Sabo and luffy meet again fanfiction websites

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sabo and luffy meet again fanfiction websites

Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Family - Luffy, Ace, Sabo - Words: 6, be watching this on Crunchyroll, Kissanime or various other anime websites! .. were happy for the three brothers to finally be reunited with each other. Luffy Meets someone he never thought he'd see again. Rated: Fiction T - English - Hurt/Comfort - Luffy, Sabo - Words: 1, - Reviews: 8. If I was the Sabo from back in Goa, I would have rushed to Luffy and Ace's . "I am certain our paths will meet again," Robin said with absolute certainty. The shortest story I have written on this site, but I think it works out for.

A crash made everyone jump up and rush outside. Ussop and nami looked over the railing to note a boat floating next to the Sunny void of life.

His crew looked on speechless as their captain brought his hands to his sides, his body trembling. The blonde haired youth smiled tipping his top hat back to reveal his full face, causing luffy to take in a harsh breath. Man you've gotten big! Luffy's crew tensed as Sabo slapped him upside the head.

Why in the Hell did you think i was dead!? Dogra saw it with his own eyes! We got your letter! Then you never came back!

sabo and luffy meet again fanfiction websites

Sabo's eyes softened as he placed a hand on Luffy's cheek. Do I feel dead? Sabo chuckled pulling luffy closer. Why let him go alone? Why let them think you were dead? She has a book in her hands, like she usually does, and the sunlight filtering through the aquarium water paints her skin with patches of light and shades of glistening blue.

Luffy hops in his place.

sabo and luffy meet again fanfiction websites

One glance at the aquarium tells him that it's full, but Sanji can wait a moment to hear that, can't he? Is it about an adventure? This is a book written by a sailor who sailed through North, East and West Blues in search of a magical fountain that's said to reveal to a person what their heart most desires. Robin's stories always were a treat. Did he find it? Is it far from us? I'll tell Nami to set a course! The logs stop suddenly, and they were only found a few years earlier by some fishermen.

The author is presumed dead. Luffy likes it when she smiles. After that, his mind starts to wander to an island with a cliff that overlooks the sea, and a brother who taught him to read and write. Maybe this is what he could have achieved; a book of his adventures. Luffy's eyelids are growing heavier by the second, lulled to sleep by Robin's steady, soothing voice and the disembodied hand that cards through his hair at an even pace.

He's already fallen asleep, his head buried in the crook of her neck. A moment later has Sanji barging into the aquarium only to find a sleeping Luffy with two disembodied hands shielding his ears from the loud, angry words Robin knew Sanji would bark at him.

Robin levels a calm look at him, it shuts Sanji up. How about we eat that crab for dinner? They've already ransacked three shops that sell knick-knacks for tourists, and they've made a mess of one restaurant that will never again seat someone wearing the Straw Hat pirates' emblem.

Now they're just meandering, walking up and down narrow streets and wide alleys, stopping to look at anything shiny or cool. Usopp is telling a story about the time Sogeking defeated a whole island full of restaurant keepers, and Luffy's listening but at the same time Sabaody is very cool, and there's lots to look at. His head darts to every direction, taking in the lively people, the songs and the smells.

He likes this island, so far. He likes it a lot. Sogeking wasn't scared, he pulled out his trusty weapon and jumped fifty metres in the air! He —" "Sogeking is awesome," Luffy agrees, stars in his eyes. He's about to ask something more about how big the spatula actually was, when something glints in his peripheral vision.

Usopp doesn't notice right away that Luffy's no longer walking beside him. He's stopped in front of a small shop with red walls and a large window that parades the best of what the shop has to offer.

There's an assortment of old swords and other weapons in the window, set out in clear display. There's even a battered helmet with a note that says that the full set of armour can be found inside.

All in all there's a lot of things to look at that would unquestionably fit Luffy's definition of 'cool', and yet he only has the eyes for one thing.

There's a small, metallic item in one mannequin's hand, stretched to its full length and pointed to the sky. The lens glints in the midday sun, and Luffy squints. This is a trash heap! He wonders what holding it in his hand would feel like. It's definitely in better shape than the one he lost among his brother. He follows Luffy's line of sight to the helmets and weapons, and he grins excitedly.

Do you want to go inside?

I still have some money left over from what we won earlier, we could buy swords! Maybe I could teach you some of the tricks I learned from the time I spent with sword-wielding ninjas when I was only ten!

