Beastboy and raven secret relationship images

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beastboy and raven secret relationship images

Jun 24, Change" Beast Boy and Raven find themselves in a secret relationship. . The image was somewhat crooked and was mostly of their faces. Oct 25, Beast Boy and Raven have a complex relationship until they start Towards the end, Cyborg says that he snapped a picture of Raven's secret. Dec 19, A reflection on the secret relationship between Raven and Beast Boy Never done any Teen Titans fics before as you can see, and I don't.

Despite how much he yearned to see Raven just let go of her emotional restraint and joined in like everyone else, he allowed her to have her solitude.

beastboy and raven secret relationship images

Out of shear habit he joked around and teased her and always tried to convince Raven to spend more time with the rest of the Titans, but in truth as soon as he'd done in once he'd back off and give her the space he knew she needed. He'd make his act of annoying her as though he were signalling to her he'd be on the look out for any time she felt like joining in with whatever the others were doing, and she knew he would because he knew her secret.

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When Beast Boy and Cyborg had accidently got lost in Raven's mind, Beast Boy had given the incident more thought than anyone else.

The others had been pleased as it was the first time Raven had opened up to them a little. Distracted by this, they hadn't realised the significance of what had taken place in Raven's mind.

BB and Cyborg had met three of Raven's personalities, each one personified as the girl in an extreme state of these emotions.

beastboy and raven secret relationship images

After giving plenty of thought, Beast Boy had come to the shocking revelation of why they only met those three emotions- they were the three key emotions of Raven's character; the one's she'd display most openly if she didn't suppress all her feeling. They'd met Raven's courage because she was quite simply very brave, never backing down from a battle with even the most fearsome adversary.

They'd met her happiness because, though she'd never admit it, she was a cheerful and fun-loving person at heart. And they'd met her timid side because- who would ever have guessed that in truth, Raven was actually a very shy young girl? It seemed so obvious to Beast Boy when he thought about it: The way she avoid even the most trivial personal questions, the way she ignored any sort of positive comment directed at her, how she rarely let anyone in her room, and how she still kept to herself and carefully controlled her emotions, even though it was safer for her to let them out these days.

Beast Boy cursed himself for not understanding sooner that the more attention he'd given her as he tried to coerce her involvement in team activity, the more she shied away and resisted. From the day Beast Boy came to realise this mistake, he resolve to do everything within his power to correct it.

While he made sure not to completely change the way he treated Raven, in order to avoid the other Titan's suspicions, he went out of his way to make sure that he didn't press Raven too hard and did nothing to humiliate or unnerve her when she plucked up the courage to get involved with something the rest of them were doing.

beastboy and raven secret relationship images

No one suspected this odd relationship between them at least they hoped no one did. They never talked about it out loud, but they still found ways to show their appreciation for each other; twinkling eyes glancing in each other's direction, a sincere exchange of words, Beast Boy walking Raven to her bedroom door in a gentlemanly fashion at the end of a long day, Raven spotting when passersby on the street were eyeing Beast Boy's greenness with disgust and comforting him with whispers like "They're just jealous.

Girls do dig the ears. They kept their secrets well hidden. No one knew of the special, secret relationship they shared with each other. We can talk about where this expectation came from all we want, but it has become so thoroughly ingrained in modern pop-culture that it is almost impossible to escape.

The early s TV series Teen Titans was notable for many things, from its eastern-inspired animation to its wildly varying tone, but one thing that remained consistent was the characters.

Why Beast Boy and Raven are So Important

Consistently in character and consistently well written, the five core members of the Titans were the cornerstone for the show, and their relationships are what keep the fandom alive to this day. The relationship between Beast Boy and Raven in particular is notable because it completely subverts the romantic expectations of pop culture and delivers a platonic male-female relationship. Beast Boy is energetic and outgoing, seldom without a smile on his face.

He is bold and brash, verging on overconfident at times although this could be false bravado to mask inner painand while he is not stupid when compared to the other Titans, many of whom have extensive knowledge in many fields, he cannot be said to be the sharpest tool in the shed.

Raven is subdued and reserved, deadpanning as much as possible.

beastboy and raven secret relationship images

She is quiet, apparently dispassionate, and is well versed in all matters of the occult either through her own extensive memory or the massive collection of books that she keeps. It was there in a simple yet elegant picture frame that resided his favorite photo: The image was somewhat crooked and was mostly of their faces since he had to snap it himself with an outstretched arm, but still, as far as he was concerned, it was absolutely perfect.

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Her arms were around his neck and the two of them were pressed cheek to cheek, but what made it really special was the fact that both of them were smiling. Hers may have been less pronounced than his, but still it was there, and it gave him a warm feeling every time he saw it. In a game of lies and deception, the photo was his proof of something that actually existed.

After a few minutes, he felt a strange sensation go through his body, something unusual and yet very familiar. Sitting up he quickly spotted a black portal opening up on his floor. It rapidly grew in size spreading across his carpeting until finally it stopped and the blue cloaked figure of Raven slowly rose up through it. The violet haired empath hovered in the air for a few moments as the portal closed beneath her feet before she gently hovered the short distance to the ground.

Her hood was down and the look on her face was that of sadness and regret. Like all of her expressions it was very slight, but to someone like Beast Boy, who knew her as well as he did, it was impossible to miss. There was a moment of silence as Raven slowly floated her way to Beast Boy and took a seat beside him on the bed.

It was then that she too took notice of the framed photo on his nightstand. Feeling slight irritation at Raven's attempt to be casual, he deftly snatched the frame up into his hand. Raven looked down at the ground, her eyebrows arcing sadly. I'd be embarrassed of me too. Putting his hands on his hips, he began slowly pacing about his room. Despite the love he had for Raven, his frustration with the current status of their relationship continued to grow. He was sick of the secrets and of all the sneaking around.

She could feel it. Every time he looked at her, every time he embraced her, kissed her.

Raven's Relationship: Beast Boy

Every time he looked into her eyes and told her he loved her, she could feel it clear as day. It was heaven to her: Despite being saddened by her trepidation, Beast Boy continued all the same.

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If you're not embarrassed of me, what's so bad about the other Titan's knowing? Looking up at the man standing in front of her she saw his gaze break away from her and look to the wall.

beastboy and raven secret relationship images

Standing, she made her way towards him and placed a gentle hand on his cheek, turning him back to her. Then I swear we can tell them together. He placed his hands on the small of her back and brought her close.

Their lips met and he could feel his heart beat faster and his breath quicken. The feel of her beautiful body pressed against his, of her soft pillowy lips gliding over his own was something that was indescribable to him.

The feelings and emotions she stirred up inside him made him forget about everything else.