Gamora and star lord relationship quizzes

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gamora and star lord relationship quizzes

Avengers: Infinity War - You Need To Stop Saying Star-Lord Is The Villain and all of a sudden he's faced with a legitimate relationship with Gamora. The Lord Of The Rings Quiz: How Well Do You Remember The Return. So I saw IW for the second time, and after seeing Lindsay Ellis' insight into GotG2, I came at it from a new angle. Lindsay's observation was. The Kitty Pryde/Star-Lord Romance is the Relationship the MCU Needs While Star-Lord may have an "unspoken thing" with Gamora in the.

Even though Gamora is often using her own blade, she opts for a gun. Peter makes a joke that guns are his thing, but that's not true.

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First, Gamora has been seen using guns before, but more importantly, Rocket always has a gun and is more of a "gun guy" than he is. Though it's a fairly arbitrary, one-off joke, Peter's insecurities over Gamora's gun-wielding is embarrassing in a relationship.

Since her first appearance, Gamora only faded into the background until she became a regular in all Infinity events in Star-Lord, on the other hand, was far more sparse. Though he was in and out of stories untilhis character faded into obscurity until Initially, she used that against him to steal the Power Stone. However, when their goals aligned, they teamed up.

gamora and star lord relationship quizzes

Though they had similar goals, Star-Lord began to save her life far before he knew if she'd be a trustworthy partner. After all, he decided to save her from Drax in prison and risked fatal exposure saving her from frigid space. During both of these moments, Peter was only going on his gut and his emotions. Dangerous sacrifices for a bewitching woman can be romantic, but they didn't fit with Peter's loner, scavenger M.

Avengers: Infinity War - You Need To Stop Saying Star-Lord Is The Villain

It was definitely an out-of-character way to begin their relationship. While she adamantly involves herself in his personal affairs, slow dances, and tells him how much he means to her, each time Star-Lord tries to take the next step, she backs off. Understandably, Peter doesn't have the greatest timing.

It gives them a very complicated relationship dynamic. Most commonly, she's seen with Nova Prime, otherwise known as Richard Rider. He's the lead guardian of the Nova Corps and her main squeeze.

gamora and star lord relationship quizzes

More problematic, though, is her coupling with Adam Warlock. At the end of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. Fans have deduced this is none other than Guardians of the Galaxy regular, Adam Warlock. Throwing Adam's inclusion could spell trouble for Gamora and Peter and throw a canon wrench into their blossoming romance.

With a father named Ego the Planet, it's understandable why Star-Lord has some trouble with being selfish. However, instead of getting better over time, Peter seems to persist in being a painfully selfish leader. Despite his passion, heart, and daring sacrifices, it cannot overcome how much his ego hurts his team.

It's not only a problem in his relationship, but also a problem whenever he tries to save the day. Not only would it change the dynamic, but it also could put them at more risk. After all, now they have two teammates more attached than the others, which could lead to betrayals and other common hero corruption.

Gamora even tries to go back in after Peter when he is left fighting Ego alone, even though losing both leaders would devastate the team. Infinity War, Gamora meets a brutal fate at the hands of her adoptive father, Thanos. Their terrible relationship culminates in him sacrificing her for power. Peter does not take this well.

The pain he feels when he discovers Gamora is gone is understandable and heartbreaking. However, his actions following this discovery point out a huge flaw in their relationship: We're not saying that half of the universe losing their lives is his fault, but he could have done a lot more.

Gamora wouldn't be proud of his actions. Their first film is about outcasts finding a family together. Meanwhile, the second movie is about reconciling with your family origins. However, Peter commits a terrible betrayal by abandoning his new Guardians family for his recently-met, sketchy biological dad, Ego. He spends the entire last movie pulling the misfits together to leave them at the first sign of a "real" family.

Not only is this a red flag in a relationship, but Star-Lord owed his new family and Gamora a much better apology. This action causes Mantis to lose the control over him she had, and Thanos regains his power and the Gauntlet. Star-Lord has always been an emotional mess, but he is also usually able to pull it together when his friends need him.

Now, in the most important battle of the universe, he throws caution to the wind and risks literally everyone's lives for a moment of revenge. As impulsive and careless as Star-Lord can be, he usually makes the right decision at the end — so why not this time?

Star-Lord was raised on Earth by and English speaking mother, so him speaking English makes sense. What doesn't make sense is the rest of the universe speaking English, and him understanding it. All of the Guardians would likely speak different languages since they are from such drastically different parts of the universe. James Gunn, however, did have something to say about it.

Gunn responded to a fan's tweetsaying that they do in fact have translator implants which can be seen in Star-Lord's mugshot. This is obviously a blink and you'll miss it moment that Gunn had to point out before anyone understood it. Even still, the translator doesn't quite make sense. How does everyone else understand each other? And if he is using a translator, why do everyone's lips still match up to the English language?

Again, this is just one of those things that, if accurate, would make for an annoying viewing experience — but it's still worth pointing out. One last question, if Star-Lord has an intergalactic translater, why can't he understand Groot? While he previously held an Infinity Stone to everyone's shock and surprise, Star-Lord still wasn't fully aware of his abilities until he met his father. When Star-Lord meets Ego, it is under the guise that Ego wants to be the father he was never able to be.

Ego takes Star-Lord, Gamora, and Drax to his planet, and that's where things start to unfold. Ego shows Star-Lord how to harness his powers — and they even play a father-son game of celestial energy ball catch. Of course things go south pretty quickly, and Star-Lord realizes that Ego is trying to destroy the world. The team then makes it their goal to stop Ego once and for all. Of the now infamous lineGunn says, "the Jackson Pollock line was something I said on set and asked Chris to say.

We only filmed it one time. People thought we were wasting time on set, because nothing that dirty would ever make it into the film. If we had a blacklight this place would look like a Jackson Pollock painting.

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As clever as the joke is, the actual reference doesn't quite add up. When Star-Lord left Earth, he was only eight years old. As an eight year old who was seemingly obsessed with his walkman and music, he likely wouldn't have known who the painter is. We know he was raised by the Ravagers and he claims to be a famous outlaw, but when it comes to sound judgment, Star-Lord isn't quite there.

He proves time and again that he's a shaky team leader at best.

There are too many times where Star-Lord lets his emotions or his ego get the best of him in serious situations. When the Guardians do finally get together, it seems that Gamora has to do all of the reasoning while Star-Lord still gets credit for being the captain.

If you consider the comic books and how much Star-Lord has accomplished, it seems like a stark contrast to the Star-Lord we're introduced to in the MCU.

gamora and star lord relationship quizzes

That being said, somehow amidst his rash and emotionally charged decisions, Star-Lord almost always ends up on top at the end. In reality, a captain who is this all over the place would not lead a successful team. Thankfully the Guardians take up a lot of the slack, proving that they are all just as important assets.