Did mary and joseph stay in a stable relationship


did mary and joseph stay in a stable relationship

Joseph and Mary remind us that Christmas is a genuine love story--the birth to Jesus as a result of God's selection of her to be the mother of the Messiah, and that she gave birth to Jesus in a stable; and that Joseph was a And even if her parents and Joseph did finally believe her, most other people. God created woman because "it is not good for man to be alone" (Genesis ). From the "Whoever does not love does not know God, for God is love." The loving kindness of Mary for the Christ child is evident on paintings throughout the world. Elizabeth Barrett . Saint Joseph is the Patron Saint of Marriage. Joseph. Love & relationships · IndyBest · Video · Daily Edition Christmas Jesus was not born in a stable, says theologian . "So Joseph and Mary must stay with the family itself, in the main room of the house, and there Mary gives birth." So what does this mean for our religious understanding of the story?.

Joseph without telling him that she intended to remain a virgin?!

Mary and Joseph

Why, even on a natural level, we know that this would never happen! Of all the things which would have to be discussed before marriage, certainly a vow of perpetual virginity would have to be at the top of the list!

But, if Mary had told Joseph of her vow of virginity as surely she must havethen we are led to conclude that, since Joseph agreed to marry her, he too must have made a vow of perpetual continence i.

We do not say necessarily that Joseph was a virgin — for it is possible that he had been married before and had been widowed — but we are sure of this much at least: After his betrothal to the Virgin Mary, he had forsook all sexual relations.

Joseph had no intention of engaging in relations with the Mother of God.

did mary and joseph stay in a stable relationship

Further, we know that this vow must have taken place even before the Annunciation, since our Lady would have had to discuss the matter with Joseph BEFORE the betrothal — it would be quite a surprise to spring it on him only after they were committed to marriage! Thus, from the text of Scripture itself, it is clear that both Mary and Joseph had made a perpetual vow to abstain from all sexual relations — there can be no doubt that the Mother of God remained a virgin throughout her entire life.

The objections will be written in italics, followed by the answers in normal font. If Jesus really had brothers and sisters who were sons and daughters of Mary, why did he entrust his Mother to John the Beloved at his death? Would she not have been cared for by the other children?

The response is simple: It was of great significance in Jewish culture to be the first-born son, and this title was given even before any other children were born and was retained even if no other children were born. But now He was asking her to face the greatest question in life for a believer walking in fellowship with him: Twice we are told that she kept certain things and pondered them in her heart cf. But she did not take very much time to make up her mind here. But God has promised to work all the details together for good, and we have no alternative but to believe it if we want to enjoy His peace and power.

The willingness to obey God and trust him with the consequences is a foundation stone in a good marriage. Every other man may neglect his wife to run around with the boys, chase after the latest fad, or play with his latest new acquisition.

But God wants a Christian husband to put his wife above all else except Christ and love her as Christ loves the Church, trusting Him to make the consequences far more satisfying than any hobby or recreational pursuit could be.

did mary and joseph stay in a stable relationship

God may be asking us the same question He asked Mary: There must also be a deep trust in each other, and no man has ever been asked to trust the girl he married more than the one in this story. The chronology here is not clear.

Do You Trust Me? — The Story of Joseph and Mary | victoryawards.us

But after her return three months later, the secret could no longer be hidden cf. Did Mary tell Joseph of the miraculous conception? Did he find her story hard to believe even though he loved her deeply? Or did he accept it readily? Was his decision to break the engagement because he doubted her word, or was it because he considered himself unworthy to marry the mother of the Messiah, or was it because he thought Mary would have to raise the child in the Temple?

His motive is not absolutely certain. One thing is certain, however. But Joseph was both a godly man and a gracious man. Whatever he decided would reflect both godly wisdom and tender consideration for Mary. And although his heart was breaking, he was leaning toward quietly terminating the relationship and sparing her any public embarrassment Matt.

Remember now, that this angel, unlike the one who came to Mary, appeared in a dream. Could it have been a dream inspired by wishful thinking, or was this really a message from God? We have no doubt that it was from God, for Scripture plainly says so. But Joseph did not know that. He may have doubted it at first.

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But a growing assurance began to sweep over him and trust solidified in his searching soul. The issue was settled—it mattered not what wagging tongues would say; Joseph believed!

It was probably the greatest act of trust ever exhibited between a man and woman. In reality, every marriage is a relationship of trust.

did mary and joseph stay in a stable relationship

When we stand at the altar and listen to our new mate promise to forsake all others and cleave to us alone, we believe it. And because we believe it, we make the same promises in return and commit ourselves to a lifelong relationship.

Trust in each other is another foundation stone in a good marriage, and it must grow as the years pass. Trust is being able to tell our mates our innermost thoughts and feelings, believing they will never be used against us, believing we will be loved and accepted anyway, maybe even more so because of our honesty.

Trust is feeling no anger or jealousy when we see our mates talking to someone of the opposite sex. Trust is believing our mates when they tell us where they have been or what they are thinking, or when they explain what they really meant by what they said.

did mary and joseph stay in a stable relationship

A more accurate translation of 'inn' would be 'guest room'. Most houses would have been shared with the animals that the family kept. The animals were a kind of 'central heating' at night keeping the house warm! As many people would have traveled to Bethlehem for the census, all the houses, or certainly upper levels were full. During the festival, Jews live outside in temporary shelters the word 'tabernacle' come from a latin word meaning 'booth' or 'hut'. It was the custom in those times to wrap a new born baby very tightly in long bandages called swaddling clothes.

The arms and legs of the baby were also wrapped, so they couldn't move. This was done because they thought it helped the baby to grow strong, straight limbs! And as no proper crib was available, the new baby boy was placed in a manger, or feeding trough.