Howard the duck and beverly relationship

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howard the duck and beverly relationship

Beverly would leave Howard again as she feared for his life. She moved to Maine where she began studying to be a. Beverly Switzler was a young life model living in Cleveland, Ohio who became a During her imprisonment, she met Howard the Duck who helped her escape. Odds are you've heard of Howard the Duck before, either from his feature film debut or his recent cameo in "Guardians of the Galaxy" last.

Two nights later, they boarded a plane from Fly-By-Night Airways, unaware the Bellhop was flying the plane via remote control. Seven hours and 44 minutes later the plane crashed in Canada, though they were both only roughed up a bit. Preston Dudley aboard his trusty steed, Prince, and alongside his trusty Huskie, Elizabethwho was quite smitten with Bev, and helped the pair back to his outpost, 60 miles from London, Ontario.

Dudley swiftly recognized their assailant as Canadian super-patriot Pierre Dentifris and, when Bev noted how "the cops back home can't even catch a cold! Bev seemed impressed when Dudley led them to Dentifris' clearly marked home, but Howard and Bev felt sorry for the seemingly helpless old man and left him, convincing Dudley to come with them.

When Howard and Ben went to bed, however, Dentifris' Bellhop agent burst in with an a hatchet; as Howard and Bev struggled against him, Elizabeth bit the Bellhop in the arm, and Dudley arrived soon after and arrested him.

Meanwhile, however, Bev was borne away by a colony of beavers under Dentifris' control and taken to Niagara Falls and placed atop a tree on its edge, a tree at the base of which the beavers began gnawing.

Howard followed soon after, but was confronted by Dentifris, wearing an exoskeleton as le Beaver, who challenged him to a battle atop a rope spanning the Falls. Howard started to meet him, then instead just turned around and ran off, while le Beaver fell, perhaps losing his balance from Howard's actions deliberate or not.

Dudley then arrived and helped Bev down, but though she praised Howard as brilliant, he just wandered off. Howard the Duck I 11 fb - BTS - Upon arriving in their hotel room, Howard collapsed on the bed, varying between tossing and screaming incoherently, then lying peacefully for days.

Howard the Duck I 10 - BTS - Bev watched over Howard as he remained in an addled stupor in his bed, exhausted and overwhelmed by his recent actions. Howard the Duck I 11 - As Howard remained incoherent, the doctor administered a megavitamin injection. As Bev feared the worst for Howard and lapsed into hysterics, the doctor convinced her to come have some hot tea and a meal with him so they could discuss the matter calmly.

No sooner had they departed when Howard awakened and swiftly despaired that Bev had abandoned him. Howard the Duck I 14 fb - BTS - Bev returned home from her discussion with the doctor to find Howard gone with no indication of what had happened or where he had gone. She eventually returned to Cleveland, figuring it was the most logical place Howard would try to find her.

Paul Same let her stay with him.

Zoey Deutch Watched Her Mom Have Sex With Howard The Duck - CONAN on TBS

Howard the Duck I 14 - After a week without a peep "let alone a quack"Bev expressed her fears to Paul Same while he painted her portrait, at which point Howard, possessed by Daimon Hellstrom aka Son of Satan 's Darksoul -- as a result of a conflict between Hellstrom and Reverend Joon Moon Yuc, the latter of whom was in the midst of an attempt to exorcise alleged demons from Winda Wester -- flew in through the window.

Bev was ecstatic to see him, but Howard, the Darksoul acting out his own angst over his perceived abandonment by Bev in favor of a handsome human doctor, yanked her painfully by the hair and then flew away to torture her further, dragging her by her shirt.

howard the duck and beverly relationship

Alighting on Sunspot Slope, Howard encased them in a circle of Hellfire, bent back her wrist, and inquistioned her about her feelings for him. As she and Winda returned, Hellstrom explained that Howard's spirit had left his body. After Hellstorm reunited Howard's spirit and body, Bev hugged Howard while Paul agreed to take on Howard and Winda as additional boarders.

Duck, rather than Mr. Dutch told Howard she had obtained the evidence he had wanted, that the army was conducting secret experiments on unsuspecting civilians. Howard and Bev thought she was a crazy waitress until she fled from soldiers rushing to stop her. Zastermarch, Bev walked down the street discussing the matter with Howard. Bev was pleased that the free press was going to print the story.

Pheels Goode was taken away in a straight jacket, ranting about ducks taking over the country after a series of his patients had reported a talking duck, Bev worried that if the shrinks were going nuts, what chance did the rest of the people have. Bev showed Howard the Persian rug, but he was unimpressed, meanwhile Winda unwittingly said Wigid trying to describe men as being too rigid with her rhotacistic speech impedimentactivating the rug, which promptly flew them to the rug's owner, Wigid, in Bagmom, with both Bev and Winda aboard.

