Cato and clove relationship counseling

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cato and clove relationship counseling

Cato Clove Taken by Misty (Aquacat) District 3: D3 Girl D3 Boy District 4: Haily . Athena Cabin Counselor / Madi Relationship with character: well I was twelve when I first read the book and I saw myself as prim not katniss. In the film, Clove and her district partner, Cato, were suited up in gold, . Due to being a Career, Clove naturally had a extremely negative relationship with. Role of the School Counselor. The Cato-Meridian Central School District recognizes the correlation between good health and good academics. cigar, pipe, bidi, clove cigarette, electronic cigarettes and any other smoking product; and.

There was something weird about Katniss. When she replied to his texts, it was one word.

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And that was if she replied. She always played with her hands when they talked. Like she was nervous about something. Katniss wasn't huge on people, but she wasn't usually nervous around him. They had Thanksgiving dinner together over the weekend, but even then she was acting strange. Katniss smiled and made small talk, completely out of character for her. Even Prim and her mother knew something was up during dinner.

cato and clove relationship counseling

They were both driving home and she couldn't go anywhere. She had managed to avoid him all day. Thresh drove her to school, she sat next to Jo and Annie at lunch. But she still needed a ride home, so Gale immediately offered. Are you mad at me?

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I had a lot of school work over Thanksgiving. I know you, Katniss. I want to tell you, but I don't want you to be all angry. Can we talk once we're home?

Gale parked in front of her building and was ready to listen. He thought he heard her wrong. I think we're doing a good job at it. I care about you, but not the way you care about me. I tried and it isn't enough. I don't want to lie to you by pretending. Completely open and sincere. He knew she was being honest. If she was saying this, it was because she truly did care. He knew that, too. He knew it even before he asked her out. That's why he couldn't do it.

She wouldn't agree to it knowing she'd hurt him. Yet, she had said yes that day he asked her on a date. Are you picking him over me? This doesn't have to be about someone else,Gale. I haven't been honest with myself either. I have to be if I want to avoid hurting you. You're my best friend and I hope we can still be friends after this. Was it because he was taken? You didn't think you had a chance?

No, Gale, this isn't about anyone else, I told you.

cato and clove relationship counseling

Don't rope other people into this. I'm doing this because it's the best I can do for you and myself. Otherwise, this whole thing would have ended badly. I want to keep our friendship.

cato and clove relationship counseling

He could tell she was lying. Not because she wanted to be mean about it, but because she thought it was kinder. You're not sparing me from anything.

cato and clove relationship counseling

I'd rather hear the truth. I wanted to give you a chance because you deserved it. It worked at first and I thought we could be something. Then I kind if just fell back into being your best friend. You want a girlfriend, and I can't be that. Whether there's someone else or not, I would still feel the same way about us.

To be honest, this felt like being tackled by Thresh a million times over. He didn't entirely blame Katniss, though. Part of him always knew it wouldn't last long. I'll just give you some time. I want you to know that I will always see you as my best friend. No one is taking that from you. Gale drove down to his building and as soon as he got home, locked himself in his room. He had to get his emotions under control. Then, he could focus on forgiving Katniss.

And forgiving himself for being such a fool.

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Okay, so it might seem a little weird that Clove accepts a friends-with-benefits sort of thing, but it makes sense in my head. She really doesn't want a repeat of the last guy in her life and she's avoiding the heartbreak. It sounds appealing to have someone but not have to be attached to them.

Cato is the right guy for it, since he doesn't do long term dating. As for Gale and Katniss, they're over. Gale is hurt by it, but time heals all wounds, right? Or at least, dulls the pain. Cornucopia Bloodbath Clove earned the first kill in the Games during the bloodbath, when she threw a knife at the boy from 9 and struck him in the back.

Next, she targeted Katniss's head, but was thwarted when Katniss shielded herself with her backpack. After Katniss fled into the woods, Clove returned to the massacre at the Cornucopia. In the film, she rammed the girl from 7 to the ground. Although the Careers usually team up, at the beginning of the 74th Hunger Games, they were also joined by Peeta Mellarkthe male tribute from District 12as well as the District 3 male later in the Games. He helped them reactivate the mines which guarded the tall pyramid containing the careers supplies.

The Games The night of the bloodbath, the Careers ventured out to hunt for tributes and came across the female from District 8. It is implied that they killed her, however her cannon does not sound, so Peeta left the group to finish her off.

In his absence, Clove and the other Careers made the decision to keep Peeta alive in the hopes that he would eventually lead them to Katniss. When the Careers found Katniss, they chased her, and she climbed up a tree to safety The Careers pursue Katniss. The Careers tried, but were unable to climb the tree due to the branches breaking under their weight, and instead set up camp below. That night, Rue appeared in the tree below Katniss by way of climbing through the trees. Rue motioned to Katniss about the tracker jacker nest above her, after which Katniss gets the idea to drop the nest on the Careers.

She sawed through the branch holding the nest while the anthem plays, to make sure the tracker jackers wouldn't notice a disturbance and come after her, and the Careers wouldn't hear. The nest dropped down from the tree and Clove, along with the others, was stung multiple times.

In the movie, Clove was first to flee the Career's campsite, making her one of the fastest Careers. Glimmer, the female tribute from District 1, received enough stings from the tracker jackers that she died, along with the girl from District 4 in the book.

