Avatar the last airbender fanfiction zuko and azula relationship

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avatar the last airbender fanfiction zuko and azula relationship

Ursa is finally reunited with her kids, but they each get a different welcome. Shows the relationship between Zuko and Azula, as well as a. Rated: Fiction M - English - Adventure - [Azula, OC] - Chapters: 47 - Words: Author's Notes: I do not own Avatar the Last Airbender but I do own Zokar. He was born eleven months after the birth of his older brother Zuko, the not close to, Zokar seemed indifferent to his lack of relationship with them. In a twist of fate, it is Zuko - not Ozai - who inherits Azula's brittle heart. Disclaimer: I don't own anything in the Avatar franchise, nor do I make a .. I wanted to touch on the relationship between Azula and Zuko more than.

If she has confessed what her friends are telling you, then there may still be some hope left for her. But if anyone is going to end this cycle, the cycle that I myself have witnessed with my own eyes, occuring to both children, maybe you can, if you let yourself. Ursa sighed deeply, then stepped out the door, and into the night, to find her children. Azula sat on a hill, overlooking the small village, the cool night air rushing through her, as tears stung her eyes. She spun around when she felt a presence next to her, but went back to her original pose, her chin resting on her knees, when she saw who it was.

Zuko calmly sat next to his little sister. From the time you got stung by the porcupine-hornet, to the times dad would knock me around. Zuko gently placed a hand on his siter's shoulder, before she let him wrap his arm around her. I shouldn't have let her hit you. At the mere mention of those words, Azula broke down. What was so wrong with me? Azula sat up, tears in her eyes. Zuko gently held his sister, hearing her cry, a knot in his stomach making him regret his decision to tell his father the Avatar was alive.

Ursa watched her son hold her daughter, listened as they talked. She knew what she had to do, and she knew that it wasn't going to be easy. She had to make amends with Azula. Cautiously, she walked over to her children. Through her red and stinging eyes, Azula managed to glare at her. Ursa took a deep breath, prayed to Agni herself, then sat down. Zuko gave his mother a nervous glance as he walked away. For a few minutes, the mother and daughter sat in the darkness, the only sound being the wind.

Azula turned to face her, and for a minute, she saw her little girl again.

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I was a young mother, and a fool. I'm sorry that I favored Zuko over you. I see now that I was wrong in so many areas. Two months later Azula left for the academy again; but this time Zuko wasn't sad to see her go; he only feared what she would be like when she returned next. Nine more months of training and advancement, hard work definitely paid off Zuko's fire bending improved greatly; soon he would start the advanced set.

He was training under Master Kezon. In the month of July his sister returned again for a summer break of sorts with her friends. Zuko refused to break his schedule to reacquaint himself with the cruel twisted shell of a human his sister had become. He only saw his sister five or six times during her entire stay, she teased berated and humiliated him five of these times, the exception is when they performed before fire lord Azulon and even then she tried to make him seam inferior.

When Fire Lady Ursa disappeared Zuko was devastated, however Azula was just satisfied that her father had become fire Lord and the war would go on. She held no pity and no remorse, her heart had been frozen into stasis and without love she had become crueler than ever. Then at the end of her stay she saw the Agni Kai, she watched with quiet anticipation. The fear and shame pouring out from her brother; she lapped it up and savored its lovely taste, her father's look of terrible cruelty as he raised his hand to deliver the devastating blow that would forever scar Zuko in more than one way.

She would never forget that scene, the scene that marked her ascension to crown princess. But when you had someone staring at you as intensely as Katara was, there were some problems with that plan.

Even if I didn't, Azula certainly believes that you thought that way about her. Why would she think that? When did you call her a monster, Ursa? You better tell me now. You won't like what happens if you don't answer. She didn't say a word. She stared at Katara, golden eyes going wide. There wasn't an explicit threat in Katara's words, but it was there, lingering. An unseen menace that Ursa couldn't put her finger on. It made her skin crawl, though.

She didn't want to think about what Katara might do if she were to lie. She knew that Katara was friends with her son as well as her oldest daughter's lover, but she wondered if that would save her from the Southern Water Tribe woman's wrath.

And then she had learned not too long ago from Azula herself that Katara could bloodbend. Ursa swore that when Azula had told her that, eyes full of amazement and praise, the older woman's heart nearly gave out.

There was a bloodbender that was in contact with her daughter?

avatar the last airbender fanfiction zuko and azula relationship

Not just that, but Azula was in love with the bloodbender, was the bloodbender's lover, quite clearly had been having sex with the bloodbender in question and either didn't necessarily see Katara as a threat, or was even more attracted to her because she was a bloodbender. To say that Ursa was afraid of Katara, would be a very big understatement. So it was obvious to Ursa, that lying would not be a smart move. Ursa stepped back, feeling blood drain from her face.

If possible, Katara's eyes somehow seemed even more ferocious than before. What reason did you think you had for doing it? Guilt overwhelmed the firebender as she recalled the night Azula had tried to save Zuko and Ursa had shown nothing but spite and disgust for it.

avatar the last airbender fanfiction zuko and azula relationship

She came into Zuko's room and warned him, but I assumed that she was just lying about it to scare Zuko. I brought her out of the room and called her a monster. Katara's glare didn't intensify, but it didn't lose its fire either. Ursa pathetically offered some excuse as she repeated painfully, "I thought she was lying to scare Zuko. And I'm sure since Kiyi is exactly the type of daughter you want, it helps alleviate your doubts of being a good mom.

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She wasn't bending, but vexation started to awaken at those words. She wasn't even born yet when that happened. Lady Ursa, what kind of daughter were you hoping Azula would be when she was born?

She felt like she should scream.

avatar the last airbender fanfiction zuko and azula relationship

She wanted to scream. She now realized where this was going, and it made her face heat up. She had never truly believed that her misdeeds as a mother against Azula would come back and bring a rain of dark karma on her like this, but she supposed she shouldn't have been surprised.

Zuko had people who loved him, and so did Azula, even though the young princess didn't realize it. It was only a matter of time before someone saw what Azula saw.

avatar the last airbender fanfiction zuko and azula relationship

I always wished that Azula would be like all the other girls. I wanted her to marry and be a wife and have children. I just thought that her wanting to be a warrior and a ruler was a phase. I thought once she found someone to marry and settled down, I thought that she would be happy.

Her fists unclenched and the waterbender was now staring at Ursa incredulously, cocking her head as if Ursa had just sprouted another pair of arms. Ursa jumped a little at the shock in the younger woman's tone. Katara was unapologetic as she continued, "Lady Ursa, did you know Azula at all? Do you even try now? I can tell you this, from the very first time I met Azula at Omashu, I could see that what you wanted from your daughter was clearly not for her. It must be convenient for you to now have a daughter that loves dolls and tea parties so that you don't have to think about Azula anymore.

Stung unlike anything Azula had said so far. She was miserable three years ago with all that power. No woman can be happy in power. Now, you're looking after her and she's spending time at the South Pole and here. She's a lot better now. I just wish that she had a better choice in partner. The waterbender seemed unaffected. She just smirked at Ursa.

Ursa, is there even a word for what's wrong with you? She and I are happy. It doesn't matter that we're both women.

avatar the last airbender fanfiction zuko and azula relationship

If you really loved Azula, you would just want her to be happy. Besides, I'm not worried about children.