Happy tree friends flippy and flaky relationship tips

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happy tree friends flippy and flaky relationship tips

Cartoons: Happy Tree Friends fanfiction archive with over stories. Rating: All, (? Ratings Guide), Rated K -> T, Rated K -> K+, Rated K, Rated K+, Rated T, Rated M Unsure of the relationship he's in, Toothy is left with two options. Stay, or 2 - Updated: Nov 25 - Published: Jun 26 - Petunia, Flippy, Flaky, Splendont. Flippy/Flaky is a coupling that promotes Flippy and Flaky are or should be a couple In the canon episodes, there are only vague hints that they might like each other make him her worst nightmare, adding to the darkness of the relationship. Happy Tree Friends has a rather extensive cast of characters. In each episode, at least one character is given a starring role, while others play supporting roles.

In "Every Litter Bit Hurts", she ties herself and Sniffles without his consent to prevent Lumpy from cutting a tree down. Her reaction to Sniffles dying as a result is to make Lumpy's truck swerve and crash by putting herself in his way.

Portrayed as a girly girl who is sometimes the Damsel in Distress. Just as long as you don't provoke her, she's a generally gentle and affectionate. Never seen without her bow. Very girly and has pink fur. In Every Litter Bit Hurts, she is shown to care about the environment greatly.

Harming the environment is a Berserk Button to her too. In "Home is Where the Hurt Is", she slides down a staircase full of nails pointing out, which obviously gets her groin. She's together with Cuddles in most episodes, who's a rabbit.

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She has gone out with half of the male cast, which include Mole who's a moleCaptain Russell a sea otterCro-Marmot a frozen marmot and Flippy a bear. She once swooned over Lumpy, who's a moose. Giggles is usually extremely abrasive towards Disco Bear. However, in A Change of Heartshe nearly dies of exhaustion while making sure Disco Bear stays alive.

She wears a red bow and is one of the nicest characters. Shows disgust when Disco Bear flirts with her. She has long eyelashes, pink furand wears a bow on her head. Tomboy and Girly Girl: The girly girl to Flaky's tomboy. She likes tea parties and playing with dolls, but Flaky lacks feminine looks and isn't into the stuff Giggles is into. Giggles is sliced up by the engines of the plane when the parachute she's riding flies into the propellers in Wingin' It.

She has dated many characters in the show such as Cuddles, or Flippy. Despite her relationship with Cuddles, she is sometimes seen dating other characters. Toothy "Using a toothbrush is tantamount for twinkling teeth.

Toothy is one of the four "original" Tree Friends and is most often played as the everyman. The creators of the show feel he doesn't have enough of a personality, and plan to bring him out of his shell in later episodes. His trademark injuries have to do with his eyes, mostly as shout outs to his most famous episode, Eye Candy. So far, he's been attacked by bees a total of three times, twice of which resulted in a bee sting to the eye.

Most of the time, due to his many painful eye injuries and low survival rate. As revealed in "Read 'em and Weep" he apparently owned the Necronomicon before selling it to Pop. Has barely any character traits besides his haplessness.

Made apparant by his roles being very inconsequential in most episodes. A Running Gag in the show has poor Toothy constantly suffering from eye injuries. Most famously in Eye Candywhere he accidentally jams a lollipop into his eye socket. In Keepin' it Reelhe gets a projector jammed through his skull, poking out his eye and burning his brain.

In Idol Curiosityhe is stabbed in the eye by his drink's umbrella and pulls his eye out. In The Carpal Tunnel of Lovehe gets a bee sting — to the eye and later his infected eye is ripped out of his head after Lumpy slams a door on him by accident. In the aptly titled Camp Pokeneyeouthe is hit in the eye with a rock by Cuddles' slingshot.

The very rare chance that Flaky and Cuddles, sometimes isn't playing this role, it'll be Toothy. Most of the time he is calmer compared to other characters.

In the TV Series. He gets the embarrassing merit of being the only main character who has never starred in a TV episode "Autopsy Turvy" doesn't count, due to his role being a fake-outeven the likes of Cuddles, Petunia, and Cro-Marmothad at least one episode focusing on them. This is thankfully averted later on in seasons three and four. Cuddles is sports-oriented and energetic, but Toothy is kinda shy. The entirety of "An Inconvenient Tooth" is all about Toothy's teeth over growing and him struggling to break them off.