As he began to inspect them, Beverly slapped him; while appreciating her spunk, the caliph summoned his powerfully built servant Rashid to take them to the harem.

Wijid cautioned about Americans being sensitive to abduction of nationals, but the caliph assured him it was Allah's will Meanwhile, with aid from a magic lamp also obtained on their shopping venture, and presumably originally belonging to Wigid, as wellPaul and Howard arrived in Bagmom, learned of Hassim's corruption and dealings with Roxxon Oil Company, and allied with the thief Ali Wazoo.

Howard was captured by Hassim and brought before the caliph as a gift. Desperately, they sang some nonsense version of "The Lullaby of Broadway," until Paul, alongside Ali Wazoo and his army of loyal patriots tore through the palace floor, revealing Hassim had bought off the caliph's army with petrodollars for his own enrichment. Hassim fled in his bi-plane, but Wigid granted Howard his coin-operated flying mule ride, which Howard flew alongside the plane, allowing the ladies to climb aboard; Wigid's "missile launcher" a little robot throwing knives then took out Hassim's plane's propellar, causing his plane to crash in Israel.

Howard the Duck I 15 - Walking the ship's deck after a swim, Bev encouraged Howard to ignore all the whispers and comments. They enjoyed watching the relaxing ocean until Winda accidentally beaned Howard with a shuffleboard puck, knocking him into the water, and the ship was attacked by a sea serpent in a top hat. Bev wondered if she could charm the creature by playing the recorder, but Howard hit a literal pleasure button on the serpent, and it happily swam away; Bev helped dry off Howard as he was hauled back aboard.

Bev, Howard, Paul, and Winda were invited to dinner by the ship's captain, and they danced to hard rock played on piano before dinner, and Howard ran off to barf when it was revealed as duck l'orange. Bev and the others rushed to the deck after hearing a boulder crash, after which they watched a shower of stones pelt the ship.

Beverly Switzler (Earth-616)

Bev and friends hid out under a rug until the neared an island, after which a boulder hatched open to reveal a concrete swan, and Bev, panicking, held onto its wing as it flew off, leading Howard to hold onto Bev as well. They landed in a pool of quicksand, but were pulled to safety by a group of Dr. Initially surprised by her lack of reaction to this madness, Bev nonetheless was shocked when they were confronted by Bong himself.

When he said, "May I welcome you to the island of Dr. Bev was impressed with the stone castle and his computer banks and machinery, but Bong admitted the latter two were non-functional ornamentation, purely to intimidate superficial intellects like Bev's, he was quick to point out. Bev remained confused as Bong defined himself as style over substance, thanked her for the lessons she had taught him long ago, and showed her his true seat of power, a typewriter.

As he subsequently proposed to her, Howard swung in to the rescue, but was swiftly restrained by Bong's creations, and Bong threatened to have Howard them kill Howard unless she agreed to marry him.

Bev desperately acquiesced, but she wondered what she'd done to Howard and herself after Bong ordered Howard be taken to the Evolvo-Chamber. Howard the Duck I 18 - Having misunderstood that Bong would leave Howard alone if she agreed to his request, Bev was distraught when Bong clarified that he had only promised Howard would not perish As Howard stewed in the Evolvo-Chamber, Bong tried to convince Bev she would approve of the changes he had planned; instead, Bev rushed to the chamber's controls, ignoring Bong's orders to desist, and began frantically flipping switches, pressing buttons, twisting dials, etc.

Nonetheless, the fluid in the chamber continued to fill over Howard's bill, and Bev gave up, fearing she had only hastened the process. Sobbing that she had let Howard down when he needed her most, she attempted to flee the castle, but was surprised to open a door showing the castle was now atop a Himalayan peak. Unable to accept the entire castle being relocating, Bev dropped to the ground, but Bong soon appeared, informing of her of her intended role as supportive, trusting, and obedient, not disruptive.

Agreeing to get him to stop squeezing her shoulder she said her trapezius, but it was her deltoid Howard the Duck I 19 - Back at Bong's castle, Bev rejoiced upon learning Howard had escaped, but Bong dropped her to the floor with a clang of his bell, warning he wouldn't countenance another such display of disloyalty.

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As she was his wife now, he demanded her allegiance, reminding her he could kill as easily as paralyze with a single peal. Bong then ordered his servants to take her to his chambers, and he would join her after he had exterminated Howard. Via newspaper reports, he tracked Howard and confronted him in Amy Pope's bathroom.

howard the duck and beverly relationship

She initially scolded Bong's creation Lassie for begging, but eventually gave Lassie her whole plate as she didn't have any appetite herself. She lamented that it was bad enough to be have married Bong to save Howard, but unforgivable that Bong never paid any attention to her. Comparing it to her mother's marriage, she stormed into Bong's lab where he was performing pointless experiments, and she reminded him of how he had lusted her, refused to be relegated to a cage in his menagerie, and demanded he take off his bell and play house.

