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meet and exceed

In honor of National Boss Day, Kforce gives your ten ways to meet and exceed your boss's expectations. Customer Expectations: How to Meet (and Exceed) Expectations are you meeting and exceeding customer service expectations in ?. How people relate to us and judge us often comes down to one concept: are we able to meet the expectations they have?.

I asked for a glass of water and was told they had taken all the drinks away, however wait just a moment. Within a minute or two the bartender came back with two bottles of spring water. I was appreciative—and VERY impressed!

How to Exceed Customer Expectations (with 3 Examples)

My experience at this hotel started out just great. They put me into the right mindset of what to expect from their staff. I appreciated and respected their efforts.

They won my trust and my loyalty. I knew the Portifino was an excellent hotel. Just moments after walking through their doors I became impressed with their high level of service. The bellmen and doormen all welcomed me and asked if they could help me. The guest reception checked me in quickly, and one of their people led me to the room where the client was hosting the reception.

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They paid attention to opportunities to take care of and impress their guest. They were proactive in that they tried to respond before they were even asked.

Customer Expectations: How to Meet (and Exceed) Expectations

First, organize linearly, using the start and end dates to create a timeline of what needs to get done. Second, block out specific sections of the day to accomplish specific tasks. Ask for help early: Two common mistakes are being afraid to ask for help or using Google as a cure-for-all.

The best path to answer a question is to ask someone who has done it before. They will be able to explain things better and faster than Google searches. Also, you should ask for help as soon as possible.

3 Reasons Why Customer Service Should Exceed Expectations | Bill Hogg

Although you could find a solution yourself, it is faster to ask someone else. To maximize productivity, it is important to only focus on the tasks that make the maximum impact. Get the right team in place: Having the wrong team or the wrong person on a team is like having a disease. They infect others and make it difficult to get anything done.

meet and exceed

It is critical to hire slowly and fire quickly. It is better to not have enough excellent staff versus too much terrible staff. It is tempting to use money and resources quickly when they are available. Instead, think of every resource as a meal you have left on a deserted island.

meet and exceed

Hustle to get things done: Working in a box is the slowest way to get things done. Hustling is the fastest path to success. The art of hustling is finding unconventional ways of doing things that are on the fringes to accomplish your goals. If you need clarification to prioritize your work properly, ask your manager to estimate the percentage of time a day you should spend performing each task, particularly those that don't seem vital to the position.

Listen to how your manager expects the major duties to be performed. For example, if you are an accountant who must submit several reports a month, pay close attention to your supervisor's explanation of the information needed on each one and the due dates. Exceed quantitative standards often.

Completing your accounting reports properly and with few errors on the due date makes you a satisfactory employee. Turning them in early with no mistakes can earn you an above average or outstanding rating. Request mentoring by your supervisor or another experienced and respected employee at your company who is knowledgeable about your job. This shows you are eager to improve upon your current level of performance. To exceed the main job requirements, incorporate advice you receive into how you complete your assignments.

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