All bluster and no substance in a relationship

Apr 5, Stop settling for surface level relationships with no real substance. All I'm trying to say is sex doesn't mean love, and love doesn't mean sex. The man was all bluster, with no substance,” Spencer recalled. “I'm free!” Toby shouted, throwing her arms wide. Spencer laughed. It did his heart good to see. I'd convinced myself it was all bluster and no substance. Winn tasked Richard Smith with making sure theFedEx relationship progressed to the nextlevel.

I have always known that there was an intellectual gap between us but it has not bothered me as much in the past probably because we were so young. Recently however, it has become a big issue for me. I feel as though there is no substance in our conversations and find it impossible to talk about intellectual issues, politics, science, economics, history, social issues, business, etc.


I love to read books on various subjects. She has not read a book since 10th grade and has no interest in it.

all bluster and no substance in a relationship

I have a business which she appreciates but has no real interest in either. I would expect my partner to have at least a moderate interest in my business. When we get together with friends and discussions like this are raised, there is usually very little or no opinion from her.

Very often she will say something irrelevant or completely wrong and this can be quite embarrassing at times. However, she is doing reasonably well in her carrier and is a hard worker. She is never lazy at home and is a very loving and family orientated person. She loves me to death and I know I mean the world to her. I love her very much too BUT, this issue can be very frustrating, and I do not see it as something she could change. Is this an insignificant problem or is it grounds for a break-up?

Should I look for someone with similar interests or be happy with her other qualities? This practice adds value to your relationship and helps you to avoid getting stuck in a sexually charged relationship that lacks substance. When you start your relationship off with sex… every encounter you have with one another will be sex driven, and sex will be the only thing he looks forward to. He instead should be looking forward to getting to know you and getting better acquainted. A man will without a doubt show you who he is after sex, and that may or may not be a good thing.

all bluster and no substance in a relationship

One of the purposes behind the idea of waiting until marriage is for you to enjoy the pleasures of sex, but with the one person that you truly love. By being monogamous, you reduce your risk of becoming pregnant by someone who feels they have no obligation to you, being infected by STDs, but more importantly it shows that you value yourself and the relationship you have with your partner.

Waiting for sex seems foreign to men today because so many women give them sex right away without requiring anything at all.

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Men are interested in being married, but so many women fail the wife material test by giving him too much too soon without any requirements. The way for a woman to find a man of substance is to simply be a woman of substance. Focus on being the best woman you can be in every aspect of your life and quality men will inevitably take notice. When a man sees a woman who knows how to take care of herself and others, this is indication of how she could potentially treat him.

All hat and no cattle Meaning

The same principle holds true for the Diva who is full of herself and can think of no one but herself; this type of spirit may attract men who are interested in sex, but might repel men who are interested in finding a wife!

Being emotionally, spiritually, and financially stable will play a huge role in whether a not a man is ready, able, and willing to commit.

So be sure to get to know as much about his position in his own life, before giving him a position in yours.