Bolin and eska relationship questions

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bolin and eska relationship questions

Explore Niquey's board "Bolin and Opal" on Pinterest. flaws and all, and I think his relationship with Opal is one of the most realistic, healthiest relationships on. Sep 13, And Bolin is really trying to find his way in life and love, which leads him into an awkward relationship with Eska. Asami will always be a What questions should have I asked but didn't in regards to Book 2? Konietzko: I don't. Coming to his relationship issues: Korra never really accepted Bolin The only reason he wanted to quickly get another relationship with Eska.

Book 2 is similar to Book 1 in that it features the same core group of heroes and continues to build on their relationships and personal arcs. It differs mainly by shifting the focus to the Spirit World, the Water Tribes, and other far-flung adventures outside of Republic City, although there is still plenty of action in that metropolis too.

bolin and eska relationship questions

Has Korra restored bending to all of those who have lost it? What other aftermath did Amon and the Equalists leave behind that Korra and Team Avatar had or still have to set right? President Raiko becomes a significant presence in Book 2, as well as a new authority figure with whom Korra butts heads. But we wanted to show that Republic City had changed, thus the new President, who is a non-bender. It is a nice thing to hold over their heads in order to get them to behave better.

What can we expect this season in terms of romance? It seems like there may be trouble in paradise for Korra and Mako whereas Bolin seems to be hitting it off with both Eska and Asami. One thing you can always expect from Avatar is a little romance. And Bolin is really trying to find his way in life and love, which leads him into an awkward relationship with Eska. Asami will always be a friend.

That being said, will we see any of adult Aang, either in the spirit world or flashbacks? Adding that sibling dynamic was one of my favorite parts of Book 2. I imagine it would be quite hard to grow up with a father who is literally the most powerful man in the world. What exactly was going on with the spirit portal when Korra balanced the South Pole? And since this is only the second episode, there will obviously be more to discover about the portal and what its opening means to Korra and the world.

When Desna inquired whether she was sincere, she immediately expressed her relief over leaving the South, as she immensely disliked it. As the twins started chuckling dryly, Eska commanded Bolin to laugh at her "humorous quip". As they halted before a building, Eska descended from the rickshaw on a makeshift stair that Bolin bent for her. When Bolin expressed how sad he would be when she left, she corrected him by stating that he would accompany her to the North to live out the remainder of their lives in "icy bliss".

From that moment on, Eska continually threatened to ice Bolin up and feed him to dolphin piranhas whenever the earthbender attempted to break up with her. That night, the twins accompanied Bolin, Mako, and Korra on a date. They stopped at the entrepreneur's house where Mako, Bolin, and Asami were waiting for him. The three soldiers that accompanied them searched the entire room while the twins explained to the gathered threesome what was going on.

When the search proved futile, Eska proposed to her brother to continue their hunt elsewhere. He promptly left the room, though as Eska was about to do the same, she turned back to Bolin, snapping at him that he should, as her boyfriend, bow when she left a room.

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When the earthbender instantly complied, she affectionately commented that he was cute when he groveled. Eska engaged herself to Bolin.

During the trial of the Southern Water Tribe rebelsEska was in a room somewhere in the courthouse.

bolin and eska relationship questions

During the judge's recession, Bolin cautiously asked her whether or not they could talk. She granted him permission to talk freely and listened as he told her that he felt the spark between them had faded.

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She agreed to his assessment of their feelings, but failed to understand it as a sign that he wished to break up; instead, she took it as a reason to engage herself to him, seeing a marriage as the only thing that could save their relationship.

The princess promptly tied a betrothal necklace bearing a skull and spikes around Bolin's neck, announcing they would be wed at sunset that evening and that he had permission to express his joy through tears. She subsequently led him away, guiding him by the necklace, and gave him and Pabu a new attire and style that would match her own long regal robes of the Northern Water Tribe.

After Eska found herself stood up at her wedding by Bolin, she learned of his escape together with Korra, Mako, and Asami on Varrick's yacht. Enraged and hurt, she gave a chase, propelling herself through the water with a powerful wave in order to keep up with the fast moving ship. As the boat sped away, however, she eventually gave up pursuit.

Desna asked Unalaq why he had told Korra her services as the Avatar were no longer required, to which Unalaq responded that he had lied to Korra, telling her what he "thought she needed to hear". Eska determinedly told Unalaq that she would find Korra, blaming her for "stealing" Bolin, and reluctantly agreed to her father's request that she be captured alive.

Desna and Eska attacked Korra in order to capture her.

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The twins managed to catch up with their cousin as she was traveling to the Fire Nation by speedboat and launched several attacks at her with their bending. Eska blamed Korra once again for ruining her wedding, and after dodging Korra's counterattack, they pulled up on either side of the speedboat. Eska jumped into the air and directed a stream of water at Korra's boat, causing it to break in two, and throwing Korra into the water. Korra rose into the air on a water spout and began firebending at the duo, but they were able to dodge her attacks and fired another stream of water at Korra, knocking her into the air.

Korra subsequently formed a much larger water spout, which enveloped the two siblings.

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Desna and Eska attempted to defend themselves against the effect of Korra's bending, but after spotting a glowing green light below the water, they ceased their pursuit and pulled back. The light was revealed to be a massive dark spirit, which attacked Korra, eventually pushing her beneath the surface of the water.

The twins watched from a distance as their cousin disappeared and subsequently fled the scene. As Unalaq remained silent about what he had been doing in the Spirit Worldthe twins reported that they had failed to capture the Avatar, but assumed her to be dead.

A week later, they journeyed into the Spirit World with their father in an attempt to open the Northern spirit portal. As they neared the closed portal, Desna and Eska questioned their father's belief that there was another way to open the portal, considering that the spirits had failed to do so in the past ten thousand years. Unalaq explained to them that, by entering the Spirit World through the Southern spirit portal, they still had their bending, something the spirits never had.

bolin and eska relationship questions

On their father's insistence, Desna and Eska waterbent at the portal. However, the attack caused energetic friction to occur, and Desna was injured from the backlash. She ignored her father's command to leave Desna and resume her attack on the portal's barrier and took him back to the physical world.

With quick water strikes, they managed to push the rebels into a retreat. They were temporarily forced to go on the defensive by Tonraq, though when he charged their father, the twins thwarted his advance with an ice block to his side. Before they could proceed with a follow up attack, however, they were ordered to leave Tonraq for their father to deal with, and they retreated to a nearby alley.