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But did Yukino like Hayato at some point and he let her down? Who is the. For me, the show hints that both Yui and Yukino love Hikky. But on He's jaleous of Hachiman who spends his time with his friends Yui and Yukino. Candidates "Y": Yukino, Yumiko, Yui, Haruno & Yoshiteru (huh?). Which one is The relationship between Hayato and Hachiman was still good ↑. Hachiman . This is one of million normal ways to bully someone. I don't. In the same way Hachiman and Yukino's relationship can be divided into 4 parts .. It's nothing overly significant, but it's all these tiny hints and Easter eggs that.

After his conversation with Shizuka, Hikigaya gives into his emotions and asks for help from the service club. This image was not modified, and unfortunately reflects on how Hikigaya is still somewhat of an outcast despite having made so much progress since season one. In spite of this, the day at the amusement park proves to be fruitful for both Christmas event planning and also helps Hikigaya learn a little more about Yukino: This invariably happens with light novels: Despite her demeanor and mannerisms, Yukino is said to lack a definitive personality, instead, striving towards an unrealistic ideal to impress her family and all the while resenting her position.

Shizuka was astute enough to surmise that out of everyone, Hikigaya would be able to help her open up and find her true self, and by the time the season concludes, it appears they are taking a step down that path. Isshiki is turned down after asking Hayato out. On the other hand, Yuigahama who had been fiddling with her cellphone had stopped her fingers and froze with a troubled expression.

The first time in the last chapter of Volume 1. There was the chance fellow students might be killing time there until the celebration party too.

So I wanted to avoid working at those places. My feet naturally carried me to a quiet place where I could concentrate. In the special building with no one around, I walked down the hallway and noticed the cold air.

We were starting to get deep into autumn. I arrived at the room of the Service Club and placed my hand on the door. Normally, I never had to worry about it, since she would always arrive here first. But today, there was no proof she would be here. I removed my hand from the door, thinking I should just give up and head home.

But the handle of the door was oddly light. I went ahead and opened the door.

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It was an unchanging, extremely normal classroom. However, if there was something completely out of place, it was because there was a single girl inside.

Under the setting sun, she was quietly moving her pen. This painting like scenery gave the illusion that even if the world had ended, she would, without a doubt, still be here in this room. The moment I saw that, both my body and mind stopped.

Noticing that I was standing there idly, Yukinoshita gently placed her pen on the desk. LN Spoiler It dawned on me that one day. That one day, would I ever be able to make such a place?

A place where I think I would want to return to. As expected of a loner, her observation skills were excellent. This must be the Buddha Eyes. Human observation was a skill of loners. But this apparently was seen differently by others around me. And when inhabiting a place for close to a year, even dogs! No one had qualms with me sitting here, nor did anyone decree I had to, nor did anyone force me to. It was far more pleasant than I was expecting it to be.

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Hachiman and Yukino are strangers. Hachiman has fallen in love with Yukino or to be more precise the image of the ideal Yukino he has in his head since the first moment he interacted with her. This is going to be something that people will object to, which is fine. While Hachiman may never admit that he has feelings for Yukino, it is strongly implied with all of his inner monologues of how time suddenly stops or how he has a shortness of breath when he is looking at her.

However this changes somewhere during Volume 3. In any case, as a result of the special education program for gifted students I received, I had never had any experience of being swindled in such a way until now. I doubted I would be deceived any time in the future, either. When I told Yukinoshita all of that, she let out a short sigh and rubbed her temple with her hand. I knew what a real smile looked like. When I said that, Yukinoshita picked up her walking pace! Then she looked back at me over her shoulder.

I saw her usual cold, unchanging expression. After that, without exchanging so much as a single word, the two of us embarked on our journey home. Perhaps it was a time when we should have asked questions and spoken to each other.

And because of that, we spent the time without any human warmth, as fellow people sitting next to each other on the train. When she arrived at the station we were getting off at, Yukinoshita stood up from her seat ahead of me. Once we got past the ticket barrier, Yukinoshita instantly stopped in her tracks. As my back was turned to her, I heard a small voice. My first impulse was to doubt my own ears. I spun around hastily, but Yukinoshita was already walking off.

