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Relationship goals. #GooHara . shh_daily IG (HanSeonHwa) Sometimes Missing is the power #Youth never fall #InvincibleYouth #Juyeon #Hyomin # Sunny. Hyomin and Sunny show off their friendship in new selcas MusicKorean Drama Sunnies. T-ara HyoMin and SNSD Sunny I wish I could selfie this perfectly. The huge dome amplified the loud cheers aimed at | Tags: hyomin jessica snsd sunny tara sunbyung ot9. She took a few slow steps forward, her eyes filled with an untarnished hope like one of a child with many goals, as she . how sunbyung's relationship is portrayed in your story and also in other.

Really nice vocals, but her dancing was so damn good. She got us all on our feet, which was pretty funny because the Koreans just sat the entire time and clapped. SuJu's Kyuhyun performed a ballad with g. She was so hot and they were pretty entertaining. Their dancing was sick. Jay Park did some break dancing and they were just amazing. We were on our feet cheering so loud and even a few of the Koreans got up with us.

Apparently, KBS said we were the best audience they had ever had for that show. I can believe them. As we left, KBS cameras were filming us all voting for who the winner of the show should be. Music Core was siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick.

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Once again, cameras weren't allowed, but I managed to sneak a few shots in. Please forgive the shitty quality, I didn't want to get caught. Ushers were grabbing people's cameras left and right though so I didn't want to try my luck anymore after this which explains the no pics of Immortal Song and the concert.

We were able to cut in front of the line of people, which I'm sure made Korean fangirls very happy. We went in for rehearsals and also the live show. So we got to see most everyone twice.

T-ara's Hyomin displayed her close relationship with SNSD's Sunny

It's pretty interesting though, some of the stages were pre-recorded, like Miss A and 2PM. While their pre-recorded video was playing for the TV audience though, they still came and performed for the fans.

All of the artists that performed were really good. Lyn was SO good. She has such a nice voice. I seriously lost it for Hyuna though. Our section was cheering so loud for her. She looks much skinnier than on camera, too. They were so loud. I was deaf in my right ear because they were all right there.

T-ara came out and a few of us T-ara fans in our group were doing the Roly Poly fanchants really loud. I definitely lost my voice for a bit afterwards. They were awesome even though they wore sweatsuits hahaha.

Speaking of T-ara, Jiyeon is a total boss. During rehearsals she was hauling ass after their rehearsal to get back to the MC area. I have respect for that girl, she works very hard. Their stage was pre-recorded so they were kind of goofing around on stage and then got into it.

They even ran up into the crowd until a crazy fangirl got up and ran after them and an Usher had to grab her. I wasn't too fond of Put Your Hands Up, but after seeing them do it live? Their was so much energy in the studio.

Everyone was standing and dancing along with the guys. They are great performers for sure and had a lot of fun with the audience. These pictures were all I could get. They were from rehearsals, except for the shot of the MC's. That was right when the show started. After the show ended, we were met with a pretty nice surprise. We got to meet 2PM and T-ara!!! I was secretly praying for something like this to happen the entire time, so I was pretty excited. We were led onto the Music Core stage and then the guys of 2PM came out and shook some people's hands and took a picture with us.

Yes, Nickhun is a damn good looking guy in real life, I'll admit it. Taecyeon was awesome though. He was goofing around with us in the back when we were taking the pictures. I got to shake his hand as they left. After 2PM left T-ara came out to say hi. Oh my God they are gorgeous. She was dancing around like a goofball.

Boram was this cute little thing you just wanted to pick up and put in your pocket. Jiyeon was a total boss with her dark eye makeup and looks even prettier than you can imagine. Hyomin was a sweetheart. As they were leaving I called out her name and she turned around and smiled at me. My heart melted right there. Qri was very pretty and Hwayoung looked really nice. Soyeon was such a cutie. I only wish T-ara would have stayed longer, but I am really thankful they and 2PM took time out of their schedule to come meet us.

Now for the best day of my life. We arrived at the venue at about There were already a TON of people in line because the previous day we heard that a lot of stuff sold out very fast, especially Taeyeon items she is the most popular in Korea it seems. They had a Vita booth set up on the far end of the line where you could play a small memory game and get some free stuff. There was a board with 20 spots and you had to find the match to the SNSD member the cute girl pointed to.

I got a Vita poster and a Sunny laminated print, surprise surprise, Taeyeon wasn't available, and I got there as soon as we showed up! At least I got a picture of her and her friends. After a long wait, I got to buy my concert goods at around 1: Luckily Taeyeon stuff wasn't sold out yet so I got everything I wanted. The brochure is amazing. It's huge and has a bunch of pictures in it.

Even after all that time, the line for goodies was just as long as when we arrived. After I put my stuff on the bus it was time to get in line for our section.

From this point I have no pictures because I was not risking getting booted out for using my camera. There was tons and tons of press there. I got interviewed a few times as did many other Soshified members. The press had us cheer a lot and dance and sing for the cameras.

It was pretty fun, but some people were getting very tired because it was HOT and a few people were getting sunburns.

