Anita blake and richard relationship

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anita blake and richard relationship

Why I'm Obsessed with Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter I just had to find out what happened with Anita and Jean-Claude and, after the third book, Richard. Despite my . Finally, the relationships have been built up slowly. Richard Alaric Zeeman is a fictional character in the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series of Although serving as Ulfric and his relationship with Anita and Jean- Claude have lessened this characteristic, Richard is basically kind and polite, and. Character: Richard Zeeman From: Anita Blake series First Appearance: Circus of the Damned Most Recent Appearance: Bullet Created by.

She exuded a quiet strength, lived life as a single, independent strong woman and she loved Sigmund, her toy penguin. Anita introduced me to her world where I met Ronnie, her best friend. She loved penguins and had quite a collection of stuffed toys. I felt her frustrations with her boss Bert, observed her quiet respect for her R.

T boss, Dolphand, I cautiously followed her as she walked in a world of zombies, vampires and shapeshifters. She also introduced me to the scary and cold killing machine Edward as well as the blue-eyed vampire Jean-Claude and later, to the delicious brown eyed werewolf, Richard.

In the beginning, Anita was first and foremost known as an Animator and one of the talented few who was able to raise the dead using ritualistic magic freshly killed animals. I stood by Anita as she took down Nikolaos but not without a major cost — a cost that later led to the last strips of humanity falling from her.

You see, in order to take down Nikolaos she had to take two of the four marks by Jean-Claude. This is a term used by Hamilton to describe the growing bond between vampires and humans.

The second and third marks grant them almost vampiric like strength without them becoming a vampire. Unfortunately for Anita, she was tricked into receiving the first mark. Once marked, the only way to severe the bond is for one of them to die.

Anita did not want to fall in love with vampires or werewolves. You see, she had a troubled childhood. Oh from the way she tells it, it does not seem all that traumatic.

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When she was 8 years old, her mother was killed in a car accident and it is my view, this affected Anita greatly, leaving us with an adult unable to deal with relationships, love and loss in a mature and healthy way. In addition to this, her father later married and went on to have a child. When he married again, his wife was a blue-eyed blonde, and she came along with her daughter as well as having a child together.

Apparently, her grandmother thought it best to ensure Anita understood the ways of the Lord as a way to protect her against her necromancy. So here was Anita, a teenager without her mother, her father has remarried, and physically, she does not belong, and emotionally, she is distanced from her father. In hindsight, I wonder if her grandmother was actually psychic?

Anyway, going back to Anita in the here and now — or back when I met her. Anita was working a case, which she did in the early days — she worked as an Animator and was also a consultant with R. T Regional Preternatural Investigation Taskforce. Anita hunted the monsters, was a licenced vampire executioner and she seemed to have a relatively balanced life. And then she worked a case with Jean-Claude.

Master Vampire of St. Whilst investigating vampires being murdered, she becomes attracted to Jean-Claude who makes all attempts to seduce her. As her attraction for him grew, I urged her to reconsider and hold on to her humanity — he was a vampire, she hunts vampires. He is one of the few shapeshifters able to partially shapeshift. Richard also has the extremely rare ability to "feed the pack" - sharing some of his magical power by feeding his own blood to pack members.

Character[ edit ] Richard is one of the most complicated and fully developed characters of the novel. In many ways, his resistance to his own supernatural nature parallels Anita's resistance in the early novels. If Jean-Claude and Asher represent the side of Anita that fully accepts her "darker nature," then Richard represents the side that cannot accept it. Richard has several character traits, most of which manifest as an obstruction to Anita and Jean-Claude's plans.

Anita describes Richard as a "boy scout. Despite his "boy scout" nature, Richard has a darker side. Both he and "his beast" are excited and aroused by violence and pain. Although Anita has encouraged him to accept his nature, Richard is deeply threatened by this aspect of himself, and blames "his beast" for those urges.

As befits an alpha wolf, Richard is fiercely independent. He strongly resents, and usually blocks, anything that he sees as an attempt by Jean-Claude or Anita to assume unwarranted dominance over the wolves in his pack, or to assume a dominant position over him personally. In Narcissus in ChainsRichard refused to allow Anita to feed the ardeur from him because he found serving "as food" degrading. But, he does let her feed from him as of Incubus Dreams.

Although he is not as comfortable with killing as Anita and Jean-Claude, Richard shares a similar sense of duty towards the people he protects. Like Anita, when required to do so in order to save another person, Richard will usually compromise his other principles. Richard is very uncomfortable with the idea of sex between men, apparently due in part to an attempted rape by Gabriel when Richard was a young man.

