Harley and ivy relationship questions

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harley and ivy relationship questions

When Harley questions her about this, she reassures her in a very I also feel the common fan depiction of this relationship as softly romantic ignores both. DC Comics villains Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn aren't just a popular pairing of Batman villains, they're also a popular 'ship among fans. The Injustice comic book series already established that Harley and Ivy were a couple, but never suggested they were married before. Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy have a far more edgy, complicated, of the true nature of Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn's relationship in .. 10 Questions We Have After The 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Part 2' Teaser.

DC Comics: Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy Are Girlfriends 'Without Monogamy'

And I was thinking, 'Hey that's kind of cool, you know? Let's go with that kind of feel. Kevin Smith is an accomplished director, actor, author, screenwriter, producer, and comedian.

harley and ivy relationship questions

Smith became well known in the film business after the success of his low-budget film Clerks. The New Jersey comic book geek married actress Jennifer Schwalbach, and apparently she really loves him because she let him name their daughter, born inafter one of his favorite comic characters.

True False 13She isn't good with weapons. Harleen earned a scholarship to Gotham City University because she was a straight A student and prominent gymnast -- she trained ever since childhood. Her agility and gymnastic abilities have come in handy when she decided to hang up her white coat for a checkered jumpsuit to turn to a life of crime. Her psychiatric training taught her how to manipulate others without even lifting a finger most of the time. After all, she did impersonate a lawyer and a guard to get out of Arkham.

Smart, creative and acrobatically inclined, does she even need any weapons? True False 14Harley is immune to toxins. When she first appeared, her weapon of choice was a comedic oversized mallet. More recently, she's seen wielding a baseball bat, like in Suicide Squad.

Harley also likes to use an oversized revolver that can shoot out laughing gas. Most of her weapons don't usually prove to be effective, but that hasn't stopped Harley from kicking some serious butt when she needs to. Is it just her natural strength and stamina that allows her to go head to head with some of Gotham's most notorious bad guys?

True False 15Harley has blue eyes. Since the Joker's gal appeared in the Batman canons, she has gone through drastic revamps. Her classic red and black jumpsuit has changed to a red and blue getup consisting of not much more than underwear. Originally, she has been portrayed to have blonde hair, then her hair changed to a two-tone black and red, as a nod to her original costume.

Now she's seen with the blonde hair, but with blue and red dyed tips. However, one thing about Harley has not changed: What color eyes does the Clown Princess have? True False 16Harley was granted Amazonian goddess powers. Harley was working there as an assistant when the surrogate Catwoman, Holly Robinson joined the shelter.

Shortly after, Harley and Holly were brought to Themiscyra to begin Amazon warrior training. However, they never got the chance to properly train because they needed to help free the captured Olympian Gods, who were being held prisoner by Granny Goodness. In Gotham City Sirens 7, entitled "Holiday Story," the girls go home to visit their families for the holiday season. It's in this issue where we learn a bit more background about the anti-heroine.

Harley has a heart-to-heart talk with her father back home in Brooklyn. Did Harley grow up in Coney Island? True False 18Harley is a grandmother. Not much is known about the Quinzel family, and probably with good reason. It turns out, Harley was originally fascinated with psychology because she longed to understand her own broken family.

Her father was a really bad conman, who wound up in prison himself.

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Sharon, Harley's mother, doesn't quite understand her and wants her to give up the "villain and hero stuff"; meanwhile, her brother Barry is a "loser," who still has dreams of one day being a rockstar. It seems as if her sister is the only stable one, obviously stable enough that Harley trusted her to take care of her only daughter Lucy.

As part of the Batman: Over the course of twenty-six issues, we get to follow the ladies of Gotham through a number of adventures. Everyone knows how much Harley and Ivy care about each other, could she ever really betray her and Selina? True False 20Harley joins the circus in Coney Island. Harley decides to pack up her life in Gotham and move back to the Big Apple after an old patient of hers from Arkham leaves her his apartment in Coney Island in his will.

It wasn't a big change for her, growing up just a train ride away from the beachside neighborhood known for its eccentrics. It's there that she finally starts becoming her own person, breaking free of the Joker and her other Gotham City cohorts. While riding down the boardwalk on her motorcycle, she's protected the homeless and the tourists from mob bosses as well as zombie attacks.

Collider Mail Bag - Could The Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy Relationship Be Explored In Suicide Squad 2?