Katniss then jumped down from the tree after all the other tributes had ran away and took Glimmer's bow and arrows. Katniss and Rue formed an alliance and planned to destroy the supplies that the Careers had back at the Cornucopia.

cato and clove relationship counseling

Rue had to light fires to make the Careers leave the Cornucopia and when the Careers saw the smoke, Clove, Cato, Marveland the male from District 3 started hunting down Rue while Katniss successfully destroyed all of the remaining Careers' supplies, after which Cato snapped the District 3 male's neck out of anger, because he did his job with placing the explosives too well. Clove and Marvel calmed Cato down long enough to explain to him that the tribute that destroyed their supplies must have died, so they waited for nightfall.

Only then did they realize that the "bomber" was still alive, so Clove, Marvel and Cato went hunting for Katniss.

The Feast Clove running in the arena. The feast was Clove's biggest scene. Clove and Cato formed a plan, which involved Clove going in for their District 2 backpack with Cato covering her by scouting the area for hiding tributes. When Katniss came to get the medicine for Peeta, Clove threw a knife at Katniss, which slices her above the eye, and tackles her to the ground, pinning her down. Katniss gave an attempt to bite her hand, but she held Katniss' head down by her hair.

Clove asked her what was in her bag and expressed her hate towards Katniss. At that point, Clove could have easily killed Katniss, but she made two fatal errors that cost her life: Death Thresh about to kill Clove Clove's corpse In the book, Thresh hears Clove mention Rue's death and quickly yanks her off of Katniss, and holds her a foot above the ground.

Thresh accuses her of killing Rue, which Clove truthfully denies. When Clove sees Thresh holding a large rock, she screams for Cato. Thresh smashes the rock into her temple, cracking and denting her skull. Cato runs to her, because he heard her calling, but Clove later dies in Cato's arms as Cato begs Clove to stay with him. In the film, Thresh hears Clove mention Rue's death and quickly grabs her, pinning her against the Cornucopia.

Clove screams for Cato. However, this causes Thresh to believe that Clove did kill Rue. Thresh violently slams her head-first against the Cornucopia. The second and final time he slams Clove into the Cornucopia, the impact cracks her skull. She drops to the ground with her eyes wide open and her mouth slightly open. Her fingers can be seen slightly closing after she collapses. Clove soon dies from her injury.

Victims During the 74th Hunger Games, Clove killed the male tribute from District 9, while he was grappling over an orange backpack with Katniss during the bloodbath. She targeted Katniss next, aiming a knife at her head, but Katniss blocked it with her pack and escaped. Later, she kills a lizard for target practice in the film. In the 74th Hunger Games, Clove was the only Career tribute who came close to killing Katniss twice — at the Bloodbath and at the Feast, and certainly seemed to have a deep hatred for her, perhaps because Katniss received a higher score than her.

Catching Fire In Catching FireKatniss and Peeta went to District 2 on their victory tour where they see Clove's grieving family, and tried to avoid eye contact. Katniss stated that the appearance in District 2 was awful, and that both the tributes Cato and Clove could have made it home if it hadn't been for her and Peeta. Clove appeared in one of Katniss' nightmares before the 75th Hunger Games. She stabbed Katniss in the cheek and then turned into a mutt and began to lick Katniss' wound, causing Katniss great pain.

Clove reminded her that she can't run away from her fears and the Hunger Games themselves, thereafter turning into a mutt and chasing Katniss. Possessions In the Games, Clove, being a Career Tributehad medicine, food, water, weapons and other supplies from the Cornucopia. The supplies were destroyed from the mines set by the District 3 male.

When Katniss blew up the supplies, she was left with her knives and whatever she had left in her pack. In the movie, after killing all the vulnerable tributes in the Bloodbath, they claimed all the supplies, and Clove retrieved a small array of knives on a black vest, which she wore until she died. She also had a large pocket full of big knives that held to her belt. The smallest knife pointing to her neck was the one she pulled out to try and kill Katniss while retrieving her pack at the Feast.

Weapons In the book it is described that Clove had a large selection of knives that were attached to the inside of her jacket which is also portrayed in the film. The weapons gave Clove a big advantage because of her skill with knives as shown in both the training center and during the Games; she could both throw them accurately and use them in close combat, as shown when she forced Katniss into submission in front of the Cornucopia.

She, along with the other Careers, had her choice of weapons to use-until Katniss blew them up. Relationships Cato In the book, during the feast, Cato showed that he was not completely ruthless, and that he did in fact care somewhat about Clove. While Cato was running towards Clove after Thresh had dented her skull, Katniss stated that as Cato called Clove's name, his voice sounded very pained, and despite its futility, he begged Clove to stay with him as she died.

He later avenged Clove's death by presumably killing Thresh. It is hinted that he and Clove might have known each other before the games since they're from the same district and had a good relationship unknown if it was romantic or platonic, treating her as a friend or younger sibling.

In can be inferred that, as Careers, they may or may not have been training partners in District 2 before the Games Haymitch states that Career tributes from District 2 and 1 - book also 4 - train for years prior to the games, which Cato and Clove very likely did. In the film, Cato showed interest in Glimmer, and Clove and Cato seemed to have no relationship between each other beyond that of a friendly cooperating ally.

Cato was not shown coming for Clove's aid in the feast when she screamed his name twice. However, this might have been because Katniss left shortly after Clove's death.