Calleigh and eric relationship

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calleigh and eric relationship

Eric & Calleigh's relationship had plenty of time to develop and progress. They are the ones who killed it and any hope of them being happy. "I, Eric Delko, take you, Calleigh Duquesne, to be my beloved wife, to have was just as excited and happy as she was that they were married!. Speculate about Calleigh's relationships. Calleigh told Eric when she was talking about Jake being in the hospital that she wasn't even sure how she felt.

When Eric carefully notes that Calleigh is still upset with him, she tells him that she's not and that he only sped up the inevitable.

With that confirmation in mind, Eric tells Calleigh that if he had been in the same position, he would've changed shifts, making it clear that Calleigh means much more to him than the job. Calleigh is touched by his sincerity and seems to consider his words, likely making a quick mental comparison of Eric and Jake, who immediately tried to protect his career by backing away from their relationship.

This shows that Calleigh is at the top of Eric's priority list. Calleigh is invloved in an off-duty shooting that results in two deaths, and Eric is arguably the only person to make an effort to comfort her.

He joins her at the back of the ambulance and asks the tough questions, providing words of comfort and holding her when she cries. Calleigh is the rock of the team and never dares show vulnerability, so it is significant that she even allows herself to cry in Eric's presence, much less in his arms.

And once again…utter disappointment | The Eric & Calleigh project

This shows her implicit trust in him. Conversely, Jake shows very little interest in Calleigh's well-being, even after being confronted about the fact that his drinking has gotten her in more trouble with IAB. After Eric extracts the bullet that clears Calleigh, she smiles and thanks him.

Her smile quickly wanes when Eric reveals Jake's involvement in finding the bullet. Eric reluctantly comments that maybe Jake isn't so bad, but Calleigh's reaction makes it seem that she is questioning that herself. While processing a teenage suspect's room, Calleigh makes an off-handed remark about children by asking Eric if he can imagine raising kids given the hours they work.

Eric immediately responds affirmatively, which elicits a surprised look from Calleigh. Eric jokinglly suggests that Calleigh is implying that he wouldn't be a good father, but Calleigh replies by saying that she thinks he'd be a great dad and that she's merely surprised because he's never mentioned children before.

Eric then makes a very loaded comment about starting a family when he finds the right girl.

Calleigh+Eric, 8x14, Together? Kind of...

Before Calleigh can really respond, Eric finds the evidence they've been looking for and calls her attention to it, satisfied that he's made his point. This is where Horatio is trying to get Kyle out of prison, and suddenly Julia appears out of nowhere. Calleigh is so determined to nail the murder charges on Julia. Eric gets the results and proves that Calleigh is wrong and jumped the gun with assumption.

calleigh and eric relationship

Calleigh and Eric go back to the scene of the murder to recreate the moment in order to discover the intended target. Calleigh stands at the altar and puts on the bride's fake veil. Eric has a smile on his face and looks at her longingly. Calleigh smiles back and tells Eric that she'll kill him if he ever tells anyone. Eric returns the smile and gets back to work. When Eric realizes Calleigh's been kidnapped, he goes beyond the amount of worry typical between friends.

When Cooper posts Calleigh's new number, Eric storms his condo and takes Cooper down, screaming at him for Calleigh's location. Cooper denies having anything to do with Calleigh's disappearance and Eric promises to come back and kill him personally if anything happens to Calleigh. You can feel the emotions- concern and care- radiating from Eric. Calleigh is still missing and the team is trying to find her, especially Eric.

Natalia notes the similarities between Calleigh's kidnapping and Kathleen Newberry's case. Eric adamantly informs her that he won't let the same thing happen to Calleigh, and Natalia cues in on Eric's feelings for Calleigh. When they finally get Calleigh's location from a suspect that turned himself in, Eric, Ryan, Frank and Horatio converge on it, and Eric is the one that Calleigh goes to. At the end of the episode, Eric walks Calleigh out to her Hummer but insists that she's not going home alone.

Calleigh tries to tell him that she's fine, but he insists on going with her. He finally reveals that he doesn't know what he would've done if anything had happened to her, and she finally agrees to let him take her home. Calleigh covers for Eric again by claiming that his notes from "Ambush" are hers, which allows Stetler to pull her from their current case and force her to take a refresher course.