She showed no sign of looking back at me. In the end, I watched Yukinoshita until she was completely out of sight. Yukino looking out for Hachiman. During the camping trip Hachiman and Yukino grow even closer to one another, Yukino opens up a little about her past. Near the end of Volume 4, Haruno comes to pick Yukino up in the same car that hit Hachiman. In Volume 5, Hachiman spends his entire vacation thinking about Yukino and interacting with the rest of the cast and getting their impressions of Yukino.

Near the end of Volume 5 S1E9when school starts, he sees Yukino for the first time. In Volume 6, Hachiman and Yukino have their first falling out. However he quickly forgives her when he sees that Yukino is in trouble. Hachiman not only comes back to her, but he also sticks up for her and supports her, which to her proves that the relationship she has with him is far stronger than any relationship she has had up until now, considering how up until that point most relationships Yukino has had ended with people rejecting her out of jealousy or abandoning her.

Her palm which hesitated between being open and being gripped was waved slightly back and forth. I had the urge to turn back after taking a few steps, but there were no signs of her footsteps stopping.

Can we stay as we are without looking back? Can I really ask one more time? In life, you can never take things back. Your mistaken answer will always stay as is. For the sake of knowing what the right answer is. At last, he and she find the correct answer.

Hachiman asks his question again. Not once did she ever bring up the accident. And this was the girl who would clearly say more things than she really needed to. The long, long silence continued. In the evening approaching club room, Yukinoshita remained looking down, unmoving. Staying still, I could hear just her voice. It was as though she was continuing an exchange we had some time ago. However, different this time was what came after.

Yukinoshita lifted her face. She gazed at me, straight on, and smiled. I looked at her expression and I finally understood. Suddenly, the words of the fox came to mind. All for the sake of knowing a new and correct answer. Had we just watched each other, then we could have understood too.

What is essential is invisible to the eye. In the span of almost half a year, we were finally able to know that we existed. Our statues were constructed from just our names and fragmentary impressions of each other, like that of mosaic, burying one fragment one by one until we were able to make up virtual images of each other. The first minutes take place directly after Yui asks Hachiman and Yukino if they are willing to go to the after party end of S1E After Hachiman declines, he steps outside of the Service Club and says the following: Since after the Sagami incident, all the girls in her class were grilling her on whether or not they were going out this bothers Yukino a lot, because she has firsthand experience as to how a relationship can be broken because of gossip and rumors Hayato.

Apparently this is also where the real story of Yahari starts. LN Spoiler In this changing world, Yukino will show her unknown side, which the last scene demonstrated where they return to the hotel.

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What kind of feeling did we want to convey in that scene? Neither Hachiman nor Yukino can express it with words. Now, while Yukino starting to develop a crush on Hachiman is great and all, there is one negative thing that arises from all of this: Hachiman, who fell in love with her at first sight, now starts looking out for Yukino.

Yukino, who has been looking out for him since the beginning of the series, now is starting to fall in love with Hachiman.

Yukino developing a crush on Hachiman. Their relationship is in a far healthier place. Near the end of Volume 7, Hachiman fake confesses to Ebina, Yukino is upset that he would hurt himself in order to solve the petty problems of others. Hachiman and Yukino have their second falling out. Hachiman suggests solving the problem with self-sacrifice again, Yukino says that is absolutely out of the question. Whatever he finds out in doughnut cafe makes his hope turns to opposite emotion.

Haruno calls him for the certain purposes and she needs him to do. She meets with Yukino and Hachiman in the shopping mall. So I want you to remember that this event happens before summer camp period. What am I, stalker? Data 1 When Hachiman and his friends are retrieving their baggage from the car as they come to the Chiba village, he sees a minivan arrives and he finds out that one of the people in that minivan is Hayato.

I will explain why it is later. Data 2 During prepare to make curry, Hachiman is preparing the fire and sees Hayato is looking at him. So Hachiman glares at him but Hayato still says the same answer. After that, Hachiman asks him to continue but Hayato says he will tell him later. Too bad because Hayato never continues about this again. Hayato still refuses to say even if Tobe importunes him, so Tobe has no choice but asks him just the initial.