Breaks a tooth after biting on a bean can in "Snow Place To Go". He has a very low survival rate, and is also The Everyman. He has freckles on his face.

Rhode MontijoDavid Winn present An idiotic blue moose whose lack of intelligence often lands himself and others into trouble while driving the plot for many episodes.

Lumpy is one of the four "original" Tree Friends and to date has the official highest kill count and starring count in the series. Despite his stupidity, he often holds high ranking jobs such as a doctorand is sometimes placed with the care of the smaller Tree Friends.

He shows signs of greed as well, as visited in several episodes. You'd be surprised on how many risky situations Lumpy managed to survive. For example, he managed to survive the arctic tundra in "Snow Place to Go" and managed to off-screen find civilization again, in "Remains to Be Seen", he managed to survive a zombie epidemic and a zombie! Fliqpy encounter, in "By the Seat of Your Pants" he manages to kill Fliqpy, in "See You Later, Elevator" where he is able to navigate a burning building, twice, and in "Read 'em and Weep", where he is able to subdue the demon that takes control of Cub not to mention it's heavily implied that Lumpy has much better control over the demon when he gets posessed.

While Lumpy was already one of the major characters before, his prominence has rapidly gotten large enough to overshadow several other characters.

In "Wingin It", he takes all the parachutes. It does come back to bite him in the ass when he dies.


In "We're Scrooged", he kills Toothy for money, but later gets crushed to death by a shelf. In the pilot episode, he kills Giggles, Cuddles, and Toothy just because they laughed at him.

When the smaller Tree Friends are in his care, he'll go to great lengths to try and protect them - even if he usually winds up killing them or himself in the process. He is the tallest of the Tree Friends. Lumpy is a blue and well-intended moose. Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Lumpy and Fliqpy have fought two times in the series and in both of them, Lumpy actually wins! He also manages to take down a squid the size of a small house with a mouse trap!

And Wipe Out reveals he's a pro surfer, even managing to juggle chainsaws while hanging ten! He climbs a rope with a freshly paralyzed back in Take a Hike, and the rescue he almost pulls off at the end of The Wrong Side of the Tracks also counts. In Wingin' It, Lumpy uses many electronic devices in a passenger jet in flight, disrupting its navigational systems. When the plane starts to malfunction, Lumpy kicks out the plane's door, sucking several characters to their inevitable deaths, and takes all of the parachutes for himself, forgetting to properly put on even one.

Lumpy's stupidity is the driving force behind the plots of many episodes. Of Bullwinkleto the point that the creators had to invert the direction of his antlers to keep him from looking too much like Bullwinkle. And he sounds a little like Goofy if you think about it The tallest Tree Friend and is also pretty nice. Several episodes have him being the accidental sole cause of the carnage that ensues but his luck tends to make him survive.

Most famously in "Aw, Shucks! That being said, there have been a lot of aversions also. Unintentionally in As You Wish, wherein he was a genie, but his attempts at granting wishes killed everyone. A large portion of Lumpy's deaths relate to him doing something thoughtless, usually while on the job. In Concrete Solution, Lumpy hides the fact he accidentally killed Handy by hiding him in the cement they were pouring.

Later he's crushed by the block of cement with Handy's corpse pressed in it. In fact, he hold the highest official kill count in the series His stupidity caused sooooooo many deaths.

The creators said the reason Lumpy has so many different jobs is because his incompetence causes havok wherever he goes, and gives different situations.

Flippy x Flaky HTF

In Out on a Limb, he is forced to cut his leg off with a spoon. Unfortunately for him, he cuts off the wrong leg In As You Wish, where he plays a genie in a table lamp. His wishes cause grave injuries or death to the other characters. It seems to have a reason - he is the tallest and probably strongest of the cast excluding Splendid, so the times he doesn't die immediately, he often gets injured. In the TV season, he has survived falling off a highway overpass onto the road below and then getting run over by Lifty and Shifty's van Concrete Solution and getting hit head-on by a truck and getting entangled in a bicycle A Change of Heart.

His dumbness is what usually jumpstarts a plot. Probably the most glaring example. His idiocy is what causes everyone to perish. In most of his appearances, he's usually a well-intentioned guy. Not only does Lumpy tower over the other Tree Friends, he also lacks the round faces that every other character has. He looks the most like the animal he is, compared to the other Tree Friends. He is also one of the few characters along with Sniffles who does not have a heart nose.

