About a boy ellie and marcus relationship tips


about a boy ellie and marcus relationship tips

RELATIONS BETWEEN THE CHARACTERS-ABOUT A BOY, NICK HORNBY Will seems to understand in a better way Marcus than Fiona. While twelve-year old Marcus is a precocious boy, who feels displaced and (or not), can idolize himself in peculiar ways, without it being a coward. . It makes an unknown connection between him and Ellie, which both are. Hi ich bräuchte ne Kapitelübersicht für About a Boy. Summary: Fiona, Marcus´ mother, splits with Roger, her boyfriend. time with a single parent mother and so she quit their relationship. . Mrs. Morrisson does not really help marcus, she only gives him fonger tips to get out of the way of the shoe thieves.

Today is picnic day,the day that Will and Marcus meet each other. First Will is thinking of how stupid he is to make things up about is two-year-old son or his ex-wife. He never can take Suzie to his home this is very difficult for him. When Marcus goes with Suzie and her daughter Megan to the picnic, he met Will.

Will is asking Suzie about Marcus. Marcus says his mother is nuts. They all go to see the dead duck. Marcus hate the sound Will is talking to him.

Will tells him that he was already dead and Marcus tried to sink him. His mother was lying on the ground with a lot of green nasty puke next to her. Suzie screamed and Will called an ambulance. You have a kid, why are you doing this? Marcus thought of the moment when he stood by the lake in the park: They went to the hospital and Suzie is going with Fiona.

When they got there it was just waiting and waiting. Marcus went a lot to get something out of the machine. Will said goodbye and went home. When Marcus came home he saw a letter on the table. He began to read it. It was a suicide letter of his mum. How could she do that? A arguing began and ended with nothing. Fiona said she was feeling much better.

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They decided to order some food and get a movie. But he was wrong. When they watched it he turned the television off, because of the suicide, but his mum want to watch the movie to the end. She did like nothing was happened.

Will was at home and was thinking about his day-things. Then he thought about asking Fiona for a day with him. He called Suzie to ask if it could be possible to take Marcus out. He said it was OK. So he called Marcus and he said yes, but if his mum would come with them. So that was settled. He bought a car seat, candy and chips to sprinkle the car seat.

Marcus and his mother were making themselves ready to go with Will. Marcus thought it was the perfect moment to create a new family. He wants more people and if anyone would die, no one would be alone. So this was the perfect moment, if he liked Will or not. So when Will came, Marcus wanted to go to Planet Hollywood because it was famous. But when they get there it was raining and they were standing in a load of people that wanted to go in.

Will was able to convent Marcus to go to another place. When they were there, nobody was talking so Marcus tried to help them. After a while the got annoying with his pressure about talking between Will and Fiona. After the lunch Will was invited to supper. His lies were too much to be come true. When he was home, Marcus came by to ask if he was telling the truth. Marcus had a deal if Will kept dating with his mum, he would not tell her anything. Marcus thinks Will want to go out with Suzie.

Then he went, but he will com back!

about a boy ellie and marcus relationship tips

Marcus went for the second time to Wills place. Marcus asked a lot of stupid questions like: After that visit Marcus visited Will a lot that autumn, and by about the third or fourth time he felt that Will was getting used to him.

Sometimes they argued, but now Will began to ask things. He was old enough! Will was also worried about his mum. He said it was OK, but he felt worse. Every time he went home he felt sick and he wanted to cry.

But can he tell Will that? Will finds out that Marcus visits were normal every day. So he thought he must go on and think about it as a fabric of his day. Marcus did like to tell Will about his dad. The following week Will was interrupted by some sounds.

He saw Marcus standing with other boys. The boys were trying to embed sweets into Marcus skull. He had scared them away. Marcus seemed not bothering it, but Will knew he was. He asked about it and Marcus was still looking straight to the television. Will and Marcus tried to find out what Marcus had to do to make the ties stop.

Will said Marcus had to look as everybody else. Just do something about the outside. At first they went shopping to buy new shoes. Marcus liked it very much and Will thought it was a great thing to do for him and that it would help to stop the teasing.

They had been stolen. Will gave Marcus a ride home. They were stolen and Marcus knew Fiona would ask a lot of questions and she did. He had to tell that Will gave new shoes and that Will had become a friend. She went straight with Marcus to Wills house. Will told Fiona everything about Marcus at school.

After the arguing at Wills place, Marcus and his mum had a conversation too. Marcus asked himself why his mother always won the discussions between them because she had good arguments.

But he tells his mum he want to make decisions of his own. But he said he wanted someone to talk and be with, except his own mother. She proposed Suzie, but she is just like her. But how, thought Marcus. His father hated Christmas too. The song was a reminder of how badly he had failed in his life. So Christmas was the season of anger. When he heard the song at first, he first thought of his father and then of Marcus.

