defended his and an incapacity for remorse is very clearly shown at the trial and during the. The Lion King 2 - Kiara Meets Kovu Kiara And Kovu, He Lives In You. Visit .. be torn apart." "Simba". He looks like a little kitten who feels guilty for doing something naughty. Lion King .. Simba & Nala again. Bethany Fickle.

It was to be expected Kiara wouldn't be too happy about it, but Simba could only smile and hope she'd understand. Kiara watched with a guilty frown as Simba walked away from her. Simba only wanted her to be safe, but she still needed to see Kovu one more time. If she could say her goodbyes successfully Kiara would follow her father's rules with no problem, but until then she'd carry that feeling of guilt at the bottom of her belly.

If she wouldn't be able to leave her parents' watchful eyes throughout the day, the only viable solution was to sneak out in the middle of the night when everyone was asleep.

lion king 2 kiara and kovu meet again guilty

The day seemed to go by faster than Kiara would have liked as she slowly realized the dangers and risks her planned involved. Suddenly the idea of leaving the safety of her home to wander the savannah in the middle of the night where there could be predators looking for dinner didn't sound so good.

But despite the odds not being in her favor Kiara was still determined to properly say goodbye to Kovu.

lion king 2 kiara and kovu meet again guilty

The moment the sun set Nala went after Kiara and brought her back to Pride Rock. Considering that was the first day of the new regime Simba and Nala had established for her Kiara didn't say a word when Nala carried her all the way by the scruff. Simba was still nowhere in sight, but usually he was the last to come in, so Kiara just made herself comfortable next to Nala hoping her father wouldn't pick to lie down by her other side. By the time Nala had fallen asleep Kiara noticed Simba finally stepping in and cursed inwardly when he lied down by Kiara's other side, keeping her trapped between both her parents.

Any other day Kiara would have been happy to sleep by Simba's soft mane, but that night in particular it only made things more complicated.

The Lion King 2 Simba's Pride - Kovu and Kiara under the stars HD

Keeping her eyes closed to not rise any suspicion Kiara waited for Simba to fall asleep, and only when she was sure his breathing was slow and steady did she open her eyes. Thankfully neither Simba or Nala had their paws close to her, so Kiara only focused in carefully wiggling out from between them without waking either up.

When she finally jumped out to freedom Kiara peeked behind her to make sure they were both still asleep, and sighed relieved at seeing they hadn't budged an inch. Avoiding the other sleeping lionesses Kiara ran outside with a determined smile on her face.

Being the light sleeper that she was the subtle patting of paws against rock woke Nala up. She opened her eyes to barely catch a glimpse of a small tail exiting the den, and was able to put two and two together at seeing Kiara was gone. Frowning preoccupied Nala stood up and decided to save Simba any more worries by letting him sleep.

Whatever Kiara was planning to do it couldn't be good. Going the same way Kiara had ran off to Nala saw not so far ahead her daughter climbing down Pride Rock and going on a straight line deeper into the savannah. Curiosity got the best of her, so instead of directly stopping Kiara Nala decided to follow her closely behind.

As Kiara kept going she was pleasantly surprised at not encountering anyone.

lion king 2 kiara and kovu meet again guilty

In the distance she only saw a couple of Aardwolves that looked confused in her direction and at times the sound of the breeze against leaves took her by surprise, but travelling in the tall grass made her feel somewhat safer. However when Kiara got closer and closer to the cliff with the crocodile lake at the bottom her heartbeat began to race. She wouldn't be able to cross it again on her own to go look for Kovu, and there was no telling if he would come out here too, so all Kiara could do was hope that by some chance Kovu would appear.

The stakes weren't clearly in her favor, but it was still worth a shot. Stopping right at the edge of the cliff Kiara sat down and stared deeply into the darkness on the other side.

She couldn't see anything.

lion king 2 kiara and kovu meet again guilty

If there was indeed someone over there she couldn't tell. A few yards behind Nala watched hidden in the grass how Kiara kept calling for the young cub, not entirely sure what her daughter planned to do if he did show up.

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There was the sound of grass ruffling coming from the other side, and Kiara's ears perked up in excitement. I just had to see you again. My mom, she…" Kovu looked away from Kiara, almost with guilt.

What are you supposed to say when you're seeing someone for the last time? Trying to at least end it on a positive note and be as brief as possible Kiara did her best to muster a smile. She loved both Tiifu and Zuri to bits, but when she met Kovu she had found something in him that had been missing in her life.

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If it were up to her she'd do anything to see Kovu every single day, but everything and everyone was against it. Their gazes lingered on each other for a few more moments before Kovu finally stood up and began to turn back around where he came from.

Kovu looked back at Kiara one more time with a sad smile. What were you thinking? For how long had she been there? What if Zira had followed Kovu too? Adult Kovu has clearly had every ounce of compassion beaten out of him. It is subtly implied that Kovu was feigning it to please Zira, and was genuinely trying to escape her by fleeing to the Pride lands.

At the end of the first confrontation between Simba and Zira, as the Pridelanders prepare to leave, Zira says to Simba very maliciously, "We have barely begun. Given Kiara's reaction, just imagine being in her position right now! Simba's nightmare is a mix between this and Tear Jerker.

The deep red, demonic sky and overall color scheme of the dream, the creepy glowing eyes of the wildeebest herd, and of course, an awfully scary-looking version of Scar who then morphs into Kovu, and throws Simba to his own death while cackling maniacally. Despite Scar's demise, it kinda shows all his villainous actions definitely had a long-lasting impact on Mufasa's son.

Simba's mental state in general. Although it is clearly not directly shown, Simba is very clearly starting to show signs of mental disorder, and bad mental health. Although the movie focuses on his PTSD, his state as the film goes on slowly devolves more into chronic mental disorder, and the main traits of this are extreme violence, unable to feel remorse and egomania.

Although he is not violent by nature, there are a few moments that looks like he will attack, until talked down. Egomania and an incapacity for remorse are much more visible, though downplayed or implied to keep it kid friendly.

lion king 2 kiara and kovu meet again guilty

Egomania is blatantly shown since he thinks he is his father, and an incapacity for remorse is very clearly shown at the trial and during the final battle. Thankfully, Kiara is able to stop him from losing it, but still. The wildfire scene is genuinely intense, where a coughing Kiara is surrounded by deadly flames. Spotting a cliff, she desperately tries to climb it mirroring the same precarious position her father and grandfather were in as the cliff crumbles by the minute.

After barely managing to climb it, she faints from smoke inhalation.

The Lion King 2 Simba's Pride Kovu and Kiara under the stars HD

Had Kovu not appeared she would've died. As Kovu carries unconscious Kiara on his back and runs through the wildfire, a flaming branch falls right in front of his path. Eventually, Kovu spots a cliff and jumps off it and into a lake. Kovu resurfaces and just manages to spot Kiara as she submerges beneath the water, before he dives to save her, then finally drags her to safety. When Simba deliberates Kovu saving Kiara from the wildfire, he simply roars and growls as he paces furiously back and forth.

This is a pissed off king, and not to be messed with.