Genuine and subsisting relationship quizzes

FLR(M) genuine & subsisting: we eloped, is that bad?

genuine and subsisting relationship quizzes

“While we accept that you and your husband are in a genuine and subsisting relationship, you have provided no evidence that there would be. evidence of a genuine and subsisting relationship, that is to say that your They said they did not believe our relationship was genuine. Hello, New poster here, and I have a question about the "genuine and subsisting" relationship I am a 28 year old US citizen currently on a Tier.

genuine and subsisting relationship quizzes

After x days I then converted my visa to a retirement extension. After one year I did so again. It is valid into In Feb of this year we married in Thai Traditional Wedding. We had to wait to honor parents. In Nov of 14 we had a dress rehearsal photo day playing traditional dress-up and wedding pics, etc.

genuine and subsisting relationship quizzes

Seems we have been married repeatedly. I continued to impress upon her that the legal marriage was the most important, not the traditional. In fact, because of benefits I receive from a previous employer the paperwork marriage would enable her to collect benefits if I die. She would also be eligible to apply to this US previous employer for reimbursement for her schooling; and free healthcare for her. As our plans changed and we were going abroad it was vital that we finally put it on paper.

She is an MD. In the spring she was accepted to another medical fellowship in UK. We began the process of wrapping up things, new passports, finally getting her US passport from embassy, and we finally got around to marrying on paper.

Determining UK Genuine and Subsisting Relationship

The legal marriage was actually immediately before the visa application. It never occurred to me that they would think an American would come to Thailand, marry a Thai woman, and lie about marriage to sneak into UK under false pretenses.

genuine and subsisting relationship quizzes

However, this is exactly what happened. I can actually understand from a very objective point of view why this appears suspicious and even concede I understand the denial. But in context, it seems a ridiculous denial.

British man ‘heartbroken’ after pregnant Chinese wife refused UK visa

The standard for dependent on this visa is pretty much a married spouse or someone is is effectively holding themselves out as common law married or its equivalent. Clearly we are married by any standard they use. Initially the Visa which he enabled me to obtain on-line and pay the fee. Further to that was the TB test which is also mandatory. Listing all the documents needed for the Visa application which I submitted. I understand the processing time should have been about 2 months rather than 8 months but hey we got there eventually.

Also submitted Biographic details for the applicant and me the Sponsor. Needed from me, Birth Certificate, Passport copy, Proof of Income, proof of deceased partner or spouse, history of relationship, and proof from City Hall of proposed plans, proof of accommodation, I suspect in fact I know we would not be at this point now of having obtained the Visa and attending a CFO Seminar without the continuous help of Visa Online Assistance.

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  • FLR(M) genuine & subsisting: we eloped, is that bad?
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Certainly good value For that Freddy we thank you very much. Regards, Kit and Aiza.

What type of couple are you? (Love Test)

They are very supportive from day 1. There was never a time I felt neglected on our journey to residency.

Evidence of your relationship with your spouse

They are very transparent. They do not provide false hopes. They tell you straight away if your chance of getting a visa is slim. Above all, they are trustworthy.

genuine and subsisting relationship quizzes

They think about the long term or permanent stay in one country, not just going abroad then return later due to lack of opportunities Rows Hipolito Wellington New Zealand Review We're elated when we've got a short visit to New Zealand with my grandchildren to spend time with my daughter and join Ayomide with her mom and dad in Wellington.

Until, I came across to this website. They answered all my queries in respect with my application, they assisted me with my study plan, and make an in-depth analysis and review to my application. Fortunately, I get the approval through their expertise and continuous support online. The consultancy support made by Mr. Fred was astonishing in giving clear and heavy application to the visa officer for approval.