Charles xavier and erik lehnsherr relationship trust


charles xavier and erik lehnsherr relationship trust

Professor X and Magneto: A Personal Shipping Manifesto: PART II [THE COMICS AND WHAT IS IT ABOUT: A love letter to Cherik relationship. . "I should confide in him but it's been so long since I felt I could trust anyone. This is the last time we'll ever see Logan and Charles Xavier Back in X2: X- Men United, the imprisoned Erik Lehnsherr, AKA Magneto, took a stab . more vital to their relationship is that Charles's lack of fear isn't blind trust. Thanks to the 90′s cartoon, I've been a nearly lifelong X-Men fan, and the relationship between Charles Xavier (Professor X) and Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto) is.

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What would an over privileged billionaire and a Nazi death camp survivor have in common, after all? How could they ever learn to call each other friend?

The answer is simple: So through a series of detailed backstory, they end up coming together and in their efforts to protect the wellbeing of mutantkind, the two men end up forming a tight, almost familial bond between each other.

This bond is most clearly expressed in the movie X-Men: First Class, in which fans of the X-Men series can truly see and understand the deep connection that these two share throughout the entire movie- …Well, most of the movie.

What we also see in X-Men: First Class is the clash of opinions on how mutantkind should fall in the social hierarchy of the world.

charles xavier and erik lehnsherr relationship trust

For example, Charles believes that mutants should coexist peacefully alongside humans, despite the abuses that they have suffered from humans in the past. Erik has already been at the mercy of other human men, as he was a survivor of a Nazi death camp, and believes that the only way for mutantkind to prosper is to dominate the human race with their natural born gifts.

charles xavier and erik lehnsherr relationship trust

It was Monday today, so Erik should still be at work. Charles himself didn't have class, but he was supposed to be with Hank in the lab.

Moira helped him to contact Hank, and blessed him; Hank understood and told Charles to take his time.

Deciding he needed a good bath and then rest, he entered the apartment. He was surprised to find Erik was there. So instead he nodded. I made some light meal as well, your favourite…" Charles felt his stomach went active and his appetite immediately rose up; but he kept himself in control. He pinched his own thigh to overcome the hunger sensation with pain. I'll get it later. He walked towards Charles. Charles let himself be hugged. Erik started to ramble.

However, Charles stopped his rambling before it got too far. Erik initiated sex that night; but Charles begged otherwise, stating he was quite tired.

Charles actually wanted to ensure Erik was there through their body; but then he couldn't show Erik his stomach, or his puffy chest.

It looked repulsive, really disgusting. So they went to bed, and Charles let Erik snuggled into him. Neither could sleep that night. Erik seemed to try to both apologise and thanked Charles for forgiving him by doing romantic stuffs. He brought Charles flowers, cooked some excellent dinner, asking him for a night out—all paid and planned by Erik. However Charles found it bothersome; he needed more time in the gym; he didn't want to eat too much; he didn't want to drink too much like he always did whenever they went on a date and he really thought Erik shouldn't be doing anything, because everything wasn't his fault anyway; it was Charles'.

Charles was touched; of course, since Erik wasn't the type to do romantic things even in their first valentine or anniversary, Erik only gave him a kiss and hot sex, but no flower or dinner shits. So Charles started to find himself going to toilets after each meal, trying to gorge out the food from his throat. He pretended to drink and poured the wine onto other glasses when Erik didn't see, or throw them altogether into the sink.

He spent time in the gym, increasingly from three days a week recommended by his new personal trainer, Alex Summer to six days a week which Alex didn't recommend, and always suggested Charles to keep it down. Charles knew it wasn't healthy. He knew he was exhibiting the textbook symptom of eating disorder. But Charles was smart, a genius even. He knew how to was only doing this to reduce his weight.

To make himself more attractive. Especially since Erik was the embodiment of everything hot. Erik was tall, slim, muscular and strong. It was just unbeatable. Charles needed this, otherwise he wouldn't be good enough to stay next to Erik. The first three weeks were the hardest—he sometimes forgot what he was doing or thinking or going to say because the low sugar level in his blood. He also started to feel clammy and with cold sweat every time he skipped meal or managed to gorge everything down the toilet.

Sometimes he was so out of breath that Alex suggested to stop training for the day; but Charles Xavier was nothing but a man of determination.

The only thing he regretted was his current inability to enjoy Erik's cooking. It was too delicious, so Charles started to suggest eating out, bought ready made stuffs, or even trying to cook it himself. He felt so guilty when he forced vomit Erik's cooking when Erik actually cooked. He hoped Erik would never know. Charles felt so impolite towards the memory of Eddie, Erik's late mother. It made him so guilty until he tried to compensate it through other things, like making Erik breakfast, giving Erik blow job in the morning, fetching Erik from the train station even though it was raining heavily.

