Battlestar galactica lee and kara relationship help

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battlestar galactica lee and kara relationship help

Did she always really love him? I never really understood whether their relationship was like brother and sister or if they were lovers. Anyone. Here's a case for Starbuck and Apollo from Battlestar Galactica. Samantha), the couple who I think has the most functional relationship (Howard between their fingers and squeezing: Starbuck and Apollo (or Lee and Kara. In Battlestar Galactica, why didn't Starbuck and Apollo ever get married even though they to their partner's issues and offering emotional support when they can't handle their own You can see the toll it takes on all their relationships. Kara and Lee confessed their love for each other in unequivocal terms while down on.

The Greatest TV Couple of All Time? EW Staff Pick: Starbuck and Apollo

On Battlestar Galactica, both Starbuck and Apollo are heroes. Both get amazing storylines. Both save the day multiple times.

battlestar galactica lee and kara relationship help

All they get is stolen moments on the beach and the profound knowledge that both have trusted each other with their lives. She has a better relationship with his father than he does.

The Lee Adama/ Kara Thrace relationship thread

Both of them are Viper pilots charged every day with protecting the death ships that contain the remains of humanity. Any moment of weakness could mean the end of their lives, any wrong decision could get hundreds killed.

Most of the time, their romantic interactions were cut short and tinged with the bleak reality of their existence. Watching this scene again, I remember how rough these two were with each other. Each holds the other to the highest standard. Sometimes, their love for each other is a huge weakness.

Do we really have to compound the names? CKO May 14th, No, but all the cool kids were doing it. Vala May 14th, TameFarrar May 18th, I really had to laugh at the face Lee has BUT as Farscape showed us Sci-Fi can pull the rug out anytime Kara doesn't pay attention to them anyway: D spoilers for season 2 Do NOT read if you do not want to be spoiled about Kara and episode 5 I really hope that some of the spoilers I am reading are wrong OR take away her ability to have children.

"I'm a screw up Lee, try to keep that in mind" a study of Kara Thrace - S.A.S.A.

CKO May 18th, Shipperahoy May 18th, I just read the episode 6 spoilers and Ship Mum At least that is how it reads to me D Shipperahoy May 18th, I went back and read it again and it could definately be the way you took it. It's one of those things where the wording is a bit tricky so it could go either way but I'd much prefer your version. D CKO May 18th, Blue Banrigh May 18th, That would pretty much suck I so hope it is NOT what happens I like that she is tough as nails and I like that she can be soft and feminie as well She could be a girl living down the block I agree with those who do not want them to get together straight away - I believe time is the key, as it is right now there is too much between them and going on around them to simply forget it and play happy couple.

I think the time apart that is obviously going to happen at the beginning of season 2 is a really good idea - gives Lee some time to get over Kara's blunder Nearly losing her put things into perspective for him, and I think Kara leaving for Caprica will have the same type of effect on Lee.

battlestar galactica lee and kara relationship help

CKO May 22nd, Here is a link to ALL of her vids, fic and there are links to the rest of us wannabes as well: TameFarrar May 23rd, D I was a nervous nelly about that vid Marimba will try to get it up soon D CKO May 23rd, May 25th, D probably it for a while: I have worked out my kinks and longing for BSG to reappear on the screen: Its Been Awhile Artist: Kara deals with her insecurities daily AND her love for both of the Adama men beware: D there is a.

CKO May 25th, TameFarrar May 25th, Please be sure to let us know when you are done I can definitely live with some good music AND drooling over Lee: D ; CKO May 25th, I can't wait till I get home to see that Lola's vid D CKO May 25th, SlytherinGal May 31st, S Blue Banrigh May 31st, I have a rather long about way to capture video, so I'm hunting through the ones that I've already got to find something that fits. This so far has been the easiest one to do. Maybe it's looking at Lee that helps.

D CKO June 1st, ,