Parks and rec meet jerrys family tree

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parks and rec meet jerrys family tree

Feb 24, Jerry Gergich signed the card “GJLGG”—short for "Garry Jerry Larry Gergich Gengurch. As Parks and Recreation ends its seven-season run, that tells you a lot of what . (When Ben first met Gayle, he tried to imagine explanations for her having married him. . A blood-clot cast of the right bronchial tree. Apr 19, It's the Lean In episode of Parks and Rec! Leaning is so hot right now. Tom leans into his role as the New Jerry by buying sweatpants and. Leslie throws a last-minute retirement party for Jerry, Tom discovers that he's the new Jerry in the office, and Ann and Chris weigh their options for conception.

This doesn't require any mental gymnastics or oddball theories on he and his family being "Soviet Sleeper Agents" or anything like that. This theory is pulling facts from the show and drawing a simple conclusion that ties them together and explains why he's always so clumsy and dumb when not at home.

Here is a small list of facts about Jerry's personality while away from home: Jerry is extraordinarily clumsy and easily distracted. Jerry is often the butt of everyone's jokes at work, usually aimed at his ineptitude while working. Now here is a small list of facts about Jerry's very puzzling home life: Jerry has a beautiful wife, and three gorgeous daughters. Jerry has been married for almost 30 years. Gayle seems to genuinely love Jerry very much. Jerry's confidence, agility, and happiness are much higher while at home.

Although not confirmed, Jerry's daughters are old enough that the eldest one used to date Chris Traeger, a 46 year old man.

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This puts his oldest daughter well into her mid to late 20s, and the other girls are probably not far behind, as they all look very close in age. This tells me that Jerry had his daughters early into his marriage. Finally, some other random facts about Jerry that I feel are important to my final conclusion: At the end of the episode there is a time jump to three years later and he has been renamed "Terry. He is now known as "Terry," since there is already another Larry in the department " ".

At Donna and Joe's wedding everyone teases Terry for his name card for saying "Garry" and decide to call him "Garry" from now on.

parks and rec meet jerrys family tree

He's secretly very happy, because after 30 years his co-workers are finally calling him by his real name. It was Donna who set it up, as a treat to her friend. In the series finale, a flashforward shows that Garry will be elected mayor for several more terms.

He remains happily married to Gayle and has several grandchildren and great-grandchildren who all love and adore him.

Gayle Gergich

It also shows he died peacefully on his th birthday. His last name is mis-spelled on his tombstone "Girgich. Ron has observed that Jerry was only effective when no one is watching him. In early season episodes, Jerry was often shown displaying frustration, disappointment and annoyance at the way he was treated around the office.

Following his heart attack and truncated retirement, he more frequently accepts abuse and insults with avuncular good cheer. In some episodes heavily featured in Galentine's Day Ben acknowledges Jerry playing in to his role as clumsy and oafish. Jerry has a contentious relationship with Kyle. During Chris and Ron's burger cook-off, Jerry was uncharacteristically harsh in criticizing Kyle choice of words for being "pretentious.

Despite being constantly mocked in the office, Jerry seems very content in his life at home; his wife and three daughters are all strikingly beautiful, and his home life always appears cheerful.

It is even a running gag among his coworkers to marvel at how he got Gayle to marry him Ben goes so far as to predict that she was "hypnotized and just never woke up". It is revealed by a doctor that Jerry has an enormous penis, which may explain why Gayle married him. In " Jerry's Retirement ," when Leslie dropped by Jerry's house to deliver a "year book" for Jerry's government service, she was invited to breakfast.

Approaching the end of the breakfast, Jerry easily caught a coffee mug that had been knocked off the table using 1 hand. Some viewers have interpreted this as an indication that his clumsiness in the office is fake and that his incompetence at work is intentional, with Jerry using the deceit to avoid being given work assignments and instead spend the time having a great life with his family.

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Another interpretation is that when Jerry is away from the stress, scrutiny, and abuse of the office, Jerry is a competent and coordinated even graceful man. In the 7th season, Terry appears to have changed the least amongst the old Parks Department employees in terms of success, family, relationships, and popularity. Trivia In the episode " One in 8, ", he revealed that he developed the renewable source of clean energy.

According to Officer Dave SandersonJerry has been cited on more than one occasion for public urination. April was always especially critical of Jerry. Jerry's career in local government began in the Animal Control department. He suffered from diabetes, and used the same medication as Li'l Sebastian. While extremely clumsy at work, Jerry can be seen as as quite agile during a breakfast that Leslie was spending with him and his family.

parks and rec meet jerrys family tree

Jerry enjoyed mystery novels. Jerry's birthday was February 29th, He was born during a Leap Year, which means that he only gets a "real" birthday celebration every 4 years. Gayle took his virginity when he was Jerry was a frequent customer at Sherm's Ice Cream parlor in Muncie, where he drops his ice cream "about half the time.

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Jerry professed to be a big fan of Indianapolis Colts player Andrew Luck. For a while, it was a Teen Nature Hike, but then they changed it because a girl got pregnant. His Social Security Number as stated in " Campaign Ad " starts withwhich means he was likely born or at least raised in Pennsylvania. Nowadays, parents can apply for a Social Security Number for their child right after birth along with the birth certificatebut that hasn't always been the case. In the time period that Jerry was born, people were usually only issued a number when they entered the workforce.

He was able to perform magic and play the piano. Jerry was adopted, though he was unaware of this until the Season 2 episode " Practice Date.