Drakken and shego relationship questions

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drakken and shego relationship questions

Just a question that if maybe Shego does care about Drakken as a friend .. Shego's relationship with Drakken is on a strictly professional level. In fact, in Ron Millionaire she seems sympathetic about his money problems. Dec 22, Drakken and Shego answer questions from viewers like you, well . York writes ' Dear Drakken and Shego, could you define your relationship?. Shego's relationship with Dr. Drakken borders on bizarre. Early on in the series, she is shown to be more respectful toward the mad scientist, however, as time.

She writes 'Dear Doctor Drakken, in the episode Crush you say that ninjas make more noise than Shego. Is she a ninja or not? History was changed and pushed it all into an alternate time line or something. Can we see a clip?

A clip from A Sitch In Time was displayed. How did you know I was behind you? A ninja you're not. Shego pushes Kim into an Egyptian sarcophagus. The scene froze as the television screen sunk out of sight.

You people take things so literally! Haven't you heard of a little thing called poetic license? How many phase one's did that plan have? Wasn't it totally destroyed? Why do we see it again in later episodes? The island lair is my main headquarters. What happened to Puddles? Those were two different dogs. The white Commodore Puddles made the mistake of biting me. They're supposed to be guarded by Global Justice, so, the villains are smarter than they seem, or GJ isn't so effective.

If you are wondering why I was locked up with all those loony tunes, let's take a look at a clip from my trial.


But in the end, they kept Kim and Ron as best friends, who just happened to be dating. There were issues here and there, but they proved to be a strong couple, able to withstand just about anything. Essentially, Kim would kick behind while Ron would try to help but usually end up in some kind of hilarious trouble. In short, they make a pretty good duo.

Batman and the Joker. While that is kind of true, this comparison is a little disturbing. Yeah, she has other villains that she has to thwart, but Drakken is the one she ends up fighting the most. And you have to give him credit for his creative plans.

drakken and shego relationship questions

Not to mention that one time he put her in a tank that had a man-eating shark and a squid, and then froze over the top of the tank. He cares about Kim deeply and is a genuinely good guy. But there was an episode where he went evil. And not just evil; no, he went full-on supervillain evil with a plan to take over the world and everything.

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Drakken then ends up being this extremely nice guy, while Ron goes dark side. And he almost succeeds in his plans too. Plus, the way they spoke in that monotone was seriously creepy. They were a later version of his earlier attempts to create a robot girlfriend. Why did Drakken create these robots?

Well, they were a later version of his earlier attempts to create a robot girlfriend.

drakken and shego relationship questions

We always knew that Drakken was a little weird, but this takes it into stranger territory. She actually does take over the world in the movie Kim Possible: Drakken because he supposedly pays well. Between the time that Shego left Team Go and her first encounter with Kim Possible, she had eleven countries swear out warrants for her arrest. It was revealed in " Stop Team Go " that Shego was a college graduate with an unspecified degree in Child Development, allowing her to become a substitute teacher in Middleton High after she turned good due to Jack Hench's Attitudinator, a device that makes good guys evil and vice versa.

Physical appearance Shego has an athletic and slender yet curvaceous build and her skin has a pale faintly green look. She has arched eyebrows, long thick black hair, and slanted, forest green eyes.

Talents and skills Stealth Tactics: Shego is an expert in all kinds of fields, with infiltration and sabotage as her specialties. Possessing extensive martial arts skill. Impressive fitness and agility, her abilities rival the skills of her nemesis, Kim Possible. Shego is endowed with a superpower: This energy can be used to heat or melt anything she touches or fired as a directed energy attack ranging from near-laser-like precision to a destructively concussive blast.

Originally, Disney described Shego's bright green flames as being purely concussive in nature, although in later episodes, she was shown using her flames to burn or melt things.

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These powers were first stated by the show's official Disney website as being generated by her gloves making them a weapon rather than a superpower. However, this fact was retroactively changed during the second season, when these abilities were revealed to be a true superpower resulting from exposure to the rainbow-hued comet which also empowered her four brothers.

Of course, the official website was run by a different team from the creators, so the canonicity of any details were suspect and prone to change by the show's creative team.

In addition to her bright green glowing energy blasts, Shego appears to possess great durability that allows her to survive situations of calamitous destruction that would've probably killed other characters. In the Season 3 Finale, So the Drama, she was kicked into a live electrical signal tower, electrocuting her before collapsing on top of her. She came out of the incident with only slightly torn clothes, a kick mark, and frazzled hair. She also seems to be an expert pilot, having been seen piloting Drakken's flying car on several occasions as well as a jet plane in So the Drama, and the Go plane in " Go Team Go ".

In " Stop Team Go ", it is revealed that Shego has a degree in child development. It does not say how she got it or if she went to school for it. Relationships Shego is a mercenary for hire, most often shown to be in the employment of Dr. Drakkenalthough on occasion,has worked with and for other villains. Shego does not appear capable of love, kindness, or compassion, and vivously punishes Drakken after he suggests she is "going soft.

Shego's relationship with Dr. Drakken borders on bizarre. Early on in the series, she is shown to be more respectful toward the mad scientist, however, as time goes on, she seems to take an increasingly dominant role in the partnership, going as far to bully her "boss" into abiding her wishes. She is often hyper critical of Drakken's plans and openly mocks his decisions, seemingly tolerating Drakken's antics for the 'mocking-gold' his schemes grant her.

The two have demonstrated a certain amount of deranged fondness for the other, as Drakken even refers to her in " Go Team Go " as a member of his "evil family. It was not seen how well she gets along with her youngest brothers, the Wegosbut she shows open disdain for her two other brothers, Mego and Hego.

She apparently used to get along well enough with them to be part of Team Gohowever, Hego claimed that the more Shego fought villainy the more she liked it. Kim Most of Shego and Kim's confrontations result in hand-to-hand combat.