Eric is completely against letting her take the reprimand for him until Calleigh tells him that she knows he can nail the criminal. At the end of the episode, they agree to keep the truth about the notes between the two of them. This is the Season 6 finale. Calleigh is back on the job after finishing the refresher course that she took in Eric's place. Some of Calleigh's ballistics evidence turns out to be really old and goes off in the lab, causing havoc in Firearms.

Calleigh tells Eric that he's her hero when he comes to the rescue and helps her find the one uncompromised bullet. Rachel March daughter is killed. Marsh is allowed back into her office, she finds that all of her files are missing. Marsh is then killed while Eric and the team try to find her files. Eric starts going through these files upon finding them in hopes of finding her killer, and convinces Calleigh to help. Calleigh ends up with Eric's file and reads it apprehensively, learning of Eric's true feelings for her.

calleigh and eric relationship

At the end, she tells Eric that he can always talk to her about anything, then walks away with a smile on her face- leaving Eric looking satisfied. Calleigh makes a comment about how often she forgets that Eric is part Russian when he shows how much he knows about Russian gang symbols and the Russian language.

Eric and Calleigh deal with the death of their witness in a huge case. Calleigh's first reaction when the attack happens is panic and concern for Eric, as is his for her. Eric also offers her words of sympathy when the witness' widow slaps Calleigh in the face for offering words of condolence. Eric and Calleigh disagree with each other in this episode. Eric believes that the killer they're looking for is another cop, in fact the cop that worked a case almost identical to their current case.

Calleigh believes that this particular cop, although suspicious, is only trying to bring the killer to justice. Calleigh later agrees with Eric when Reggie Mastow, the cop in question, corners her in the elevator and gets overaggressive to the point where Calleigh feels the need to draw her attention. Eric is somewhat involved in a shooting at a motel, where we later learn he's been living for a while.

Eric tells Horatio that his condo is being remodeled, but when Calleigh arrives to work the scene and shows her concern for his safety, he tells her that he's just trying to figure some stuff out.

We later find out that Eric has discovered that his birth certificate is fake and that he was born in Cuba. We also learn that the Russian mafia is after Eric, and that his biological father, Alexander Sharova, is a member of the Russian Brotherhood.

Eric feels sorry for Doug Benson, who was found roaming the streets covered in blood, but no memory to explain it. Worried about Eric, Calleigh asks if he's okay, due to the similarities with his memory problems. After being comforted by Calleigh, Eric tells her how important their friendship is to him, and that he knows she read his file 7. Calleigh later tells Eric that she's confused, and that she doesn't know if he even believes what he said in his file.

When Calleigh walks away, Eric tells himself that he does believe it. He also seems upset when Frank interrupts their conversation on the street. Robert Banyon, a racehorse owner, is killed in his suite at the track.

While working the scene, Eric asks Calleigh why she didn't join him and the others the night before. She gives her reasons and apologizes, but he waves away the apology, briefly saying that she missed a good time. Calleigh notices the food on the table and comments that the only item not supplied by the track is a box of truffles, and that she knows this because they're her favorites. At the end, Eric goes through the lab looking for Calleigh.

When he realizes that she's gone for the day, he pulls a box of the coveted truffles from his bag and leaves them in Firearms with her name on them. Ryan and Caleigh arrive at a callout and joke about Calleigh's driving. When Ryan asks about what's going on between her and Eric, Calleigh dodges the question. After the fire, Eric catches Calleigh and holds her when she starts having trouble breathing.

He goes with her to the hospital and holds a bedside vigil, talking to a presumably unaware and unconscious Calleigh. He explains what the doctors are doing for her and finally confesses that he can't imagine life without her. When the investigation pulls him from her side, he puts his watch on her, which is the first thing she looks at upon waking up.

When Eric returns and finds her awake, he begins to explain leaving his watch until she tells him that she heard everything he said, but wasn't sure if it was real. He assures her it was real and stays with her. Eric is placed in custody as a suspected "illegal immigrant".

The first person to visit him is Calleigh, who first questions why he didn't tell her about his fake birth certificate, then assures him that "they" will get through it. Horatio and Calleigh discover that Sharova is actually from New Mexico, which proves Eric is an American regardless of the fact that he was born in Cuba. Calleigh waits for Eric and jokingly?

They walk off with their arms around each other. While investigating the death of a flight attendant, Eric daydreams about jetting off on a romantic trip with Calleigh. Back at the lab, while is Eric is processing luggage, Calleigh brings him coffee with a smile.