Richard's character has been evolving, partially as a result of his spiritual connection to Jean-Claude and Anita. Since forming the triumvirate, Richard has become more calculating and seductive, apparently as a result of his connection to Jean-Claude, and significantly more angry, apparently as a result of his connection to Anita. Despite Richard's aversion to serving as food and his aversion to male homosexual activity, Richard has a very complex relationship with Jean-Claude.

In part, this seems to be because Jean-Claude offers Richard the prospect of gaining additional power with which to protect his pack, and in part, Jean-Claude seems to be seducing Richard, albeit more slowly and less successfully than he has with Anita. Also there were rumors spread about Anita by the lions she refused because they weren't powerful enough for her inner lion. In a scene reminiscent of The Godfather series, Anita decides that this is a betrayal of their alliance and decides to abandon Joseph in favor of another werelion.

Blood Noir Edit In Blood Noir things get even more complicated when Jason is constantly being mistaken for the son of the towns local celebrity, Governor Summerland.

Not only do Jason and Anita find themselves in the middle of a media frenzy, but also they are threatened by the complicated vampire-human love triangle that has been plaguing the Summerland family and most recently Keith Summerland for generations.

When the danger and the news coverage hit a climax at the same time, Anita and Jason are left carefully maneuvering around truck loads of drama and politics, not mention their just trying to survive. Jean-Claude's reputation, the American weretiger population, Jason's family values, Keith's impending marriage, and the Governor's bid for president are the least of their problems and just the tip of the metaphysical iceberg.

It is revealed why Jason's dad gave him such a hard time growing up. Marmee Noire rolls Anita for two days, causing her to have sex with two weretigers Crispina year-old white tiger which becomes her tiger to call and Alex Pinnson of the queen from the red-tiger-clan. Jason becomes Anita's wolf to call. Richard is released from the anger he inherited from Anita, but inherits his own version of the Ardeur instead.

Anita releases Richard from his anger and feeds on this anger. She gains the ability of feeding on anger. Anita begins to doubt her feelings towards Jason. Ten officers and one executioner have been slain, paranormal style.

The weretigers are very powerful in Las Vegas, which means the odds of her rubbing someone important the wrong way just got a lot higher. Marmie Noir supposedly meets her end in this book through a bomb that blows up her physical form. Vittorio re-appears and turns out to be more old and powerful then previously thought.

He tries to make Anita his human servant but is unsuccessful. He is killed in the end by the weretigers of Vegas with Anita's help. In this book we also find out that Requiem has requested to Jean Claude to move to another town where he will be away from Anita and be able to maybe be second-in-command of a city. Nicknamed 'Cannibal' he feeds of memories from people he touches. When he touches Anita she temporarily steals his power and is able to also feed off of one of his memories.

At the end of the book we discover that he can use his power to wipe out all of the memories of a person so that they are a blank slate, his victim ends up lying on the floor with a blank look in her eyes. Olaf returns in this book as US marshal Otto Jeffries and he hints that he would be willing to try to have a 'normal' romance with Anita, but he still creeps her out to much for anything to really develop.

Anita meets and has sex involuntarily, thanks to Vittorio for the first time with Cynric and Dominowho become her blue and black tigers to call. Flirt Edit In FlirtAnita refuses to raise the spouses of Tony Benningtona grieving widower, and Natalie Zell, a wife that wished to take revenge on her dead husband. Two weeks later she is kidnapped by two werelions named Jacob and Nickymembers of a pride hired by Tony Bennington to force her into raising his wife by threathing to kill Micah, Jason and Nathaniel.

Due to an injury she feeds the ardeur on Nicky and uses it to make him her slave. By sacrificing Silas, one of Jacob's men, she raises not only Ilsa Bennington but the the entire cemetery and uses them to kill Bennington. She lets Jacob leave and after her people come to rescue her she leaves along with them and Nicky. He's consolidating power in himself and those loyal to him, doing in America what Belle Morte did in Europe when she was at her height of power.

She almost owned Europe, and there was those who are determined that Jean-Claude won't do the same in America. Jean-Claude's motives may be kinder, but as any lawyer will tell you: Assassins are coming to St. Louis to kill them all.

