Adnan and hae relationship questions

Book raises new questions in Adnan Syed’s murder case

adnan and hae relationship questions

Jun 8, The same judge who denied his first request ruled that questions about the If Serial's Adnan Syed Didn't Murder Hae Min Lee, Then Who Did? They had kept their relationship under wraps to their families due to cultural. How did religion fit in with Adnan's relationship with Hae? Which sentence best summarizes Sarah's conclusion to the questions regarding Adnan's alleged. questions that Sarah tries to answer in this episode. Theme/Topic (). What was their relationship and breakup were really like? Was he () Hae does not describe Adnan as overbearing or obsessive in her diary. () It irks me to .

You need to put in a little more effort to hold their interest. This type of kid is a challenge but it feels so rewarding if you can reach them.

The Jay that Meg knew was a smart and engaging young man, far different from the Jay in Serial. She described him as a good, honest person. Muse, saw him as a good kid. Stephanie joined Adnan at the center of Prom activity. She said Serial did not give him enough credit. I will admit after listening to Serial I was biased against Jay because Sarah did not include testimonials about his good character.

It was fascinating to hear these good things about Jay from a teacher who knew him well at the time.

SERIAL EXCLUSIVE: The Teachers of Woodlawn High Speak Out

Like many listeners I was given the impression he was a liar, and a sketchy and suspect character. Muse painted a very different picture. After listening to Serial, she said: I hope the evidence is so strong and the case is so tight that the truth, whatever it is, wins out this time. As a magnet teacher, Tom taught Adnan, Stephanie and Hae.

adnan and hae relationship questions

Jay and Stephanie take a refreshment break. Thousands of avid Serial listeners and bloggers with their conspiracy theories are convinced Stephanie was involved in the murder. As reflected in the many photos of Stephanie in the yearbooks, she was as much the golden child of Woodlawn as Hae was. It was also clear she was one of the prettiest girls in the school. Something that Serial misconstrued about Woodlawn in the late s was the nature of the magnet program, the veteran teachers said.

Tom explained the magnet kids were like a family in a variety of ways.

adnan and hae relationship questions

With such closeness, it would not be strange that Adnan would buy Stephanie a present for her birthday. InTom said, there would have been no more than 25 seniors in the magnet program Serial said 30 to It may be worth considering those facts when digesting conspiracy theories about love triangles alluded to in Serial. But, in the end, after listening to every word of Serial and going back over their own experiences with Adnan, Jay and other principals in this story, what conclusions do Meg and Tom draw?

The detective told me they had a lot of evidence against Adnan. But they were teenagers, they were children sigh … children, no one is trying to connect to real people. Adnan is in prison. Jay is marked with suspicion. Most tragically, Hae is gone. With unprecedented attention having landed on this case, some listeners may forget that the victim and the accused and the witnesses were real people with families and friends and … teachers.

To every listener, Serial is an excellent and compelling story.

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But to a few, it is a personal, real, and traumatic story. For most people, these speculative thoughts and statements come quickly and easily.

Talking about these former students feels like talking about two characters in a popular movie or book. For my students, Hae was an example of an amazing college-ready senior at a school where they know the odds are stacked against you to become successful. As outsiders looking in, we all want to know who did what. I think the teacher who knew Hae best, who stopped working at Woodlawn only a couple of years ago, sums this up best in a recent Facebook post: We got along like pals.

Hae was incredibly smart, hilarious, beautiful, light-hearted, athletic and kind. She was one of 5 honors students coming with me to France that summer. She was also my senior intern, hand-chosen by me. I had to testify in the first murder trial and also the second trial. McLemore and…to say any more would be giving it away. Hae Min Lee The year-old high school senior played varsity field hockey and lacrosse and managed the boys' wrestling team, and was due to graduate with honors with the class of She dated Adnan indancing with the prom with him that year, but they were broken up by that December.

They had kept their relationship under wraps to their families due to cultural and religious differences. According to multiple accounts, the two were still friends, but whether or not Adnan was handling the split well or was far more angry and jealous than he let on became a central point of the investigation. Lee was last seen alive on Jan.

adnan and hae relationship questions

Her body was discovered in Baltimore's Leakin Park on Feb. She had been strangled. At the time of her death, she was said to be dating a guy named Don, whom she'd met while they were both working at LensCrafters. He told police he was at work albeit at a different store location than usual when Lee disappeared and a store manager confirmed as much—but via Serial, we learned that the manager of the location he claimed to be working at was his mother. As long as I live, my daughter is buried in my heart.

Article continues below Courtesy: Serial Adnan Syed By those who believed in his innocence, the teen was painted as a normal, pot-smoking, not-too-troublesome senior student at Woodlawn High School, a kid who liked to go to the mall and hang out with his friends, just like any other, and who, like Lee, was an honors student. Syed is of Pakistani descent and the question of whether his being Muslim affected how the cops and the court treated him has been raised.

The prosecution suggested he was a flight risk, despite his parents' lack of financial means and Adnan having never left the country before, let alone been to Pakistan. Wilds became a key witness for the prosecution. Dorsey III pleaded to the judge for a merciful sentence, insisting the murder was a "crime of passion" rather than proof that Syed was a killer who should be locked up forever. Syed continued to insist he was innocent at sentencing and stated his intention to appeal.

Wilds, who pleaded the Fifth when he testified before a grand jury, became a key witness for the prosecution, while the defense contended he was lying to protect himself.

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She also spent a lot of time talking about the inconsistencies in Jay's story between various interviews with detectives and his grand jury testimony. We did not pick Jay to be Adnan's accomplice. Remember, Jay committed a crime here. He was an accomplice after the fact in a murder. A very serious crime People can very seldom tell the same story the same way twice.

If they did, I'd be very suspicious of it because that would look like it was rehearsed.

So, for the most part, we've been really protective about our privacy. Hae was dead before she got to my house. Anything that makes Adnan innocent doesn't involve me. There is a specific point where I became involved in this.

What happened before that, I don't know. Gutierrez consented to being disbarred in after she was accused of mishandling client funds. Suffering from multiple sclerosis and various other ailments, she died of a heart attack in In asking for a new trial, Syed's legal team argued that Gutierrez made a critical mistake by not calling an eyewitness who said she'd seen the defendant at the library at the purported time of the killing and could have provided an alibi.

She wrote two letters to Adnan after his arrest offering to testify—but she wasn't called to testify until last year, to support his petition for a new trial. Chapman told the court that it was her choice to reach out to Syed in jail all those years ago, that no one asked her to.