Delsin and fetch relationship test

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delsin and fetch relationship test

Abigail Walker, more commonly referred to as Fetch, is a Conduit/Bioterrorist who can In terms of an actual relationship, Delsin is just a close friend and ally. time to the development of the relationship between Fetch and Delsin, and the other inter-character relationships of Infamous: Second Son. It was a nice touch. At least in Good Karma, it was nice to see a relationship surface as Delsin steered her down a gentler path. Do they still.

ElReyCiervo The year wasand the world had gone to hell in a hand basket. Delsin knew they couldn't screw this up. This was their second chance, and they had to get it right.

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Cover image by jokeritadoodle on Tumblr. It belongs to Sucker Punch. This fic contains a 3-person pairing, polyamory: Delsin x Fetch x Eugene Delgenetch. If you do not like polyamory or if it bothers you, do not read this fic then. This fic also contains swearing—at a reasonable level—and some violence. If violence and crude language offend you or bother you, do not read this fic. I don't believe I need to bump up the rating to M. Second Son fic, so please leave reviews and comments for your opinions and such!

Thank you, and enjoy Second Chance! It was during these times where Delsin would carefully pry himself from the warm and comfortable arms of Fetch and Eugene, careful not to wake them from the sleep they so desperately needed and deserved, and climb to the roof of their hideout—once Eugene's 'domain'.

He quietly scaled down the stairs and opened the hatch on the ceiling, leading him to the chilly stone roof. He settled himself, bracing his weight on his hands as he leaned back, and raised his head toward the dark night sky.

Now-a-days, the only time it was safe by any margin to go outside and let one's guard down was at night. Going for a normal walk down the streets during the daytime was a thing of the past, only possible a year and a half ago.

delsin and fetch relationship test

The sharp, icy December wind blew all of a sudden and Delsin winced as it stung his cheeks and hands. He shivered and curled in on himself for some warmth, cursing himself for not having the forethought to grab one of his coats or one of Eugene's extra hoodies to put over his thin, long-sleeve t-shirt and thick sweatpants. At least he had remembered to grab his shoes.

But even with the cold and the wind, Delsin did not want to go inside. Tonight was, to his luck, the clearest and brightest night Delsin had witnessed in a long, long time.

delsin and fetch relationship test

The dark violet-navy colored sky was sprayed with thousands of glowing white and white-blue stars, like his spraypaint on his stencils. Maybe he should have brought Fetch and Eugene out to enjoy the night, to see the rare sky that was not choked by clouds and thick, dense smog as it seemed to be now-a-days.

Then again, maybe not; he needed some time and space to think to himself—and brood. As he looked away from the rare beauty the night sky provided him, he turned to look at the Seattle horizon, a stark contrast from the natural splendor of the violet-navy stretch of atmosphere.

A year and a half ago, Delsin remembered, the Seattle horizon would practically be alive with multitudes upon multitudes of bright neon signs, the hustle and bustle of lively people, large animated video screens showing ads, and the cheerfulness of the nightlife. Now, however, the horizon seemed to have its personality and life sucked right out of it.

There were still neon signs and video screens, still functional since most of them came on automatically, but the people that roamed the streets at night did so out of necessity now rather than leisure and pleasure. It was like this, from what Delsin had heard, all across the country.

infamous delsin rowe

It was not safe to go out during the day, not with the Titans roaming about. It's like something out of an X-Men comic, Delsin thought cynically as he wrapped his arms around his knees tighter and rested his chin atop his knees, except that it's real and not fiction.

Delsin was not wrong to use this comparison. It was December ofand the country—and Delsin suspected other countries but he could not be sure—had gone to hell in a hand basket in such a short amount of time, a year and a half. After Delsin had defeated Augustine and exposed her to the public for what she had really been doing, there had been a relative peace; relative being the operative word as there still had been some angry protestors, stray Dupes still around, people still nervous, angry, scared, etc.

Angry protestors faded until they had popped up every few weeks instead of every day, and Delsin, Fetch, and Eugene had done their part to continue liberating Seattle from the Dupes. With medical, psychiatric, and other help and counseling, most of the freed Conduits from Curdun Cay had been able to return to relatively normal lives, with some hiccups here and there.

Out of the rest of the Conduits, however, a few had turned to lives of crime and misdemeanors while the others had contacted Delsin, Fetch, and Eugene saying they had wanted to help them. Thanks to these new people, the trio of Conduits then had five new contacts spread all throughout Seattle. The new contacts combined with the fall of Augustine and the lesser amount of Dupes roaming the streets made their lives a hell of a lot easier.

Months had gone by and life had been pretty good, in Delsin's opinion. But, looking back at that time, Delsin realized it was foolish to think that lull would have had lasted forever. It most certainly had not. It had been a few months later when an enormous thirty-foot tall metal…well, Delsin could not think of another word to use other than 'robot', had climbed out of the harbor and started attacking random people on the streets.

delsin and fetch relationship test

It had looked like random attacks, but they had all later learned and realized that the giant metal robot had been attacking Conduits, not normal humans. To make a long story short, it had taken a long five hours for Delsin, Fetch, and Eugene to finally take down the behemoth, all sustaining serious injuries.

During their week of recovery from lacerations, bruises, scrapes, and one or two broken bones, they had watched the news and had listened to the media talk about and discuss the metal robot that had emerged from the harbor. News reporters had interviewed the fifteen survivors of the one-hundred victims, and it had been revealed that all the targeted people had been Conduits. That had greatly unsettled a lot of people, and even with the national controversy and nervousness over Conduits and such, the nation had mourned.

