Continuum carlos and kiera relationship

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continuum carlos and kiera relationship

Sep 11, Interview: Continuum's Rachel Nichols says goodbye to Kiera It's been hard to see the relationship between Carlos and Kiera, and Kiera and. May 2, Victor Webster Talks CONTINUUM Season 3, Being the Moral Compass of the Show, the State of Carlos and Kiera's Relationship, and More. Mar 13, Rachel Nichols previews Continuum season 3. Let's discuss Kiera's relationship with Carlos (Victor Webster). Usually when a show's got.

The reaction was great. We left off the last season with Kiera being betrayed by Alec Erik Knudsen once again. Fool me once, shame you. Fool me twice, shame on me! What am I going to do now? Could anything happen between them? No, it never will.

Carlos Fonnegra

I think Carlos will have his love interest come and go. There may be room in there for Kiera to do the same. I like them as friends. Kiera also has a husband back in the future, but then there was that tryst with Kellog Stephen Lobo.

Will that be explored? The thing with Kellog is never answered. I always thought that they did. How does it feel to be a part of one of the many Canadian sci-fi shows with strong female leads?

continuum carlos and kiera relationship

In a time where there were very few female-driven TV programs, I am very proud to play Kiera Cameron. And the fight scene you saw on the show was only half of the fight that we shot. Time wise, it was way too long, but it was incredibly fun. And the fight in the back of the van with Roger Cross was a lot of fun. I could barely stand up in that van, and I was getting smashed into the roof and thrown around.

Rachel Nichols previews Continuum's third season

So, that was quite fun, as well. And we added some comedy in there, at the end of the fun, which I always like because it lightens up the moment. For me, I would like to go to the future to experience technology and how its advanced and all of the gadgets that are available. The mentality has changed so much.

Life was easier and less convoluted. So, it would be a toss up for me. I believe sci-fi fans are incredibly intelligent.

continuum carlos and kiera relationship

That keeps us on our toes, and I appreciate that. It makes us work harder. And I agree that TV audiences are much smarter than we give them credit for. I think people, in general, are. You have to challenge people. More often than once, Carlos questions Kiera's ways and sources, but they eventually develop a sort of camaraderie and partnership after several cases together, wherein both learn to be open to each other's ideas.

Exclusive Interview: Continuum’s Rachel Nichols

Despite this, both continue to keep their share of secrets from one another. Their trust in each other is put to the test when his childhood friend Alicia Fuentes is killed after a night together, which puts both him and his other friend, Jim Martinunder suspicion.

Carlos opts not to tell anyone at the precinct, not even Kiera, who later eventually finds out and tries to get the story out of him. Carlos asks Kiera to trust him, but still does not disclose details.

continuum carlos and kiera relationship

Despite this, Kiera still helps Carlos find a way to prove his innocence. Also, when Betty Robertsona coworker who seems to have a thing for Carlos, finds out, she gives Carlos a warning and time to clear his name. After a confrontation with Julian Randoland other young supporters of Liber8, who together made bombs for "Theseus Day", ends with Carlos being shot, Kiera is frantic and desperate to save Carlos and takes care of him.

Kiera also tearfully tells her barely conscious partner about her husband and son. She also tells him that she sees him as her only friend and she hates having to lie to him every day.

continuum carlos and kiera relationship