Rosalie and emmett meet fanfiction naruto

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rosalie and emmett meet fanfiction naruto

Going with the underappreciated Naruto/Alice pairing. "The blonde girl, that's Rosalie, and the big, dark-haired guy, Emmett, they're, like, a thing. Looking up, he met the bemused face of a tall blonde boy in his late teens. Carlisle immediately vowed, laying a cold kiss on Kushina's .. Emmett suggested looking at Rosalie, Edward, Esme and Naruto as he waited. He had heard from Edward about Naruto housing the Kyuubi, but decided replied as he placed a brief kiss against his wife's temple, lingering there for a .. just like they had said, when Rosalie and Emmett returned home.

That was Mike Newton walked in with her, and introduced her to Mr. As she walked by a fan that Mr. Banner had on Edward caught her scent, and it caused him to go rigid. Never in his 88 years as a vampire had he smelled a human so intoxicating, and tempting.

Edward watched as Mr. Banner gave Bella a textbook and sent her to sit next to him. Now that she was close Edward starting to wish he had feed today, so he moved his chair as close to the window as possible and leaned away from her, and stopped breathing as often, just enough to limit the amount of her scent but not to blow his cover.

Banners lecture Edward did everything he could to get his mind of the scent that Bella produced: Digging his nails into his hand, biting the inside of his mouth, even thinking about the White haired Pervert from Naruto's block.

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Eventually the bell rang and Edward quick collected his things and left the classroom, in a hurry to get away from her. During his last class he had no problems, and made a quick dash to the front office after school to get his class changed, unfortunately there were no openings.

He heard the door open as he argued but paid no heed to it, until the door opened again, letting a small breeze in and carried her scent to his nose again, causing him to go rigid. Thanks you very much for your help.

In the parking lot Jasper, Alice, and Naruto were standing around the locked Volvo wait for Edward, who had the keys, when Alice gained a far off look. What do you see? Sure we could break the door but that would draw too much attention.

What the hell are you talking about? Using seals Dad could move over great distances with speeds faster than ever Edward could run. I once read a story that he had took out a large army single-handedly with it. Once he was deep, enough he placed a special Kunai on the ground, for his return trip.

He knew that his father could put the seals on people and objects, but he was not that far advanced, since we worked on the jutsu by him. He felt like it was cheating to use Kage Bunshins to work on is fathers Jutsu.

Focusing his Chakra, Naruto felt the pull from the Kunai in his room and teleported into the center of his room, below the Kunai that was embedded in the roof. Exiting his room, Naruto when down stairs into the living room to find Esme in her seat, reading. How did you get here, and where are the others? The keys should be in the garage, on the key hook near the door. I guess he had a bigger head start than I thought. Jumping from tree to tree Naruto got to the edge of the forest, and jumped down to the floor and ran to where Alice and Jasper were still waiting for him.

Seeing as Alice was driving Jasper let Naruto ride shotgun. It did not take long to get back to the house, were they all walked in to see Esme, Edward, Carlisle, Rosalie, and Emmett in the living room. When Edward arrived without you all I began to worry until Esme told me Naruto had arrived using one of his father's Techniques. Apparently she's in Edwards Biology class, and her scent is affecting him worse than any human we've ever met. I just knew something like this was going to happen.

We've never ran into someone who Edward couldn't read. First a Kitsune appears in a ray of light from a separate Dimension, than Edward can't read the chief's daughter's mind, and now her scent is affecting Edward more than it should.

For a while, it was quiet, until Alice stoke up. In it were a scroll and a letter explaining that he would be unable to help you for a few months, due to an issue with a Japanese Vampire Coven. He sends his apologies and wishes you to use the scroll to start training yourself in controlling your transformation. The Henge has been working fine for the past few months.

rosalie and emmett meet fanfiction naruto

One of Naruto's ears reappeared during lunch, and to hide it Alice pulled Naruto between her…" Jasper started, only for Alice to interrupt him.

Next to her Naruto was as red as a tomato as he remembered that day. Just as Jasper had said during lunch one of Naruto's ears had become visible, and in order to hide the ear while Naruto reapplied the Henge on him Alice has pulled Naruto's head and face between her breasts.

