Black lagoon rock and revy relationship goals

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black lagoon rock and revy relationship goals

Oct 23, Rock And Revy: Analyzing Black Lagoon's “Power Couple” troops, and a very unstable assassin against one another to achieve his goals. I've only just recently got into Black Lagoon, but one of the things I love most about the show is the complex relationship between Rock and Revy. The chemistry. A page for describing Heartwarming: Black Lagoon. Rock and Revy have some of them: After their massive argument which nearly ends with Revy shooting.

When Revy breaks down the door between her and Rock, she's understandably feeling more confident than usual, so she decides to greet him in a way that is impossible to distinguish from flirting.

Rocky, baby, you been a good boy? Then Revy tells him to knock it off on account of them being friends, then punches him and starts yelling at him for how much she had to go out of her way to rescue him In the manga, when Revy asks Rock to tell her why she has to always go along with what he wants with a lot more swearing Rock gives a little speech Back in my country, you called yourself a gun.

If you're a gun, then I'm a bullet. A bullet's just a lump of lead. But, once the hammer hits it, that lump of lead gains the power to blow anything away. If we had never met, then I would have spent my entire life as just a lump of lead. The gunpowder was always waiting to explode.

And the only thing that can ignite that gunpowder is a gun. The scene where Revy plays with the little Japanese kids. It's cops and robbers and she's showing them how to fake die realistically.

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Then her reaction when she realizes that Rock was watching the whole thing was just priceless. At the end of issue 34, Rock and Revy revisit the kids and Rock gives her the nod to demonstrate her can trick with her Cutlass.

black lagoon rock and revy relationship goals

After everything they've been through in Japan so far, she's willing to briefly show a little bit of simple happiness to Rock. The penultimate episode, when Rock is able to convince Balalaika, the series resident dissonantly serenehyper-violent magnificent bitch Death Seeker to not only let him and his friends live, but to help them take down the Kosa Council, simply by reasoning with her, proving that even in an utterly bleak and morally desolate world like the one the series takes place init's still possible to solve your problems by talking it out.

black lagoon rock and revy relationship goals

Balalaika gets a second Crowning Moment of Heartwarming in the twenty-second episode, which contains a flashback to the Afghan War that has the young Balalaika looking through the scope of a sniper rifle, scanning for potential targets. She sees a young woman holding an infant standing out in the open with no cover: Only, she passes right over her, and takes a much more difficult shot on a man holding a gun.

The final battle in the last episode is a twofer: Ginji slows down when Yukio admits the only reason she went through with the whole Yakuza thing was only to be with him forever, giving Revy a window to finish him off.

His last words in the dub? Just before she goes through with it, Revy screams, "Rock! Don't look at her! The end of the first gunslinger-maid arc, when it's being outlined to Garcia what Roberta's evil past is.

We're all tensed up for Garcia to cut and run in horror She's somewhere else, far away! In fact, that position adds extra strength to all the moments like this in the series. Shortly thereafter, Garcia tells Balalaika that Roberta's his maid, and that he will see to her Borisov to see to Roberta's injuries, and get them safely to the airport Whilst not wanting to lose Rock, Revy seems equally determined to prevent the noxious world they inhabit from corrupting him, as seen when Yukio is about to commit suicide in front of them.

She yells for Rock to look away and look at her. Also, during Roberta 's blood trail, Revy seems very angry at Rock's new attitude, thinking he is becoming corrupt due to being in Roanapur too long, and she demands that he leave Roanapur for good once the job was over. Her anger over Rock's transformation is made clear to her when he fully explains his plan to her, that he had to step into the darkness to make it work, and he says he feels the same as she does.

Infuriated that Rock thinks he knows what it is like to be her, Revy violently kicks him across the deck of the ship.

Fabiola also theorizes that Revy's nihilistic view of the world contributes to her attachment to Rock, and her denial of the darker side of his personality that has been emerging throughout the story.

black lagoon rock and revy relationship goals

Revy has subconsciously cast Rock as her knight-in-shining-armor, capable of doing what she is incapable of; saving her from herself and Roanapur. She is afraid that he would lose his humane side and leave her stranded in the darkness, but is unable to express her true feelings to him to stop his descent into corruption.

Edit Dutch is Revy's employer to the Lagoon Company. As the boss and initial manager of the company he usually dishes out orders and stabilizes some situations outside or within the group, especially with Revy, who he would occasionally have to knock some sense into.

black lagoon rock and revy relationship goals

In episode 4 he says that if shooting was her only skill he wouldn't have hired her. As cool headed as Dutch is contrasting greatly to Revy's behaviorhe seems to get along or at least work smoothly with Revy.

There is a respectful relationship between them. They seemed to work well in sync when performing their usual tasks and other adventures; like raiding ships a reason why Rock was therestorming the neo-Nazi ship, fighting off Luak and his goons, and helping Jane escape. In Moonlit Hunting Grounds, as Revy seemed troubled after the events in the sub with Rock, he pointed out that a similar situation happened when Benny first joined.

He also mentions the times when she had "Whitman Fever". Edit At times, it seems that Benny serves as little more than a source of annoyance and teasing for Revy. In the past, however, Revy saved him when he simultaneously caught the unwanted and dangerous attention of the FBI and the Mafia. In some ways, their relationship could be seen as similar to her relationship with Rock, only in the later stages.

Nonetheless, they are on friendly terms. Edit Revy and Eda can be considered "friends", in terms of the teasing, the head-butting, and explosive behavior in combat or to each other, sometimes revolving around Rock; they are very much alike, with Eda being obviously much more levelheaded and stable.

They would also frequently take on bounty hunter jobs together. Eda has been known to playfully tease Revy as to her relationship with Rock, believing it to have romantic undertones; Revy typically responds in an embarrassed manner and tries changing the subject. Edit Balalaika seems tolerable of Revy's behavior. Revy normally calls her "sis". While their relationship is typically amiable, Balalaika views Revy as little more than the occasional help provided by the Lagoon Company, but it does not mean she's not grateful or appreciative.

Balalaika and Revy nearly came to blows in Tokyo when she threatened to kill Rock, with Revy trying to talk her down; had it not been for Rock's clever words, a fight would've ensued between the two. She's one of the few people who have earned Revy's respect. To a certain extent, anyway. Edit Mister Chang and Revy use a unique double-handed gun-slinging style, leading to speculation that Chang served as Revy's coach or mentor at some point in the past.

This theory is supported by Revy's respect for Chang, whom she refers to as "Boss" or "Sir". Chang and Revy are seen fighting side-by-side while in the roles of mentor and student during Lock'n Load Revolution.

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Chang offers pointers and advice while Revy, in turn, admits that she is "not yet on [his] level," which is her goal. Trivia Edit Revy has a total kill count of approximately kills earned throughout of the series. The same gun is used to murder her father. In a volume 4 omake, where everyone including has changed their gender, which Rock is the only one who notices the sudden mad change, Revy appears to be the only one who supposedly still looks exactly the same only that her chest is completely flat.

It is only then "she" reveals that she is a he, and even pulls down his pants to reveal his penis and testicles much to gender-switched Rock's horror. Out of all the members of Black Lagoon Company, Revy has been shown smoking cigarettes the most. In "Greenback Jane", it is stated that Revy watches Oprah, but this could be just sarcasm. In the manga, people sometimes call her "Levy" it is uncertain if it's a typo or intentional.