He did so and embraced her, warning her that he played every game for keeps, and she shushed him, trying to prevent him from ballooning her expectations. Howard the Duck I 27 - In Bong's Himalayan castle, Bev did some gymnastics and dancing for Bong; exhausted by the effort, she was nonetheless happy to receive his applause. She admitted to being happy with him, and glad he had coerced her into marrying him.

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She was aghast, however, when he announced his plans for world conquest were proceeding apace, that they would rule the planet together, and he would regain his dignity by slaying Howard. Howard the Duck I 30 fb - BTS - Bev established a good relationship with Bong's creations, sneaking them double food portions and forcing Bong to ease off on their speech therapy. Howard the Duck I 30 - Bong confronted Howard, noting he must be destroyed because Bev still cared for him and that Howard was coming between him and Bev's undivided affections.

Bong announced his plans to slay Howard in front of Bev and humanity, then returned to his Himalayan castle. Meanwhile, Bev convinced Bong's creation Greta to give her the key with which she then activated Bong's Evolvo-Chamber, just seconds before Bong arrived home. As he bragged of Howard's impending doom, Bev secretly pondered her plans to save Howard. Howard the Duck I 31 - As Bong and Howard's battle in Skudge, Pennsylvania, carried them back to Bong's Himalayan stronghold, Bev was pleased to see Bong' creations had completed printing the desired newspapers.

Romancing the Duck | Blastoff Comics

She then delivered all but one copy of the papers to llama-riding messenger, directing him to deliver them to Cleveland. She then directed Bong's creations to bring the Evolvo-Chamber, and she confronted Bong just as he prepared to deliver a fatal blow to Howard. She then introduced Bong to the Bong Quintuplets within the Evolvo-Chamber; he denied being their father since he had never consummated the marriage, but she threatened him with the newspaper that would headline on Cleveland's Plain-Dealer newspaper the next day if any harm befell her or Howard: Lacking a spare, they walked to a house on the hill part of Fairer Fowl Farms estates ; Bev and Lee left Howard behind when he thought the place suspect, but he soon followed after see a lightning bolt.

Bev convinced foreman Hank Skidoo to let them in, but the crazed owner Mr. Chicken soon had Skidoo take Howard and Bev to be part of the farm; Lee escaped. Howard was sent to the rooster room, while Mr. Chicken's waldoes attempted to pluck Bev. When the waldoes grabbed Bev's hindquarters, she angrily tore the mechanical arms apart, comparing the experience to some of her past modeling assignments: She grabbed Howard dazed in a partially successful attempt to break out of the rooster roombut ran into Mr.

Chicken on the way out. Bev and Howard dodged rocket-powered feather darts, and Howard occupied Mr. Chicken with ejected eggs and opening the steamer cabinets until Lee returned, his tire replaced and smashing his way into the coop with his car.

Bev and Howard dove for the car, and Bev pulled the lagging Howard in before Lee took off. A few hours later, the trio arrived in Cleveland. As dawn arrived, Lee brought Bev and Howard to "To Hack and Back" taxi garage, which he had purchased with the money he had made from selling his New York diner; Lee offered Howard a job driving one of the taxis.

Lee then introduced Bev to Claude Starkowski called Starkowitz most of the time from here on outa brain damaged war veteran who fancied himself Tony Stark's relative, and who was serving as Lee's mechanic. Bev and Lee both chastised Howard when he blatantly ridiculed Claude, and Bev forced Howard to realize he needed to accept the job to pay his portion of the rent. She congratulated him when he successfully passed the exam.

Later, at To Hack and Back, Bev was amused when Bev got into the cab and could barely see over the dashboard. As Howard drove Bev to her first assignment, they were nearly overrun by Cleveland Marathon runners, and then Cleft Chin collapsed on the cab. Realizing Cleft had been drugged, Bev convinced Howard to help Howard win the race, rationalizing the cheating as OK to balance out the previous cheat.

They earned the ire of assassin Jackpot, the One-Armed Bandit, who stopped their car with a jackpot of coins. Jackpot stopped Howard's next assault, but when Jackpot threatened Bev, Howard began pulling Jackpot's arm down repeatedly, forcing him to disgorge all of his coins and leaving him wasted.

Bev helped Cleft across the finish line, and Howard revealed the drugging, so Cleft was declared the winner. Later, Bev arrived as Howard's rescuer, producer Dino Digitalis offered Howard a starring movie role, and when Dino offered to make her the co-star, she convinced Howard to accept the offer.