Eric and Calleigh work together on getting prints from a weapon in their case, using some rarely used methods. When Calleigh returns to the crime scene for more leads, she is attacked by the same perp. Eric joins her soon after this, arriving in time to hear the perp leaving, and hovers until she assures him that she's fine.

While going over some photos with Ryan, Eric sees quite a few of Calleigh and gets jealous over one of her with Terrence the horse trainer. Ryan comments on the possibility of competition for Calleigh, but Eric evades. When Eric shows the pictures to Calleigh, he gets jealous about her concern for Terrence until she tells him that the picture was taken before they got together.

The first scene shows Calleigh turning on the shower in her bathroom, then shifts to Eric waking up in her bed and getting into the shower. Then, as Eric steps out of the shower, Calleigh walks in putting on her earrings and they share a smile. While processing tire tread marks linked to a murder, Eric tells Calleigh how out-of-place he feels at the lab with everyone buzzing about their victim.

Calleigh tells him it's a "girl thing", and he comments that she still manages to surprise him after all the years they've known each other.

When it dawns on Eric to ask why she's not buzzing with everyone else, she claims having a new "diversion" and describes him in detail. Calleigh and Eric share a little flirty banter while neutralizing a pool laced with sodium hydroxide. Eric gets a phone call and later tells Calleigh that it was Sharova. Calleigh pleads with Eric to be extremely careful when dealing with Sharova. Calleigh again asks Eric to be careful when dealing with Sharova.

This starts the argument between them about Eric's loyalties and morals. Calleigh tells Eric that she won't watch him cross the line if he gets involved in Sharova's affairs. She later fears that she may have shot Eric when he isn't in the car with Sharova when they find it in the Glades, and walks away crying. Calleigh, Horatio and other uniformed officers and dogs search the Glades for Eric after he crashes. Once Eric is found, they get him to the hospital, where Alexx takes over.

Alexx's update for a waiting Calleigh brings little encouragement and Calleigh loses her composure, openly showing her feelings for Eric. In the flashbacks, we see Eric and Calleigh's first conversation, when Eric is still the smooth-talking "player" hitting on the pretty blonde.

This is made more comical when Calleigh doesn't fall for his line and basically tells him that he's wasting his time on her with her "no socializing with anyone work related" rule. The two most important people to Eric, Horatio and Calleigh, flank his bed when he wakes, with the others also in the room. Calleigh's relief when Eric opens his eyes is transparent, and impossible to miss! Natalia is surprised when Calleigh comes to work when Eric is released from the hospital, having expected Calleigh to take a personal day to be home with Eric.

Calleigh calmly explains that they've been advised to not have any contact until the investigation into the shooting is done. When asked if she'd been able to tell Eric that she didn't shoot at him purposely, Calleigh distantly says that she had shot at him, as he was a suspect fleeing a crime scene. All of this seems frigid until the look on Calleigh's face shows her torn feelings between duty, and devotion to Eric.

Calleigh's main coping mechanism, the "cold shoulder" facade, is merely her way of getting through the trials and tribulations.

The investigation into the shooting comes to a head with interviews for Calleigh and Eric with Stetler. Although still unable to speak to each other, the looks across the room between Calleigh and Eric speak volumes, as if trying to embrace each other with their eyes.

Stetler tries to pit them against each other by taking their words out of context, and insinuating that Eric has a problem with Calleigh's inability to trust most of the men in her life, and trying to make Calleigh believe that Eric is breaking off their personal relationship in favor of their work relationship. When finally allowed to speak to each other, Calleigh and Eric agree that Stetler twisted things around, and they fall back into their usual friendly banter.

Calleigh Duquesne

Eric finally returns to work and jumps right into an E-Coli poisoning case. Calleigh automatically takes Eric to start tracing the source of the poison. Her first words to Eric once they're alone are words of welcome with her usual "only-for-Eric" smile. Calleigh notices that the objective Eric she is used to is completely different from the Eric with her now.

She also notices that he seems to be pulling away from everyone, including her. Calleigh's repeated joy in Eric's return is met with uncertainty from Eric. She continues to watch him, and comes to the correct conclusion that he's leaving CSI. Once everybody's eyes were on him he began to speak. I am their boss and close friend at the Miami-Dade Crime Lab, for those of you that don't know me.

calleigh and eric relationship

Everybody could tell that they were meant to be together since the very beginning. Quite possible before either of them knew it themselves…" he said which made the audience giggle and Eric squeeze Calleigh's hand,"… But they figured it out, after seven long years… and I'm glad that they did.