However, she still has to make some money, so she joins a crew that allows her to do that. Fans finally got to witness a kiss in Issue 42, and see their relationship explored further throughout the series. True False 22Harley was a part of the Female Furies.


DC's group of female warriors, who were trained by Granny Goodness and loyal to Darkseid, are called the Female Furies. The team first appeared in Mister Miracle 6 in Februaryand have had many different members throughout the years, including Supergirl and Knockout.

Darkseid has used the Female Furies to battle some of the most powerful superheroes, like Superman, Wonder Woman and the Suicide Squad --another team Harley was a member of.

Wonder Woman was later recruited to the team, along with Giganta, Batwoman and Catwoman.

harley and ivy relationship questions

Was Harley ever a part of this fantastic female led group? True False 23Margot Robbie's portrayal of Harley Quinn was the first time we saw a live-action version of the character. The blonde bombshell stole the show in her first role as the Clown Princess of Crime. Suicide Squad was a box office success, but a critical flop. Comic book fans were just so excited to see some of their favorite anti-heroes on the big screen for the first time.

Margot Robbie nailed the "Brooklyn tinge" that distinguished Harley's voice since the characters creation. Robbie is said to be the first live-action Harley Quinn, but is she? One would think that such a popular and commercially successful character would have been portrayed already at some point.

Meeting Pamela Isley, more commonly known as Poison Ivy, was one of the best things that ever happened to Harley. She met Ivy after the Joker sent Harley away on a rocket. Luckily, Harley was able to commandeer the ship and land in Ivy's part of Gotham City. At first, Ivy was going to kill Harley, but then wondered why Harley seemed uninterested in her own demise. After Harley explains her heartache, the two villainesses form a tight kinship.

Ivy takes her back to her lair and takes care of her. True False 25The first Harley Quinn comic book series in had 34 issues.

DC Comics Confirms Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy Got Married

This police officer harms Ivy in many ways, including leaving her in a hole without food. With the help of Gordon, Harley and Catwoman track Ivy down. When they find her, she's on the cusp of life. The only way they are able to revive her is by submerging her in water. Poison Ivy mentions that there was an Elvis impersonator at their elopement in Vegas. The Animated Series in the s.

Through the years, they have been seen as a couple in a loving relationship by fans. This is a major step in their depiction. Now it's completely possible to explore their connection more deeply in other mediums. This may seem like an unfair match given that Supergirl is one of the most powerful characters in the DC universe.

However, in the comics, Harley did manage to strike her pretty hard with a giant mallet. Unfortunately for Harley, Supergirl managed to ensnare Harley in her own weapon. Poison Ivy didn't fare much better against the Kryptonian.

A similar situation happens in the TV show, when Harley and Ivy even had the help of Livewire, but were still no match for Batgirl and her powerful flying friend. Tommy Elliot, the man behind the bandaged face of Hush, was a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne's. Tommy grew up hating both his parents and resented the Wayne family for saving their lives after a car crash. Luckily for her, her new teammates, Poison Ivy and Catwoman, track her down and are able to sneak her out from the clutches of Hush.

Poison Ivy is almost always shown to be a woman who has all the strength she needs without the influence of a man - or anyone else, for that matter. She always has a very clear-cut goal, usually connected to her love of the planet and her desire to protect it from harm. Harley, on the other hand, is a bit of a loose cannon. It's one of the things fans love about her. Both her actions and her dialogue feel off-the-cuff and fun.

The only thing that remains somewhat consistent is that she has an unhealthy romantic relationship with The Joker, who she just worships. Ivy's goal, in terms of Harley, is usually to get her to realize that she can do so much more than she's been told her whole life. These writers have villains put Harley and Ivy into so many suggestive scenes together. Showering together, scantily-clad sleepovers, and undressing in front of one another are just a few of the many moments that have alluded to a relationship between them.

Over the years, these rather obvious moments have been explored by a more diverse selection of writers who have further developed their relationship. In fact, they added a level of romance and intrigue. They've made these two women have a push-and-pull that have made fans of all ages, genders, and orientations want them to break the tension and be together.

In it, Harley Quinn bargains her freedom in order to get Batgirl to help save Poison Ivy from the villain Kitsune, who aims to either convert Ivy to her cause or get her to hand over the laptop with the formulas for her plant toxins.

Batgirl ends up fighting off Kitsune's gang while Harley frees Ivy.

harley and ivy relationship questions

After the chaos, Harley agrees to keep her end of the bargain.