With Russellmostly in the earlier seasons. As shown in "Sea What I Found", where he and Russell go fishing and later treasure hunting together, in "Get Whale Soon", where they both get stranded inside a whale and where Lumpy's death was enough to get Russell into his flipped out stateand "In a Jam", where they make a band along with Handy and when Russell dies, Cuddles is made to be his replacement due to Cuddles' lost eye reminding Lumpy of Russell.

He plays the villain in We're Scrooged! In the TV episode Dunce Upon a Time, which is a Whole Plot Reference to Jack and the BeanstalkLumpy takes on the role of the lumbering giant of the castle in the sky, killing the other characters to make his meal and when they try to escape. There are times when Lumpy has bursts of intelligencewhich goes against his usual The Ditz portrayals. In Doggone It, he was the only one to realize the reason for Whistle's attacks.

In A Sight for Sore Eyes, he realized the danger The Mole's blindness poses to everyone and gave him a guide dog to replace his cane. He managed to finish the bridge in Concrete Solution despite his coworkers being dead.

He has a tendency to say "What the hell? Lumpy speaks with a deep voice, but in his death throes and instances of torture, he has a high-pitched scream. In "We're Scrooged", he lets Toothy die so he can sell his body parts. He seems to like sandwiches a lot. Petunia "Plant plenty of pretty, perfumed, purple and pink flowers! Petunia suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and is quite a neat freak. She is best friends with Giggles and they like to hang around with each other, have tea parties, play with dolls, etc.

She tends to die the messier deaths in the series, such as having her face pressed to a grill or getting pulled through a sink. For a long time, she was the only character not to have killed another Tree Friend—until she started a cooking fire in "Who's to Flame?

She looks at the camera after failing to grab a bowling ball in "I Nub You". Bring My Brown Pants: Special thanks to a cherry drink, she completely lets loose when she and Lumpy realize that the bus they were in was heading towards a cliff in "Happy Trails Part 1. A blue skunk who is one of the main protagonists.

Less than Giggles, but still falls into this on occasion.

Happy Tree Friends / Characters - TV Tropes

At first, she started out as a Palette Swap of Giggles, with the exception of her design; she would later grow into the extreme Neat Freak she is now. In Wishy Washy, with a potato peeler.

Although technically she was trying to peel the disgusting slime off her body at the time This also marks the only suicide so far in the entire series. She wears a pink petunia on her head.

happy tree friends flippy and flaky relationship tips

At first with Mime, who's a reindeer, but then with Handy, who's a beaver. She panics at the mere sight of dirt and filth. With Mime first, then Handy as her most prominent. In Happy Trails as well as Wingin' It; she seems to like her soda and juice-boxes.

happy tree friends flippy and flaky relationship tips

In "Wishy Washy" as she gets dirty from Lumpy trying to unclog the toilet. It eventually culminates in Petunia doing the only suicide in the series. Expresses disdain whenever Disco Bear attempts to hit on her. Subtly defied - It has never been hinted that Petunia smells bad, but her five showers a day, the flower on her head and the air-freshener necklace may have something to do with that.

Wishy Washy gratuitously showed us how bad it is with some serious panic attacks. Flippy smiling gratefully at Flaky in "Party Animal". She's his closest friend, as seen from most episodes. They're complete opposites and opposites attract. Flaky may be the only character Flippy is lately able to remain same around. They help to make the other stronger. Cons Flippy has a second self that might feel differently towards Flaky good-cop VS.

They're both mentally unstable. Flaky has developed a phobia of Flippy in the later episodes.

Though Fliqpy does not try to kill her there are occasions where he leaves her traumatized. Fliqpy has proven to be a bit over protective of Flaky.

happy tree friends flippy and flaky relationship tips

Songs considerable by fans A couple cosplaying Flippy and Flaky. Love the Way you Lie by Eminem ft.

happy tree friends flippy and flaky relationship tips

Warmness on the Soul by Avenged Sevenfold. T by Katy Perry lyrics, chorus, "You're not like the others, futuristic lover. A dark song that is quite fit for Flippy and Flaky, especially concerning the physical aspect of their relationship.