I couldn't stand it if I had to watch them dance around eachother for much longer. I know it took them a while, but I know it is worth it. When I look into one of their eyes I see nothing but love for the other. Because of this I have no reason to doubt that they will spend the rest of their lives together in happiness and love," Horatio said ending his speech.

The audience broke into applause and Eric and Calleigh kissed. He just loves me. Speaking of parents your mom talked to me. It's fine though she loves you. She also wants grandkids…" Calleigh said.

I should have told her to not mention that to you yet…" "It's not a problem. After all we were talking about kids earlier so I knew what to tell her…" " Do you really want kids? Because if you don't want kids I'm fine with that…" Eric said, even though he really wanted to start a family with Calleigh. Delko, I believe it is time for you to go on your honeymoon," Horatio said. She and Eric said good-by to their family and friends, and then walked out into the Hummer Limousine waving to their cheering friends.

The honeymoon is the next chapter promise! It might be rated M though but I don't know… Random: I think I broke my toe. I'm going to the Doctor tommorrow to find out. This makes me sad because I've never broken a bone before… Please review!!!! Should Calleigh get pregnant sooner or later? Should it be rated M? Calleigh confronts him about being the last one with the money out, and he tells her he doesn't have anything to do with it.

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But Peter knows who does, his fiancee, who stole the money, so that CSI would be investigated. He returns the money to Calleigh, who convinces him to record his fiancee in order to clear the lab.

He agrees and his fiancee is sent to jail 04x25 "One of Our Own". Well when we get close to tool marks and ink processing I'll call you. If you don't, you'll be hearing from my boss down at the Homeland Security Office.

Well, I've got goosebumps. Jake joked that she could have been number one, if she hadn't been dating him. He first appeared in Miami after Calleigh's Hummer was run off the road into a canal by a member of the gang he was undercover in 05x02 "Going Under".

Calleigh ends up taking Jake down and then cuffing him when he was telling Tripp to keep her in line, doing so in front of the gang. Jake was undercover with a partner who ended up dead, whose death Calleigh was investigating at the time, and the reason Jake was still okay with the gang was because he was willing to get dirty rather than playing it straight. Getting dirty with the gang included drugs, alcohol, and the lot.

Horatio warns Jake what happens when you're a dirty cop, because of his brother being one, and that Jake could still turn straight. Jake resurfaces later when a young woman he used as an informant ends up dead 05x09 "Going, Going, Gone". He ends up putting Calleigh in danger, when he comes in when Calleigh has someone cornered and Jake scares the guy, who accidentally pulls the trigger.

Calleigh is shot, but luckily was wearing Kevlar. When Natalia Boa Vista's ex-husband is murdered, Jake comes into investigate and tries to find out what actually happened 05x12 "Internal Affairs".

Calleigh talks to Jake on the phone, and tells them that they might have a civilized meal together if crime would stop and give her a break 05x23 "Kill Switch". The van Jake was in while transporting a criminal was overturn and he was injured, but Horatio found him and called for rescue and referred to him as "brother" possibly referring to the fact that Jake was a dirty cop, and is trying to redeem himself, so he sees him with Raymond Caine.

Calleigh told Eric when she was talking about Jake being in the hospital that she wasn't even sure how she felt about Jake yet but she trusted Eric with her life. He was hospitalized for only about half a day and ended up catching Calleigh off-guard in the middle of CSI and kissing her even though Calleigh has never allowed her relationships to come out in the open at workwhich obviously surprised her and Eric 05x24 "Born to Kill".

Give up your IDs, all we want to do is talk. Let's make this as painless as possible. You need to step back right now. Oh, I would, but I don't take orders from broads. Do as she says, Cowboy. You best keep this bitch on a shorter leash, Tex. Calleigh takes Jake down and handcuffs him Calleigh: So, I guess you'll be answering for everybody. I let you take me down, you know that, right? Oh, that's right, let's see Only scared of failure.

I mean you could've been first, if you weren't so distracted by that guy you were seeing. What was his name? Oh yeah, that was me! Your relationships always have ulterior motive.

calleigh and eric relationship