Meet claire and psycho

meet psycho and claire in the control room

meet claire and psycho

Grab the two things before you go to the elevator and meet Psycho. PRIMARY: Search PRIMARY: Locate and protect Claire. From where you. meet psycho and claire in the control room. you should wait to meet your match in person. People are different. In any case you thought that every man thrills. I'm supposed to meet some people in a control room but I have no idea how to cross over to it. Looks like there's a draw bridge thing. Do I lower.

With that in hand, continue towards the objective marker.

As you get closer to the objective, Claire will ask for help. A buggy and a few tanks will be located on the other side of the building. Before taking off, use the visor to help locate a Datapad and a Nanosuit Upgrade Kit around the vehicles.

When ready, take the Buggy. As you get closer to the objective, you will have to exit the buggy and go on foot across a big bridge. Try to use your surroundings to your advantage. Blow up any explosive barrels, use high spots for Air Stomps, or just sneak in with Stealth mode. The end of the bridge has a staircase that leads down to a pool of water. Reaching the water will activate a cut scene to the next part of the mission. Part 2[ edit ] This half starts you off at the top of a mountain.

Jump down the side of the cliff until you reach the weapons supply halfway down. The supply contains a JAW and a Typhoon. At the bottom of the cliff is a Buggy, and next to the buggy is a Datapad. Take the buggy and head towards the objective marker. The end of the road contains two Datapads near multiple weapons and ammo caches. Use the mounted machine guns to take out any Ceph resistances from behind. Also, just to the West of this area is an abandoned armed APC.

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Find it, as it's got both a primary and secondary fire, with unlimited ammo. You can use it through the next area instead of the buggy. Once the area is cleared, use the control pad at the top of the staircase to open the gate.

If the last buggy was destroyed on the way to this location, don't worry, you can get a new one on the other side of the gate.

meet claire and psycho

Take the Buggy several hundred meters to the next area. When you reach the stop, exit the Buggy and jump over the road block. On the other side are a few ammo caches and a new weapon: The Gauss Sabot Gun.

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After killing some of the tougher Ceph, look for a Reaper Cannon. Pick it up and use it, and you should earn the I'll Have That!

Psycho will ask you to destroy the tower air defense system. This is located over a hundred meters to the North. A few steps to the North of the defense system is a Nanosuit Upgrade Kit on a crate. With the system destroyed, head towards the main objective.

About a hundred more meters to the South West is the main objective area. Hack the gate controls to gain entrance. An alternate method is taking the long way around to the other objective marker. It would be one hell of a fight against CELL tanks, auto-turrets, and Ceph soldiers until you reach a pipe that leads to this same area.

The main objective's area is filled with weapons and CELL soldiers. To the South West is a Datapad inside a shipping container. It also lifts the restrictions on the nanobots in Prophet, and they are now able to transform.

Meanwhile, Psycho does more digging into his past, despite orders from Claire. He discovers that it was Claire who had skinned him and the others at the behest of C.

meet claire and psycho

Upset, he rebuffs efforts from Claire and Prophet to console him. Claire pleads that he was the reason she joined the resistance, and that she had no other choice. Prophet also claims that he had no other choice, and that he told him what he needed to know at the time of the Lingshan Incident. Psycho finds this unacceptable, as everyone has a choice.

meet claire and psycho

He hands Prophet the dog tags of NomadAztecand Jesterand leaves. Prophet learns that because the Alpha Ceph is creating a wormhole, the C. Unfortunately, firing it at the Alpha Ceph would cause a chain reaction that would destroy the whole planet.

To make matters worse, the Ceph attack Claire and the resistance. Prophet races to rescue them, but the situation is so dire that Claire tells him to leave them, as they are only holding him back. Psycho shows up with a VTOL and rescues the resistance. They proceed to the Archangel control facility where they shut off the weapon before it unleashes enough energy to set off a chain reaction.

Rasch, who had used Ceph DNA to extend his lifespan, is recovered in the facility, but is now under the control of the Ceph. He disables Prophet and tries the same on Psycho, but Claire blocks his attack and Psycho shoots Rasch. No longer under control, Rasch implores the group to leave as the Ceph tentacle renews its attack. Claire, succumbing to her injuries, is forgiven by Psycho and dies. Psycho laments to Prophet that he is powerless because he does not possess a Nanosuit. Prophet fights with Psycho, revealing that Rasch had incapacitated Prophet because of his integration with his suit, and that they only survived because of Psycho's humanity.

Psycho, now going by his human name Michael, resolves to do the slaughtering and procures another VTOL to take the battle and Prophet to the Ceph. Michael and Prophet kill the Alpha Ceph, destroying the wormhole device, but the beam powering the wormhole pulls Prophet into space. Now in orbit, Prophet sees a massive Ceph Ship, similar to the one in Lingshan, coming through the wormhole. His suit heavily damaged, Prophet almost gives up, but instead he pushes on. Recalling Archangel's immense power, Prophet hacks into the satellite and uses it to destroy the Ceph ship.

This collapses the wormhole and ends the threat of invasion. In the explosion, Prophet is knocked off the satellite by debris and falls back to Earth. He impacts the water in Lingshan Island where 27 years ago the Ceph were initially discovered. When Prophet wakes up, he is in a house in Lingshan.

meet claire and psycho

In the background, there is a news broadcast of the now Senator Tara Strickland, who announces that the remaining assets of the C. The Nanosuit, now more symbiotic than ever before, changes its outer layer to resemble a human body, and restores the original face of Prophet, thus technically resurrecting him as he grabs the dog tags of his deceased Raptor Team squad members, thinking how much he sacrificed his humanity and his body in his quest for victory.

He also marvels at how as a soldier, he was taught that the main thing he could rely on was himself rather than his equipment and that while he made mistakes, it proved that he was still human. He walks out to the beach, throws the tags into the water, and, deciding to use his actual name "Laurence Barnes" from now onwards, walks back from the beach towards and up the hill behind the beach-hut while cloaking, repeating his famous taglines "They called me Prophet.

They are being attacked and pursued by an unknown enemy accompanied by strange sounds.