Game of thrones brienne and jaime relationship trust

game of thrones brienne and jaime relationship trust

By Terri Schwartz Full spoilers for Game of Thrones' latest episode, Fans have loved the relationship between Jaime and Brienne of . Also, the only one he's really trusted has been Tyrion and, to a certain extent, Cersei. As the sole heir of House Tarth, she posed a fairly promising marriage prospect for men from Renly tells Petyr that he does not trust him and cites Brienne as having true loyalty. .. Jaime doesn't believe talking to Cersei will do any good. Game of Thrones “Kissed By Fire” Jaime and Brienne Scene . chooses to trust Jaime, it is a solidifying moment of their relationship and is.

It is a cleansing liquid, seen as pure, and Jaime gets into it. Cleansing… in more ways than one. And how do the two feel about this encounter?

It would seem the two are as far away as the tub allows it, as they are almost at the edges of the frame. Brienne seems absolutely horrified that he would come into the same tub as her, as she covers up immediately.

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But the honorable Jaime deflects interest and almost insults her. She stands defiant, angry, and rather disgusted that Jaime would cross the line in saying what he did.

This brings up the point about trust, and it is through this action that Brienne indirectly chooses to trust Jaime, it is a solidifying moment of their relationship and is intimate without being sexual. Not only is she trusting him but the low angle shot makes her seem larger than she already is, which really shows that Brienne IS protecting Jaime, she is really trying.

game of thrones brienne and jaime relationship trust

He places himself into her care and relies on her just as she relies on him. She finally resigns, but with a look that screams out frustration in that she does accept his words but is too prideful to say so. Thus, she settles down. Brienne is resigned as she stays there with Jaime in the tub, like an angry child, and she occupies almost the entire right side of the frame, if we do include her reflection in the water.

And what of the honest Kingslayer?

game of thrones brienne and jaime relationship trust

As Jaime tells his story, we start with a medium shot, with him off to the left, to counter Brienne being all the way to the right of the screen, plus we see his reflection on the water, showing two Jaimes symbolically. These two Jaimes are the Kingslayer and the Romantic Jaime Lannister, in one shot we have both of them: Jaime tells Brienne why he is called by the name he hates and why he did such an act, it is then that we the camera start to get closer to Jaime, as his hand begins to venture far to the left and the camera gets closer until we have a close-up of sorts in which the Jaime in the water is almost completely gone.

In the moment when we are closest to him, there is no reflection of Jaime, the Kingslayer and Jaime Lannister are one and the same, two inextricable personalities all tied to this Lion of Lannister, the multifaceted man everyone hated deeply, and now grow sympathetic towards him because we finally understand what occurred. In the final shot before his fall, he delivers the famous line with such passion and contempt and despair that made this one of my favorite scenes to date: He thrusts at us, the audience, waiting for us to catch him, as we are now his confidants with Brienne.

So many past emotions were swelling within Jaime and he just released them all in a brilliant monologue, all too much for him too handle of course the pain of his hand and medicine combined just agitated him altogether. She will die for whoever she's serving, and the fact that he would kill the king, it's beyond her. And then of course, through that journey, they realize they're so much more alike than they could imagine.

Game of Thrones “Kissed By Fire” Jaime and Brienne Scene Analysis (and recap)

They, in many ways I think, share fundamental beliefs, and are both very honorable and alike in the way that they are loyal to the people they love and they will do anything to help and protect the people they love.

Then it turns out, of course, you find out that actions speak louder than words. They both help each other tremendously. He helps save her from rape and the whole bear attack, and she helps him open up about what's the most traumatic event in his life, the killing of the Mad King -- finally being able to tell someone the truth.

Exit Theatre Mode Of course, the later scenes, you constantly feel this subtext of a weird fondness and attraction between them that they never act on, and could never act on. You kind of go, "Why can't you just? When Bronn surprises Pod in front of the tent, he says, "So what do you think? Are they f--king in there? Because I know he wants to f--k her. I'm sure she wants to f--k him. So what do you think? Because the writers set this scene, the subtext is so clear that they're happy to see each other, but they don't know how to recognize that.

The truth is that they've never, you know Yes, Jaime's been with his sister his whole life and that's the love he knows, and God knows that's a version of it.

Jaime & Brienne -- In the Arms of the Woman I Love

Brienne, she loved Renly I think, but they would never recognize the thing that there is between them because it's just beyond imagination -- or at least they would never allow themselves to go to that place. Maybe in the bath that one time. That was an act of love, I think, and it is an act of love when you open up to someone and for the other one to then literally embrace you is beautiful.

With Jaime away from Cersei and with Brienne for those few seasons, we all saw a different side of him. Why do you think he decided to stay with Cersei after everything that's happened after everything that's happened and everything he's learned? That's so deep rooted in this family -- and also in this world -- that you do not go against your family.

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Also, the only one he's really trusted has been Tyrion and, to a certain extent, Cersei. To carry a secret that big with someone for that long, it gives you a bond that is difficult to understand. You also have to understand, when he comes back to King's Landing, he's still a complete outsider. I mean, especially now, everyone's after this family.

He just had the briefest of experiences of what it means to openly be a father with Myrcella at the end of last season, and it was snatched away the second it happened. And now they only have Tommen left. It's the last kid in the family.

game of thrones brienne and jaime relationship trust

The whole idea of saying, "Screw it, I'm just going to leave this thing," it would never enter his mind. He just doesn't think that way.