Bev then brought Howard to their new home, but soon after Howard and Bev were ambushed by the Kidney Lady and her construction worker ally, the Cleveland Clobberer. After Howard set-afire the Kidney Lady's monstrous Chair-Thing, Bev kicked the Clobberer in the shin and then drove him off with a broom.

As the Kidney Lady had fled, Bev comforted a stunned Howard, and they then welcomed the newly arrived Winda and Paul, whom they allowed to stay in their living room. Relaxing at last, Bev and Howard enjoyed some romance, unaware they were being watched by Pro-Rata via his mystic crystal ball.

When Howard escalated things into a fight, he was quickly overwhelmed, and Bev pulled him out and fled. When the mob caught up to them, they accepted an offer to hide out by Wally Sidney in his Conservative Clothier shop. Sidney swiftly admitted that he had been behind the whole animal-clothing movement, and he convinced Howard to start wearing pants to avoid being assaulted by the mob.

Bev was disappointed that Howard had to cover up his tailfeathers, which represented his duckness; she wondered if there was anything they could do to get him back to normal, and Howard encouraged the public to pressure on the people who had done this to him see comments.

Brushing off Howard's disparaging every town they lived in, Bev took a shower, and had Howard scrub her back. She seemed to disappear to Howard, but then surprised him with a tap on the shoulder delusion? As they said goodbye to Paul and Winda, they met their landlord, Cyrus Degree, after which Lee and Claude arrived to give them a ride to Union Terminal, where their movie, Duck Rogers, was to be shot Digitalis Productions midwest home of the stars.

Dino soon greeted them and showed them to their dressing rooms, while Pro-Rata dispelled the illusion of the set and production team he had conjured within the terminal. They were surprised to find the lot vacant as they re-entered it, after which Pro-Rata confronted them, and Bev said "Oh, Ducky, look!

Pro-Rata demanded the jeweled key to the Cosmic Calculator, and Howard revealed he had hocked it after their previous adventure to pay for clothes. Enraged, Pro-Rata assaulted them, but they defeated him and his Eggs-Men with aid from a talking coin-operated moon rocket ship. When the rocket stopped, allowing OJ to douse Bev with orange juice, she angrily kicked the coin deposit, which tilted, spitting out coins that she fed back into it, allowing the rocket to fly anew.

After the rocket slammed into Pro-Rata's flying cash register, Bev unwittingly distracted Howard, causing him to lose the advantage against Pro-Rata, but she redeemed herself by hitting the register's close button, dislodging Pro-Rata, sending him spiraling down to punishment from those who had loaned him power.

Howard and Bev narrowly escaped Pro-Rata's collapsing fiscal-verse, and they re-affirmed their feelings for each other after arriving on the vacant Union Terminal's floor. In the comic, the relationship was competely chaste, though Bev was every bit as attractive as she was in the movie.

She's shocked, but she and Howard quickly prove to be a good team: Turns out in the second issue that Bev has a boyfriend, but it's clearly not a deep, true love relationship. I actualy started buying the series with issue 7, so am not sure how Bev and her boyfriend split up, but he was clearly long gone by the time I started reading the series.

After Howard and Bev are seen in a manipulated photo taking a bath together, she lets us know she's worked hard to get a "good girl" reputation. She certainly had to undergo her share of sexual harrassment. Here, Howard is having a nervous breakdown. Bev is featured mainly in cameos, but here gets a full page.

Lucasfilm Okay, so if we're going to get super technical, Howard isn't actually the first Marvel character ever in a full-length movie; that honor belongs to Conan the Barbarian, who also had a bestselling comic book series by Marvel when his film was released.

howard the duck and beverly relationship

However, no one at Marvel actually created Conan -- their version was inspired by the pulp fiction character invented by Robert E. Howard in the mid s, which also inspired the movies. Howard the Duck, however, was a completely original creation by Steve Gerber for Marvel, who first introduced him as a throwaway gag in an issue of "Adventure Into Fear with Man-Thing.

Howard wears pants because of a legal dispute with Disney. So of course Disney objected on the grounds that Howard looked very similar to their cash cow, Donald Duck, and almost sued Marvel before giving them a chance to redesign the character.

Not only does he get to wear slacks now, but his forehead and beak are generally shaped differently then they were when the character first broke out in Lucas was already in debt at the time, having just spent all of his money on Skywalker Ranch, and had to sell off some of his assets to stay solvent.

One of those assets? His newly launched computer animation studio, which he sold to Steve Jobs at Apple and which eventually became Pixar Studios. Howard was most recently played by a Robot Chicken. Marvel Wonder who actually voiced Howard in his "Guardians" cameo?