Geralt and yennefer relationship problems

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At the very least, her actions give us insight of her disapproval. That said, Geralt and Yennefer's relationship is not necessarily a natural one. The genie's magic isn't what made Geralt stop loving Yennefer. seen Geralt and Triss together longer and how their relationship has evolved over . she constantly needs you to get her out of a bind, or to give her advice, or as a confidant. Aug 21, So, now coming to the actual issue of this thread, as the title gave it away, in my opinion there is It was always Geralt, but Yennefer was a mother for her. Ciri's and Yennefer's relationship and its progression in the books.

That said, Geralt and Yennefer's relationship is not necessarily a natural one. Without the need for unnecessary spoilers, Geralt frees a djinn, and is granted three wishes. Towards the end of the story, Geralt uses his last wish "so that Geralt and Yennefer, despite their many differences, could not live without each other.

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To quote Geralt, "My amnesia prevents me from remembering our relations in the past, but I have the impression I once loved a sorceress, deeply In the second game, it only comes to light at the end that Yennefer may actually be alive. It is suggested that she may also suffer amnesia.

geralt and yennefer relationship problems

While you can woo other woman, during Witcher 3, Yenneffer is mostly still under the spell of the djinn. Further towards the end of the game, Yenneffer will ask you to help her trap another djinn, during the quest The Last Wish.

She intends to use the djinn to remove the spell of the previous djinn, to find out wether her and Geralt truely love eachother.

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If you complete the quest, you have the option to tell Yennefer you still love her, or tell her you do not. It is clear that she still has feelings for Geralt. You can't imagine how much I wish this were in the game Anyway, if I look through all books again, I could maybe cite even much more than Scholdarr.

Those three are a family, each one of them would risk their life for the other one and Geralt and Yennefer were already ready to do it for her sake, and at the same time Ciri would have done everything to prevent that, and all three of them still do. However the game shows indeed a really deep relation between Geralt and Ciri, we see it in several moments. Several times we see Geralt and Ciri, they even do quests together, but what about her mother? She is nowhere to be found, even though she is finall in her grasp.

How reading the books reshaped my choices in Witcher 3 - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Giant Bomb

Since Yennefer regained her memory all she did was finding Ciri, while Geralt was playing "family" in W1 and playing politics in W2, but even though she does everyone she can do to find her, the reward is just pathetic compared to what she did for her.

She gets absolute no credit for it, even worse she is even being insulted by many for what she does, without thinking about why she does it, but the worst part? Nobody says 'thank you' to her, not even Geralt or Ciri, in the end it is Yennefer, who thanks Geralt for bringing her back. People falsely accuse her of working together with Emhyr, but she only use his ressources to find her, she never tried to find her for him, but for her sake. In the end it is Geralt, you, who can bring her to Emhyr or not.

She just used any ressource she could find to find her, save her, rescue her.

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Because it's her daughter. And yet, what does she get for all her effort, for all her work, for all her sacrifices, for all her denouncing by others? A hug, a very emotional hug to be accurate, but still it's just one hug and what does the game offer else for her?

What does Ciri actually say about her? When we finally find Ciri on that Isle of Mist, her first question isn't about Yennefer, but about Avallac'h?!?! Yes, it is mentioned times that Ciri was looking for Geralt and Yennefer, she even does it in this dialogue, yet when she finally meets Geralt, she wonders where Avallac'h is instead of her mother?

She doesn't even ask how she is Just Geralt and Ciri or all three, the whole family? We see an emotional hug, see a side of Yennefer, she almost never show, pure emotion. Something she was taught is a weakness long ago, but she didn't care anymore. She let everything out and was almost overly emotional, for someone who always keeps her composure, she was overfilled with emotions: She even says then: After all that time, all that struggle, they finally find each other, the family is finally united, but they do absolute nothing together, why?

Ciri doesn't even call her mother or Lady Yennefer and Yen doesn't call her my daughter or my ugly little owl or whatever it is translated in your language.

geralt and yennefer relationship problems

In German it's Eulchen, a cute little owl. Just look at that owl: Yennefer even tells Ciri that she should be happy that she doesn't need magic to look already beautiful. Why not like this: When I compare that to the books I mean, I hoped it would be like there, Geralt, Yennefer and Ciri on 3 horses doing their business as a family, but despite we have finally Yennefer in the game, it's only Geralt and Ciri doing their business First, why is Geralt sleeping in the big hall instead of with Yennefer, when he is back to his love of life?

It would be a good situation to let Yennefer explain, why Ciri should see Emhyr at least once and then decide what she wants to do.

geralt and yennefer relationship problems

It would also give Yennefer the time to explain herself, why she thinks it is something Ciri has to think about. Anyway, Ciri asks Geralt to come with her to kill him, they go, meet and kill him and 2 witchesall of it without Yennefer. After killing Imlerith they sit together and talk a bit: That's it again and someone is just missing