Their sex life improved; Erik started as quiet and apologetic to Charles, yet Charles told him he really didn't mind. Charles sincerely told Erik he was glad Erik told him, and as long as it won't happen in the future, then everything is fine. People make mistakes, they are not perfect. As long as Erik still wanted Charles, it would be fine. His research also started to show up good result; they found that the bacteria actually could benefit people with infertility condition.

Aside from being compatible with pig body not human tested as yetit also has the capability to induce fertilisation in pigs. Within the short period of three months, all their male pigs actually got pregnant with real foetus inside them they checked using ultraviolet. It was so groundbreaking that Charles spent almost all his time—neglecting his classes—to focus on the experiment. However, Charles started to feel the toll on his body.

He was constantly weak and tired; he refused to eat though, so he made do with plain water and occasional garden salad with no dressing. He couldn't focus enough to lecture for the whole hour; instead he needed to take short break throughout. He also needed to sit down while giving lecture. His voice was weaker, so he resorted to the mike provided in the lecture hall. Charles also preferred to sit down throughout the lab session, and then he would hit the gym and forced Alex to increase his regime.

Three months after he started to hit the gym, Charles felt his eyes blurred as he climbed the stairs to the gym. He blinked and rubbed his eyes hard. It passed as quickly as it came, so Charles ignored it. But he ensured he got a glass of milk afterward, just to be careful. His belly was still prominent; but his weight has dropped.

charles xavier and erik lehnsherr relationship trust

Alex reassured him that probably Charles' body was the kind who lost weight quickly but hard to change the body size. Charles happily accepted the verdict and continued his regime—until that night when Erik told him he didn't look good. Charles shrugged it off with easy smile and assured his boyfriend that he was in perfect health.

Erik then sat beside him and asked him to try the mince pie he made. Charles blinked, thinking on how he could avoid it—or how he should cover his vomiting voice in the bathroom afterward. Erik put the pie before Charles finished thinking, as an act of couple feeding; and it shocked Charles so much he slapped Erik's hand away, and then vomited out everything from his mouth.

It tasted sinfully good, though.

charles xavier and erik lehnsherr relationship trust

Erik looked shocked and hurt; so Charles immediately salvaged the situation by apologising and tried to get Erik in the mood to fuck. It didn't quite work, but they went to bed hugging each other, so Charles counted it as a win anyway. He was relieved when Erik could actually take him bridal style to the bed.

His hard work finally started to pay off. It only lasted that night. The next morning, Charles was teaching his genetic class when everything suddenly tilted, and went black.

When he could see again, Charles found himself on the floor, surrounded by panicking students and a few health officers.

They took him by ambulance to the hospital, and Charles found himself being inserted into the MRI machine. Wondering why he should enter MRI when he could just do x ray or ultrasonic, Charles waited impatiently on the bed.

They have taken his clothes and phone, so he was without entertainment. He fiddled with his hand, and found it a bit bonier than it used to be. He then realised that his arms were smaller, and the vessels were more defined.

The doctor came to his cubicle with Hank and Erik following behind him. Charles smiled to both of them, but they looked grave. Charles stopped smiling and tilted his head; asking "Is there something wrong? We can use this in the opening of our thesis report! It would be groovy! His chest started to pain. He turned to Erik, and there it was, the evidence of the truth. Erik looked serious and grave. Charles realised the man hasn't talked at all. Was he contemplating to break up with Charles?

The doctor then took over with the MRI scan results, but Charles was too upset to pay attention. He has just managed to salvage his relationship, his first serious relationship with a great man who actually cared about him unlike his family, but anyway they were not even worthy to mention even in Christmas through hard work, and now this little bacteria made him unnaturally pregnant with a baby.

The father of the baby…. When finally the whole conversation ended Hank and the doctor looked like they were ready to elope and went to the lab together—they were more excited and more concerned about the situation than Charles wasthey left Charles with Erik only. Charles bit his lips. How should he break the news… "The child is mine. Or was he asking? Either way, Erik didn't look happy, and it pained Charles. Was the prospect of having a child with him seemed to be that bad?

Professor X and Magneto: Let’s Talk A+ Friendships

Trying to control himself, Charles nodded. I have only slept with you for the past two years, Erik. And then he realised he unwittingly reminded Erik of his one-night affair. Charles however, didn't have the will and energy to let Erik knew he didn't mind, so he shrugged. But most probably I would take an abortion. No, Charles… That's…" Charles raised his eyebrow. Don't you think it's weird that me, a man, is pregnant?

I don't have much time for this anymore, and you are busy as well! Not to mention it won't have a good family support, as I was raised in a loveless family and you…" Charles closed his mouth. He just realised the truth. I thought I can… I said I have forgiven you, but apparently I can't do it.

Logan: 15 Reasons Why Wolverine And Charles Xavier Make A Great Team

Stay even though the baby would not be cute or good or positive all the time? You cheated because I looked ugly, and guess what, Erik, with this baby, I would gain much more weight!

I saw how big the pig became when they were pregnant! You won't be able to stomach me that big, Erik. You'll just …" Erik looked livid. What would I do?