It'd be cool to own a telescope after all this time, but he has no idea how to use one. He's sure that one of his nakama knows how, and he's sure that they would be willing to teach him, but it wouldn't be the same. He doesn't need one because he's no longer simply playing pirates. Besides, there's a food stand a bit ways down the street and the smell of grilled meat is even more tempting. He doesn't want a sword, either. That's why he has Zoro.

Luffy shakes his head. Let's go see what that old guy is grilling! SIX "We need to find you a good disguise," Nami says, leading him by his arm into a small shop. A bit of stuffing is falling out of loose seams in its hind legs, and Luffy stares at it, wondering how the whole toy thing works. You're not even listening to me, are you? Luffy listens to her tirade for another half a second and then something else, something way more interesting catches his eye.

It's a top hat. The blue fabric is so dark it's almost black, and the sash tied around it is a lighter colour — a deep ocean blue. Luffy runs his hand on the soft velvet the hat's lined with, and it's on a whim when he lifts it from the counter and puts it on his own head.

Luffy was currently training his devil fruit by making currents going to different islands. He wasn't really thinking about the devil fruit control he was only thinking of the Shadow guys words. Lately, the guy has shown his pictures of people burning and big ugly dudes with bubbles around their heads.

sabo and luffy meet again fanfiction websites

The Shadow guy said that this was his chance to get back into shape to save him. Basically, he said to train so Luffy was trying to find an uninhabited island to train and get warmed up on. He didn't know what to do with his brothers but he was gonna figure it out. Now that I think about it I could have tried my haki. Man, I really do need to get into shape. The effect would tire out a normal person but for Luffy the effects are amplified by a ton.

Ace noticed Luffy's quietness but Sabo didn't because of his worry. When Luffy started to fall asleep Ace was quick to get by his little brothers side to catch him. Luffy's last thought before falling asleep was 'Note it is. Luffy woke up being snuggled by both of his brothers so he had to get out of their hold.

sabo and luffy meet again fanfiction websites

After Luffy wiggled his way out of his brothers arms he wrote a note and put it on a crate next to a window for his brothers to see and left the run-down hut. After he finished that he grabbed some breakfast and headed towards Foosha to get a boat to set sail in. When he got the boat he started out towards the endless sea but the Sea king that took Shanks' arm appeared and tried to eat him whole.

Instead Luffy used his Conquerors Haki on it taming it instantly. At Dadans hut the bandits, Ace, Sabo, and Garp were just waking up. When the two brothers woke up they immediately noticed that Luffy was missing. He checked under the crate, under a barrel, and behind the door. Garp rounded up all the bandits and made them search the whole forest. Most of the bandits were worried about the kid because with the short time he's been there he's managed to worm his way into all their hearts making them all protective of him.

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About half-way through the day, Magra found the note Luffy left and brought it to the rest of the crowd. When he read it out loud it said I'll be back soon so don't worry about me. As soon as he finished some dropped to the ground and some sweatdropped. At an uninhabited island close to the red line Luffy was training his Armament Haki by smashing the large boulders in his way. He planned on staying there for at least a week, he wanted to get his stamina and strength up with his devil fruit and get closer to mastering it.

On the way to the island, he took an unexpected nap and in his dream Aegaeon appeared and said he would guide him in mastering his devil fruit. Throughout the days of the week Luffy had gotten his strength and stamina up and has learned 4 new moves for his devil fruit.

He has learned what he calls Waterfall, Wall, Smokescreen, and Summon. Waterfall is when he brings a huge stream of water from any source and brings it all upon the enemy. Wall is a wall of water around him and the enemy that separates them from others and slowly fills in. Smokescreen is mist that he fires from his mouth so it provides cover for him to escape.

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The last one is Summon and this one is where Luffy makes clones of himself so he can do whatever he wants with them. Over all he thinks he's ready for whatever will come his way these next weeks. On the last day of the week Luffy worked himself to the breaking point he trained everything in one day especially the six-powers he somehow learned a new move for the six-powers. He assumed it was a hidden move because it wasn't because of Haki, or his devil fruit.

He called it the Six King Gun. He finished his training just before midnight so he called Pups over and he was off towards Foosha Village. He couldn't get rest like he wanted because he had to make sure that Pups didn't venture off course.