A view from the bridge catherine and rodolfos relationship poems

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a view from the bridge catherine and rodolfos relationship poems

ship of Catherine and Rodolfo and the relationship of Catherine and Essay on Tension in Arthur Miller's A View From the Bridge He obtained them from other sources such as stories, plays and even poems like in this case of Romeo and. Love—of one kind or another—is the main motivator of Miller's characters in this play, and drives the major events of its plot. Catherine's love for Rodolpho and. Everything you ever wanted to know about Catherine in A View from the Bridge, written by masters of this stuff just for you.

Marco Analysis The stage directions show their affection. Miller presents them as men who are seeking a better life. Marco is weighed down with responsibility but he feels that he can start to support his family in Sicily even though he must make the sacrifice of not seeing them for possibly several years.

Rodolpho is young and carefree, but Marco does not envy him. This shows how strong his love for Rodolpho is. Example 2 At the end, when Marco knows he will have to go back to Sicily, the stage directions are significant.

Forbidden love How does Miller show this? Eddie With your hair that way you look like a madonna, you know that? Eddie Analysis These are not really the sort of comments you would expect a father, or father-figure, to make to his daughter. Evidence When am I gonna be a wife again, Eddie?

a view from the bridge catherine and rodolfos relationship poems

Catherine Analysis He is unwilling or unable to have sex with Beatrice because of his feelings for Catherine. Example 3 Alfieri sees the situation.

Evidence Eddie, I want you to listen to me. You know, sometimes God mixes up the people. Alfieri tries to explain gently to Eddie, but is ignored. Example 4 Beatrice also sees the situation. Beatrice When Beatrice says this to Eddie, he is shocked, horrified because he has never analysed his feelings before. Analysing the evidence How does Miller use the characters to demonstrate different types of love?

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Eddie is returning home after work, and sees his niece Catherine. Roman past and American present, even after the momentous changes of immigration. Active Themes Related Quotes with Explanations Eddie notices that Catherine is well dressed and has made her hair look nice.

a view from the bridge catherine and rodolfos relationship poems

Eddie says her skirt is too short, but Catherine disagrees. Active Themes Related Quotes with Explanations Catherine begins to get upset, and Eddie reminds her that he promised her mother as she was dying that he would watch over Catherine. Beatrice enters and is surprised that they have come early. Eddie is allowing his cousins to stay at his apartment, but is already wary of his position as the respected head of the household being threatened by these new arrivals. Active Themes As the three prepare to eat dinner, Catherine shares her news with Eddie.

She has gotten a job as a typist at a plumbing company, having been picked as the best student in her typing class.

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Beatrice stands up to Eddie on behalf of Catherine, a habit that Eddie finds disrespectful, as he will later tell her. He is worried not only about losing control over Catherine in his household, but also about losing Catherine entirely, as she begins to move toward her own life.

Eddie reminds her of the importance of not saying anything to anyone about the cousins, since they are staying in the apartment illegally and are not legal immigrants.

He says that the Immigration Bureau has people paid off in the neighborhood to report on illegal immigrants. Eddie and other inhabitants of Red Hook have a complicated relationship to the law.

The story about the boy highlights the conflict between a familial sense of justice and the law. In obeying the law, the boy betrayed his family, who sought their own form of justice in violent revenge. Active Themes Related Quotes with Explanations Catherine says she is supposed to start work the next Monday, and Eddie wishes her luck, with tears in his eyes.

Catherine goes to get Eddie his cigar, and Eddie asks Beatrice why she is mad at him. As this dinner scene comes to an end, Alfieri comes on stage and tells the audience that Eddie was a good, hard-working man. But his feelings toward Catherine will gradually be revealed to be more complicated—and problematic. Marco and Rodolpho enter the apartment and meet Beatrice and Eddie.

Marco thanks them for letting Rodolpho and him stay and says that as soon as Eddie wants them out, they will leave. Active Themes Eddie tells Marco and Rodolpho about the work they will have, on the docks. They talk about how there are no jobs where they are from in Italy, and people struggle to make money, pushing taxis up hills for example. Marco describes his wife and children, whom he has left back in Italy and to whom he is going to send back money as he works here.

A View from the Bridge: Eddie and Catherine's Relationship

He and Rodolpho are excited at the opportunity to make money in the U. They are ecstatic at the opportunities available in New York, though they will later find that immigrating brings with it perhaps as many problems as opportunities. Marco is also motivated out of love for his family, and a desire to provide for them by sending money back home. Active Themes Catherine asks if Rodolpho is married. Rodolpho talks about what a status symbol a motorcycle is in Italy, and then says that he is also a singer, and once made money singing at a hotel.

Catherine is intrigued and wants to hear him sing. Catherine is quickly becoming infatuated with Rodolpho, a budding love that will greatly trouble the overprotective Eddie.

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Marco tells Rodolpho to be quiet. Eddie notices that Catherine is wearing high-heeled shoes, and tells her to go into her room and change them. Eddie is waiting impatiently for Catherine and Rodolpho to return from seeing a movie.

Beatrice tells him to stop worrying. Eddie thinks this is ridiculous, and is displeased at the idea of Rodolpho and Catherine being together.