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s site. We had to talk to the person in charge, Edward Cullen. "Then we need to meet the owner to go over the design do you know Emmett shook mine and Alice's hands but for Rosalie he took her hand and kissed it. Rosalie and Emmett are my favourite characters; I'm not overly fond of Bella And, like everyone else on this site, I don't own Twilight, or any of the characters. didn't meet Royce on the road and the worst night of Rosalie's life happened to . Rosalie& Emmett centric. a twilight/life and death AU where bella and edythe meet in art club instead of biology, because artsy lesbians are way more fun. Rosalie escapes Death once, only to encounter her again in present day Forks.

But sometimes even the most beautiful angels fall. Sequel to Where the Wild Roses Grow. The story of Alice and Jasper joining the Cullens, and how Rosalie learned to trust her new brother and sister and how they all became a family. Because sometimes your dreams do come true And even when you can live forever there are sometimes things worth dying for.

Carlisle strives to live in the light, but twice before he has bitten a human and given the dark gift of immortality. This is the story of the third time. For Rosalie and Emmett finding each other was only the very first step. Because one day Renesmee will grow up, and the miracle baby who seemed like everyone's happy ending is going to become her own person who wants a life and happy ending of her own. T - English - Family - Chapters: Because once there was a little girl who saw things; whose dreams became nightmares and turned into reality; whose reality became the shadow world of the vampire and the fey.

This is the story of Alice, who left humanity behind to become a vampire and search out her Jasper and her family. I have to have her, I can't wait anymore! This tradition of hers has got to go! She was totally cock-blocking her own husband! That would definitely be going into the ceremony tomorrow…. Just the thought of her sexy lips pressed against mine turned me on and I quickly needed to calm down.

I was in no condition to play with my little niece. He, Jasper and Carlisle were running with me back to the house and I laughed at him. I see the way you drool over Bells every chance you get," I teased and he shut up after that. Damn right Edward you know you are as sexually charged as I am! That got me a hearty laugh from him as we walked onto the porch. We were about to walk in when I was quickly pushed back by a fierce looking Alice. Now I might be strong but I knew not to even think about messing with Alice.

She, Rose, Esme and Bella worked extremely hard planning this wedding and I was supposed to be away all night. I put my hands up in surrender. I couldn't help but to bounce up and down a bit from my excitement and Jasper quickly calmed me down.

Rose walked over to me and quickly gave me a hug. I pulled her into my arms even more wanting to cop a feel before she could resist. She let out a small yelp as I squeezed her firm butt and she slapped my shoulder. Renesmee wants to play before she has to go to bed. She jumped into my arms causing me to laugh at her excitement. I got the best of both worlds. I got to play with her without having to worry about acting like a responsible parent or have duties like if I was a dad….

I carried her into the house and Edward couldn't help but laugh. She quickly looked back at me. She gasped and quickly ran to hide not expecting me to start so soon. She really was adorable. I could easily find her scent within seconds but I always played along to make her think her hiding spot was superb. I uncovered my eyes and talked a bit with my family giving her a little more time to hide. Bella gave me a hug.

Edward rolled his eyes. It's all really innocent and there's nothing sexual about it so lighten up," she laughed as he sighed. They all laughed and Rose gave me a kiss. You should have seen her face when I said Emmett and I were having a wedding. She wasn't very pleased with me but I assured her she would get to dance at the reception with him. I flared my nostrils then smiled. She was in the closet in Carlisle and Esme's room. I slowly walked up the stairs making sure my footsteps could be heard.

You are way too good at this game! Maybe you are in Jasper and Alice's room. I walked back out. Maybe my room," I called out and she tried her best to muffle her laugh even more.

I finally walked into Carlisle and Esme's room hearing a little gasp. I quickly opened it and picked her up into my arms tickling her. She laughed loudly and then gave me a hug. I walked out with her in my arms and took her downstairs into the living room. I put her down and sat by Rose but Renesmee quickly hopped onto my lap causing me to laugh.

I heard Edward gasp a bit and I looked at her curiously. Rosalie pulled her into her lap. Bella gave him a kiss and then picked up Renesmee. Bella gave me a wink and Edward followed them out with a smile. It was pretty cool how Edward finally had his family and I could tell he was finally whole.

As soon as they left I tried my best not to smile with excitement. It was time to put my plan to work. I was already in the house so that part was easy but plan Seduce Rosalie was still going to be difficult. I smiled sweetly at her and she quickly noticed the sparkle in my eyes. She got up and shook her head…. Sorry big guy but you are just going to have to wait until tomorrow night. If I couldn't win her with this then I wouldn't be able to seduce her at all!