Now while both would openly deny it, they each enjoyed the feeling each experience. I thought you enjoyed having Naruto between your breasts? Alice, at that time, became enraged and would have attacked Emmett out of embarrassment, if it were not for three of Naruto's tails wrapping around her waist and arms, holding her in place. My eyes froze on his perfect dimples.

It may as well be; he looked exactly how I imagined Vera's baby would look like, once he was older. My head snapped back up to the bear.

This bear just hurt Henry! I snarled, dropping down to a crouch. A growl escaped the animal's lips. I sprang forward, latching around the bear's neck. He shook his head, trying to get me off. But I was a better fighter. I was a vampire.

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My teeth sank into the creature's flesh, breaking through easily. I greedily lapped up the blood, until the bear ran dry. I stood up, kicking his carcass to the side. I walked over to the injured boy. I bent down, as he moaned in pain. His wounds were horrible, as blood continued to pour out. My throat has never hurt this bad. But I pushed that thought away. I looked at him, at his sweet dimples.

I just couldn't let him die… but would I damn him into this life? I had to hurry, and choose what I should do; there wasn't much time. I reached down, pulling him into my arms. Once he was up, I was running. I was faster than I have ever been, speeding like a bullet through the forest. A drop of his blood dripped down his neck, and landed on my arm.

My body locked down, as I tried not to think about it. But that was utterly impossible. I can not hurt him. But I knew good and well I wouldn't be able to stop myself, if I tried to change him myself.

I had to get to Carlisle. He was the only one who could. My eyes burned, and I hated it when they did that. As a vampire, we could no longer cry.

The burn, and locking of our throat's, however, still happened.

rosalie and emmett meet fanfiction naruto

There were no tears. Oh please, please, please. Let me make it, please. More blood dripped onto me. My eyes went to black, as I used all the restraint I could. The boy moaned in my arms.

rosalie and emmett meet fanfiction naruto

I couldn't help but panic, when his heart slowed even more. All of them were stoked, even with their superior sight and hearing, they hadn't seen Naruto even move until he was still in the position he was in currently. Damn, he sure knows how to kick butt! Alice thought with a cheeky grin. Bella and the others followed the young girl as she ran across the open area to where Jacob had transformed back and sat, Naruto already there and giving him a hand to sit up.

Naruto complied and picked up the young girl, holding her so that she was straddling his hip as he held her.

A few seconds later Esme returned and handed Jacob the pants as he mumbled his thanks and quickly put them on. Naruto smiled at something Alice said who still had her hand around his waist, aware of Jasper who was silently following behind them.

Edward and Jacob were ahead, discussing something along the lines of the best game to play with cards, Edward saying that the classic Black Jack being the best while Jacob argued that Cheat, or as everyone has recalled it, Bull Shit is the best game.

Rosalie had followed Emmett into the living room where he could be seen rummaging through one of the various cupboards on the far wall. All of the others continued to the dining room where they seated themselves around the table as Emmett and Rosalie returned with the pack of cards.

The rest of the evening was spent playing a friendly game of Texas Hold'em and Poker, all of them thoroughly enjoying their time. When it came to dinner, all the family sat at the table, the cards being pushed aside for now with the promise of the game to finish after dinner, the small pile of notes and coins still in the middle of the table.

After everything had been cleared and washed, the game continued, this time with Esme, Bella and Carlisle joining in, even Rosalie played a few rounds too.

In the end though, it seemed that Edward won the small pile of cash, having a clear advantage over everyone else.

rosalie and emmett meet fanfiction naruto

When the clock hit 9: As Naruto lay in bed, his eyes lidded and feeling sleep claim him did he hear a familiar voice in his head, one who had been quiet since the fight earlier today.

Kyuubi said gruffly, don't you go falling asleep on me brat! But I'm tired Kyu, Naruto thought to the fox as he yawned.

rosalie and emmett meet fanfiction naruto

Fine, come to me and we'll talk there then, Kyuubi thought as he went silent and let Naruto fall asleep where he immediately found himself in a familiar place. This one seemed like it was KI but with the scent of lust also emitting at the same time. Aro lay back in his seat, lacing his fingers together before his face as he rested his elbows against the arm rests of the chair.

My my my, this will be interesting, Aro thought with a grin, very interesting… Ok, so I don't know if the Volturi have different colours associated with the position within the Volturi but I did this so that when Sasuke comes, he knows who will help him if he needs something or whatever.

Also, what did you guys think of the fight?