Chewbacca and han solo relationship goals pics

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chewbacca and han solo relationship goals pics

Here are the goals I got from 'Star Wars. the galaxy, nobody gives me # relationshipgoals quite like Han and Leia do. [Image via Lucasfilm]. Solo: A Star Wars Story may not be a real box office hit, but it's sure The entirety of their relationship, from the moment they meet to the .. practically every use imaginable for the awkward set of stock photos. a much higher goal – being second in command to the domineering and demonic Darth Maul. Since the film's announcement, however, precious few photos had been leaked, and certainly no footage. As with all the recent Star Wars films, production has been sworn to secrecy, and all along, and their relationship is much more akin to the sitcom Willard, where skittish Friendship goals indeed.

It will be interesting to see if a future canon publication will detail this time period, since it's now something fans will be very curious about.

Relationship Goals I Learned From 'Star Wars'

Did the First Order target Kashyyyk? It's an interesting topic that could serve as a compelling story. It's a vague classification that could mean one of several things.

The best films in the franchise have a strong emotional core that makes viewers genuinely care about what happens to the characters. The Force Awakens dealt with some serious subjects, but also made time for BB-8's thumbs up and Kylo Ren's temper tantrums.

However, Lord and Miller should still find room for their unique voices while fitting into the larger franchise. Kathleen Kennedy has mentioned Lucasfilm doesn't want to get into the habit of answering questions better left untouched, but the Han and Chewie origin story may not fit into that category.

5 Times Han and Chewie Were Totally Friendship Goals

An argument could be made that this would be a stronger angle than having the two go on a random assignment from Jabba the Hutt in James Bond style, for example. The circumstances surrounding their partnership being formed could enhance the dynamic on display in the original trilogy, changing the way fans watch the first three movies.

We'll be sure to update this post with any new information that comes out during the event, so stay tuned to Screen Rant for the latest! Conclusion The backstory of Han Solo and Chewbacca was one of the most famous aspects of the Legends materials, so it was only a matter of time before the new canon covered it. For fans of the EU, it's nice to see that not much has changed, and if anything, it's now more impactful.

Their debts are now repaid, and they will never forget what they gained from their friendship. For the most part, Lucasfilm has made an effort to tone down any references to the larger canon in the feature films, understanding that not all viewers will have been caught up on all that's available.

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Still, there are certain nods to elements from the books, comics, and TV shows popping up. These are smart ways to illustrate that it's all connected while still maintaining universal accessibility. Lucasfilm's story group doesn't just arbitrarily do things, there's a purpose behind each and every move they make.

Is he writing a book? Is he sharing these on some sort of galactic internet? Is he a space YouTuber? Is this a podcast? Does he have followers? Does anyone else know that he records them?

chewbacca and han solo relationship goals pics

How long has he been recording them? What made him start recording himself and sharing his stories in this way? So many questions to answer, and so little resolution on any of them — as the moment, fleeting and hilarious though it may be, truly offers nothing to the story. A Star Wars Story, fans could rely on certain rules within the galaxy far, far away, including the fact that Darth Maul had perished in the battle at the end of Episode I, The Phantom Menace, never to beard from again — unless you watched any of the animated series.

The animated series notwithstanding, though, it was easy enough to pretend that these things never happened, and all that was canon to the saga was all that had happened on screen in the movies. However, Solo changes everything, canonizing parts of the animated series that now weaken and cheapen the profound emotional effects of the already shaky prequels in many ways.

chewbacca and han solo relationship goals pics

Qui-Gon Jinn, the former beneficent master to Obi-Wan and the man who takes pity upon and shows kindness to Anakin Skywalker, is truly responsible in many ways for the launch of the events that cause the Skywalker saga to unfold. The Han Solo that has become an iconic, genre-defying, career-making character was often portrayed as a jaded scoundrel, a man who trusted no one and only fell in love despite himself.

He is the pinnacle of all things cool. All boys dreamed of being Han, and all girls wished they could have a Han of their own.

Solo: A Star Wars Story - Han and Chewbacca

Han didn't see Qi'ra again for three years until he joined Tobias Beckett. Han reunited with Qi'ra, who was now part of the criminal syndicate known as the Crimson Dawn, led by Dryden Vos. By this time, Qi'ra feelings for Han had become strain. Leia Organa Han and Leia share their first kiss.

chewbacca and han solo relationship goals pics

Han initially had a rocky relationship with Leia - due to him believing that she was a spoiled princess, while Leia disliked him - due to Han being a greedy and selfish smuggler at the time. During their escape from the first Death Star, she became extremely annoyed by Han's recklessness, as he placed them at risk and almost got them captured several times.

During the Battle of Yavin, however, when Vader almost succeeds in killing Luke - Han saved him - after this Leia's opinion of Han changed - and they slowly fell in love with each other. Han and Leia developed a relationship that would last throughout the war. In The Empire Strikes, when Leia asked Han not to leave Hoth, despite the fact needed to pay off his debt to Jabba the Hutthe he realized that she had romantic feelings for him, when he confronted Leia about this, she denied it at first.

However, after they were captured by the Empire; moments before Han became frozen in carbonite, Leia realized that she loved him and admitted her romantic feelings for him, Han responds by saying; i know. After Luke revealed that not only is Vader his father but hers as well, that he is her older twin brother, and left to be captured by the Empire - Han appeared to question Leia about the relationship between her and Luke, unaware of what their conversation was about.

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