But life had moved on, again as expected.

delsin and fetch relationship test

It had not been until two weeks after that three more of the metal behemoths had appeared in different spots in Seattle. It had taken a full day, help from the military, help from random and generous Conduits across the state, and of course Delsin, Eugene, and Fetch to take down the…monsters and they were rightfully called monsters for a reason.

Five-hundred thousand dollars in collateral damage, thirteen dead military officers, two-hundred fifty-six murdered Conduits, twenty captured Conduits, and one-hundred five killed civilians later and the country had known there was a serious and very disturbing problem. The metal robots—'automatons' as Eugene had corrected Delsin—dubbed Titans, were murdering a good amount of the American population. Delsin had not trusted the police or military to investigate the situation properly, so he, Fetch, and Eugene had taken it into their own hands.

Their first place of interest to look had been, to Delsin and Fetch's immense surprise, had been Curdun Cay. Eugene had suggested it in a tight voice after going over the evidence and data his Angels had brought in. On their way to the abandoned facility the next day, the smoke-Conduit had kept close to Fetch and Eugene, not keeping them out of his sight. They had spent hours in the concrete walls of Curdun Cay, searching each of the levels with great care and speculation.

There had been quite a few rooms that both neither Fetch nor Eugene would step into, and that had been perfectly understandable; Delsin searched the rooms for them, but ultimately found nothing.

They had gone back to ground level, about to leave, until an open door caught their attention. They had not seen it when they had first searched so they opened it, finding a tunnel that led down a dark series of steps. Delsin remembered Eugene and Fetch being very confused as they had never known there were lower levels of Curdun Cay.

delsin and fetch relationship test

The trio of Conduits had followed the stairs for what had seemed like forever until the stairs stopped and they reached a landing. It had become too dark to see, so they had lit their hands for light with glowing orange ember-smoke, bright pink neon, and pixelating white and blue video.

What they had seen had caused a thrill of horror to run through Delsin. There were at least thirty-plus of enormous metal Titans—the same ones that had been attacking Seattle—standing right in front of them, all lined up in rows with military-like precision. Had Augustine been creating these metal monstrosities during her time in the D. It had turned out, yes, yes she had been. The three of them booked it out of there as quick as they could. They brought the information they had found to the attention of the authorities, since something that big and that nation-affecting could not be kept between the three of them.

So, the authorities—and military—had been informed and it had been only a few hours later that they had Augustine in an interrogation cell. Even locked up and restrained, she still had that bitchy holier-than-thou attitude that had made Delsin want to reach over the metal table and strangle her. Being locked away had not allowed information to be fed to her, so the news of the mysterious Titans attacking had actually surprised her—them attacking, not the actual Titans themselves.

Infamous: Second Son Break Down the Walls Chapter 1, an infamous fanfic | FanFiction

When they had told her they—Delsin, Eugene, and Fetch—had found the Titans underneath Curdun Cay, she had actually had the gall to laugh at and mock Fetch and Eugene, saying that she thought they had sworn never to return to Curdun Cay.

It had taken Eugene and Fetch plus another two military officers to restrain Delsin as he had launched himself to throttle the red-haired harpy. He had been required to remove himself from the interrogation room for a short period of time. He had returned to the room with bruised—and slightly bloody—knuckled from punching a wall.

It had taken several long, tiring hours and a very good interrogator until Augustine had confessed what had been her plans for the Titans. She had said that she had created them to capture Conduits first in Seattle then across the country, and then take them to Curdun Cay. She had also confessed that it was her plan that in the near future, the D. Your karma does level faster, but that does not mean you will kill enemies faster or anything like that.

It just means you might not have to put in as much effort. Story For the most part, the story is very similar, regardless of which path you choose. Having said that, the differences that do occur are mostly in the cutscenes and what the other characters think of you. If you choose good karma, your tribe will generally be a lot more accepting of you.

They will want you back home and rejoice when you get home. If you choose evil karma, they do not have the same reaction. I won't ruin the story here, but let's just say they are not pleased with what you have done.

inFAMOUS Second Son: Good Karma or Evil Karma?

As far as the other conduits go, for the most part it did not make a difference. Delsin and Fetch establish a more intimate relationship if you choose evil karma, but Eugene pretty much stays the same. The important thing to note is that there are no major impacts on the story, there is no main character that dies only on one karma choice or anything like that. If you would like the feeling of esteem that comes from crowds cheering and supporting you, then pick good karma because, naturally, people don't like you when you are evil.

Powers This is probably what you are putting the most weight on for your karma choice; although, it is still a fairly subtle difference. Originally, I had planned to write a list of each individual karma-dependent power upgrade and do a break-down of the two karmas; however, I soon realized that this list was going to be much more extensive than I first planned.

Also, most of the upgrades actually counteract each other, to the point where they don't make a difference. So, I decided that I will, instead, just run through a quick breakdown of the differences I found noticeable when I was playing. There are only a couple that really make a difference. I owe ya one. He looked at her. Soft face, torn leggings, ratty, neon sprayed jacket. Beautiful, if you're into that sort of thing.

Would've been nice if you hadn't led me around on a wild goose chase, though. Seven years in Curdun Cay can make ya a bit… twitchy. I'd still be chasing you! Listen, so I want to give you a quick rundown of what happened after you guys escaped, why I'm here, and why I leeched your powers, cool? Make it quick though. Today took a lot out of me. Didn't believe me when I told her I caught powers, though. Tortured my whole tribe with her damn concrete shit when they wouldn't talk either.

I, being a conduit, am the only one who got better.