Anita knows they're coming, but even being forewarned doesn't mean you can win. You can help Anita Blake Wiki by expanding it. Anita and Edward both know that the Harlequin, still loyal to the Queen of Darkness, are the killers. Half of them had broken with the vampire council and were back to taking orders from the Mother of All Darkness.

Because the Harlequin meet each other masked, even the Harlequin on her side don't have faces or names to give to the police. The situation is made worse because the weretigers in Seattle are not public about their existence, so when policeman Raborn questions Anita about what she's learned, she can't even talk about the weretigers never mind the murderers. Anita and Edward know everything and nothing that will help catch the killers. Edward begins to think that the killers are a trick to try and lure Anita away from Jean-Claude and all his bodyguards, so that the Mother of all Darkness can either have her kidnapped try and takeover her body, or kill her.

Before Alex gets there, Anita forms a bond with a guard named Ethan who says he carries three colors of tiger, but Anita senses he has some gold as well. When Alex arrives, he is enraged and hurts Ethan. In the debriefing after the fight, Anita tries to find out where Alex's rage came from: She learns that one of the guards is a shapeshifter who is a Harlequin spy put in place just at the time MoaD was waking up.

Bernardo, Anita, Edward go to meet Olaf.

anita blake and richard relationship

Anita breaks his wrist in the hugging, drawing weapons and disarming scene that attends this meeting. Olaf is taken off to the hospital.

Then Anita has a conflict with Raborn, but Raborn's boss Clark tells him to stop harassing her. Anita brings in a guard of wereanimals: Ares, Nicky, Domino, etc. Newman comes with the news that Karlton is despondent because she's tested positive for lycanthropy.

Anita goes to the hospital to comfort her. Anita cuddles with Nicky while talking on the phone to Edward who is warning her about Olaf. Olaf is livid with jealousy. Anita has a puzzling need to keep touching Nicky and wants to talk to J-C about it.

anita blake and richard relationship

What is it that you want, you really want? Anita is interrogated by the Harlequin who try to get her to lower her shields to admit the MoAD. They torture Lisandro, but Anita slows them down by touching them. Some more Harlequin come and untie her and give her back some of her weapons. She and they succeed at decapitating some of the minor vampires who have not yet risen; it is not quite dusk.

But then the MoAD rises in a borrowed body, and forces Anita to drop her shields by hurting Bernardo and Ethan and threatening to hurt them more. Anita uses her connection to J-C and Nathaniel and Richard, but especially the power of Ethan and Domino who together give her all the colors of tigers to suck the energy out of Marmee Noir.

Anita's power seems connected to her polyamory: I swam in the darkness of the ocean on a raft of hands, and bodies, and giving a damn what happened to them all. We let her pour her scary, lonely, insane dark into us, and we drank it down with our comforting hands, our bodies that had made us all home, and the craziness of having too many people, too much going on, but what would we give up, who would we give up, and the answer, in the end, was not a single thing.

Richard Zeeman

The golden tigers were the power of the sun to bring life to the earth made flesh. Olaf is now a werelion and disappeared. Patience is nowhere to be found; Edward and Anita believe that he took her. He leaves Anita a note stating he still wants to be with her but does not want to become a Bride like Nicky. He wants her under his conditions. The MoAD is now supposedly really dead, and her Harlequin all either come over to Anita or go off on their own. But one hot tub and two incredibly sexy men—Jean Claude and Asher—will make her feel like the most lusted-after woman alive…or undead.

Marshal Anita Blake to find her. Affliction Edit Anita receives a phonecall of Micah's distressed mother, asking her to please come visit, because his father, Rush Callahan, is dying. After making arrangements Micah decides he needs to take Nathaniel along, he will introduce him as their significant other. While trying to transport everyone out with a chopper, Ares loses control and starts killing. Once on the ground Anita kills Ares, but a bullet that went through him, hit her, making her gain hyena.

Anita Blake

Jean-Claude arrives in town and asks her to marry him after mentioning that if there was a way for all of them to get married, he would. As Micah had said this earlier to her and Nathaniel, she accepts. Still having to practicallities of such a ceremony this is later put on hold when plenty of her lovers are disappointed they would not be getting a ring.

Some of the methods of how Micah gets other animalgroups to join to Coallition are mentioned: When Edward arrives he mentiones trying to set a date for his marriage. Asking Anita to be his best man. They learn that the source behind the rotting zombies is Morte D'Amour, who was presumed dead but took some of Marmee Noire's power into him, her necromancy.

Anita outmonsters him at a cemetary.