He thought he seemed to have no control over his relationship with Marcus and Fiona. Then Fiona rang and started to say mad things down the phone. After all Fiona said that they could better talk about it properly, but Will asked why and what. She wanted to talk face-to-face. So he thought there was no interesting about her, but there was indeed. They were talking well Fiona was talking. Marcus was waiting until his mum came back. She was talking with Will. When he was waiting for the headmistress another girl came in: She was older and she was always in trouble.

They were a bit talking and then Mrs. Morrison came out to ask Marcus to come in.

about a boy ellie and marcus relationship tips

He was mad and he walked out while she demands him to stay. He felt good he did that. This was the beginning of a change. Will loved driving around London. Just he in his own car, for singing so loud as he can or just knowing the way around. Then he saw Marcus ambling Upper Street. He wrestled with the situation. Would he stop or would he not? No, not a lot and he drove home.

When it was 4: But after thirty minutes he gave it up.

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Marcus asked Will to talk with her but Will said he should go to his mum. Now Will knows what kind of help Marcus needed. Next day nobody missed Marcus at school.

about a boy ellie and marcus relationship tips

The conservation was the longest he ever had had with anyone at school. Next day he went to her again and she was laughing all the time with her girlfriend Zoe. But Marcus thought she was nice. She smiled and was interested. Morrison came to talk to Ellie. At lunchtime Ellie and Zoe came to him and everybody looked up!

So he was feeling great! He walked to them and Ellie gave him a kiss. Wow this moment was really awesome! It did feel like it Chapter twenty-two: Then on that moment Marcus came to his flat. They all gave presents. Will got Fiona an expensive glass vase and Marcus a vinyl copy of Nevermind and a t-shirt with Kurt Cobain on it. So he could keep in with Ellie. Fiona gave him a book: It was for Will not very nice because he hated Christmas but he did something else than sitting at home.

But at least he was gracious about his presents. Marcus was very glade with his presents. He gets twice as much because his parents were separated. But then Fiona and Lindsey were also arguing. Every body was a bit changed. Then supper began and Suzie came in with her little girl. He turned red and wanted to leave, but Fiona asked to sit down. Then Rachel came and sits next to him. He missed Ned that was a good thing to talk about.

Then she asked how he knew Robert. Robert used to be dope dealer and Will was a friend and customer. Rachel was already talking to someone else and Will kept thinking how he could reel her back with. She turned back so he could talk with them. He could bring a lot of things to get her interested.

But when they were talking about Marcus she understood that he was Wills son. After a small conversation they kissed at midnight. Ellie was glad to see Marcus. They were talking and Ellie offered him a drink with coke and sherry. She looked at her mum dancing like a crazy person. Marcus and Ellie were talking about there parents. Ellie asked Marcus if his mum had tried to kill herself, but his answer was no.

He had never had a proper talk with someone of his own age before. Ellie was a girl, older than he and scary. Marcus still had to watch what he said. Then Marcus asked Ellie to dance because he thought that boys were supposed to ask girls at parties. But she said definitely no!

Marcus thinks like a grown-up, but in opposition to adults, he also says exactly what he thinks. Together Marcus and Fiona watches films and order take-away fast-food in the evenings. Likewise Fiona watches Marcus as her son, Marcus also have to watch his own mother. Will on the other hand is an incorrigible, thirty-six year old teen-ager. He cuts his hair right, wears the right clothes, listen to the right music, read the right magazines and goes to the right club.

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Will is the bachelor of the story. Will is longing for women constantly, and actually lies quite a few times to get what and who he wants. Will is a cynical and untrustworthy man, afraid of the surrounding world. The first actual meeting between Will and Marcus is when Marcus killed a duck with a French toast, and Will defends Marcus against the park keeper.

This day is called the Dead Duck Day. Marcus reacts pretty calm, but at the same time with anger. This is in my opinion the first turning point of the story.

My thoughts are that this day symbolizes the starting of many upcoming conflicts surrounding Will and Marcus later in the book. As mentioned, Marcus is looking for a real friend. After a while Marcus believe he have found one in Will, and do subsequently make various plans and schemes revolving around Will. He forces himself on Will every day after school and Will is too passive to offer any resistance.

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The two of them develops a friendship, mostly because both have something that the other need. Sooner Will starts helping Marcus to become more popular at school so that he could make friends. Will gives Marcus a quick course in how to be a twelve-year old boy.

In an unconscious way, being together with Marcus and the problems and conflicts that follows, each and every day, helps Will growing up to an adult, and being more mature. Less than a year later, both Marcus and Will have matured, each in their own particular way.

Marcus, with no help from anyone else than himself, had met Ellie, the rebellion girl from school. Ellie finds the figure of Marcus extremely funny, and the two of them develops a friendly relationship. She copes with his tormentors at school in a particular abrupt way.

The meeting with Ellie changes Marcus life. In the early beginning you should believe that Marcus had to change as person to get rid of his problems. But all that was needed was Ellie.