I heard her quick intake of breath. Bingo, time to execute! She let out a small moan. Come on let's play. We don't have to go far. Yet another thing to add to the ceremony…. Alice can no longer cock-block as well! Damn that vision of hers. Rosalie cleared her throat to regain composure but I countered by picking her up and cupping her behind. She giggled seeing my look and gave me a kiss. I quickly pulled her closer and deepened the contact causing her to moan.

I loved the sounds I could get out of her. She pulled away and pushed me out the door. Carlisle stayed behind to be with Esme…. That's so not fair! But Jasper came with me. Rose POV I locked the door and then made my way upstairs. That was a close call! If Alice wouldn't have stopped me I would have been in bed with Emmett all night…. At least the tradition was going strong even though I could see why Emmett would be frustrated.

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We were already married and it wasn't like we hadn't made love millions of times by now. I felt my defense faltering and was ready to turn around to go let Emmett back in. We would have so much fun just like we always did but I still had some planning to do and I wanted to make sure my dress was just right.

I walked into my room but gasped when I saw him in bed. How the hell did he I turned and looked at him shaking my head. I had to give it to him though, he was clever. Suddenly Alice was knocking on the door. Emmett was going commando which he knew was a turn on for me….

Before I could think about it we were on the bed and my body was taking over. It was going to be a long night. By the time the sun was coming up we were still going at it. My whole body was on fire and every ounce of passion we saved up during the week was now coming out. Screw the wedding night I needed him more with each thrust. After two more hours we finally pulled away from one another and he had that gorgeous smile on his face. It made me smile knowing I could make him look so satisfied and I never got tired of seeing it.

He slowly got up and stretched giving me a perfect view of his sculpted behind. He pulled on his pants. Emmett was always full of energy but knowing he planned on hunting to make sure he had even more just added to my already boiling over passion for him. He wrapped me in his arms and gave me a kiss. I was about to get lost in him again so I quickly pulled away and pushed him out the door. I heard him laugh and whistle as he walked down the stairs. He was so amazing and I looked at my dress in the closet happy to be marrying him again today.

Emmett POV Last night was so amazing! Every time I was with my Rose I felt alive, but now as I tied my tie and looked in the mirror I felt nervous…. Why did I always feel nervous about another wedding? We are already married idiot calm down! Edward laughed at me as he walked into the room.

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We were at his and Bella's cottage since the girls kicked us out of the house. He straightened my tie for me. My stomach was full of butterflies. Tell the butterflies I am a pro at marriage Edward! He laughed and Jasper came into the room calm and collected.

Suddenly I felt a rush of calm come over me and it helped a little. He patted my shoulder. Honeymoon, honeymoon, I started to chant in my head and Jasper and Edward were cracking up making me frown. I looked in the mirror and realized I was bouncing up and down and doing a little dance with the chant. I shrugged and continued. Honeymoon, honeymoon, Rose naked, honeymoon, honeymoon, hot tub, honeymoon, honeymoon. They were doubled over from laughing so much and Carlisle walked in giving a laugh when he saw my dance.

I always got nervous before my wedding and the dance always helped. But I was a better fighter. I was a vampire. My teeth sank into the creature's flesh, breaking through easily. I greedily lapped up the blood, until the bear ran dry. I stood up, kicking his carcass to the side. I walked over to the injured boy. I bent down, as he moaned in pain. His wounds were horrible, as blood continued to pour out. My throat has never hurt this bad.

But I pushed that thought away. I looked at him, at his sweet dimples. I just couldn't let him die… but would I damn him into this life? I had to hurry, and choose what I should do; there wasn't much time. I reached down, pulling him into my arms.

Once he was up, I was running. I was faster than I have ever been, speeding like a bullet through the forest. A drop of his blood dripped down his neck, and landed on my arm.

My body locked down, as I tried not to think about it. But that was utterly impossible. I can not hurt him. But I knew good and well I wouldn't be able to stop myself, if I tried to change him myself. I had to get to Carlisle. He was the only one who could. My eyes burned, and I hated it when they did that.

As a vampire, we could no longer cry. The burn, and locking of our throat's, however, still happened. There were no tears. Oh please, please, please. Let me make it, please. More blood dripped onto me. My eyes went to black, as I used all the restraint I could. The boy moaned in my arms. I couldn't help but panic, when his heart slowed even more.

I burst through the trees, into the opening. I ran up to the house, almost running over Esme. I saw Edward behind him. I scowled at the mind reading jerk. Memories of Henry flashed into my head.

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Carlisle was shocked, his mouth hanging open as I stared at him. The loudest growl I have ever made escaped my lips. It made everyone in the room jump.