Plus we had been standing all day and we were about to stand again for 3 more hours at the concert. I saw some Japanese fans dressed up in the yellow Mr. Taxi outfits and the blue and red Hoot outfits. They got some cheers from the sones waiting in line haha. At 3pm we started to go into the arena. Our section was Standing B which was right in between the center stage walkway and the right side walkway.

We were right up next to the main stage. A few Soshified members were able to text that Soshified was there and we all cheered when they were displayed. Yuri, Hyoyeon and Jessica texted that they really missed the fans and were eagerly waiting to see us, we just had to wait a bit longer.

Hyomin reveals her Sunbyung sexual fantasies

There were all the members' Vita commercials playing on the screens and every time they came on the crowd cheered. There was also this one annoying commercial for GMarket and it played so much that by the time the concert started we were all chanting along to the commercial.

The k-sones thought that was pretty funny. Also before the concert, that KBS reporter followed us in and interviewed me in the standing area. It was so loud I had to practically yell into the mic.

I can't even remember how many interviews I did. I did one with 2 other Soshified members that Yuri actually mentioned at the press conference that she had read, which basically made me fall out of my chair.

SM had been showing the girls all of the coverage of us and they were going to try and recognize people in the audience. Nice for me since I was on about 5 different news stories haha. The time finally came and the lights went out and the intro video started playing. Everyone was getting super excited. The first song was Genie and the girls emerged from the diamond cube in the center of the stage. Yoona and Sunny were on our side.

You guys have no idea how pretty Yoona is until you've seen her in person this will be a recurring theme for all members. Cameras are not enough to capture her beauty. Genie was explosive with fireworks and Rapper Hwang Tiffany making the crowd go wild. Then they went into "you-aholic" and "Mr. Taxi" started everyone was excited, then they heard the lyrics.

They were in Korean instead of Japanese! The crowd went NUTS. Then they did "I'm in Love with the Hero" which was so great.

Half the girls went up on wires almost all the way up to the ceiling and the rest were down below on the stage holding up wings. Epic song and performance. After a short video the girls came back and sang "Let it Rain" in Korean. Great song and the crowd really appreciated the lyric change from Japanese.

All the girls sounded so amazing during this song. They really have a lot of talent. After this song they came up front on the main stage and introduced themselves.

I couldn't really understand all of it, but I did catch some stuff here and there. Yoona said she missed the fans. Tiffany said hi to us in English.

Tiffany and Hyoyeon came over to where I was standing, which was off to the right a little bit and right at the front, not 15 feet from them. I was showing a heart sign with my hands and Tiffany saw me and did the cutest heart over her head and smiled and waved at me. Tiffany's eye smile is absolutely killer in person. Nobody would be able to resist it. Then Tiffany finished up her part of the song, turned to me and winked. I almost fell over.

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Hyoyeon saw me too and smiled and waved. She is straight up hot, no lie. I don't know why cameras are unfair to her sometimes because in person she is simply HOT. She was giving so much fan service all night. Sunny also came over my way and gave me a heart over her head with the brightest smile.

I love Sunny so much, this was one of the happiest moments of the concert for me. She is beautiful in real life. Sooyoung also came over to my side and pointed at me and waved.


So pretty, those legs are no joke. During "Kissing You" and "Oh! The fan chants were so loud, it was amazing to experience it first hand. After this, Hyoyeon came out for her solo stage in a stunning white one legged leotard and just slayed Rihanna's "Please Don't Stop the Music". Her voice was just great, which is awesome because she is not known for her singing. Her dancing was, as expected, powerful and sexy.

Next up was Jessica singing "Almost" by Tamia at the piano in a flowing feathery dress. When she got up from the piano and was slowly walking down the center in that dress, it was just so elegant. Some Jessica fans were said to have been bawling their eyes out, and with good reason. Then came probably the biggest surprise of the concert. She sang Britney Spears' "3" and was incredibly sexy during her performance. Besides Jessica's statement that the group made her choose between them and her business, there were rumors of Jessica's wanting to leave the group circulating for almost a year before the scandal hit.

Then there are those few who believe the less reasonable theory that the booting from SNSD was supposed to be a bluff to hurry Jessica, who had not yet arrived for promotions - which she supposedly seriously, and out of feelings of betrayal, complained on social media before anyone could even realize what had just happened. The reveal that she had officially filed suit to leave SM Entertainment using a Sejong lawyer - despite repeatedly insisting she hadn't been meeting with lawyers at all - did nothing to help her case.

And then a someone posted an interview contrary toshe was in a relationship with Tyler alongside the release of her mini-album, and she said she keeps in contact with some of the members The fandom went nuts.

Some fans believed the interview had been faked, but Jessica has since brought up her relationship with him in other interviews.

And then the announcement in December that Jessica will be releasing a solo albumand that Tyler had purchased Clear Companyhome to Playback a group which SNSD has publicly supported. Jessica's interest in a fashion empire had the potential to mess up SNSD's endorsement deals, their main source of income, really badly, as it would be treated as a rival company by sponsors who would either withdraw their offers towards SNSD, or simply not hire Jessica in the photoshoots, which would lower the SNSD brand value significantly and their potential profit.

SM Entertainment would not see any cent from Jessica's personal revenue either. Booting Jessica and smear her image to save the product seemed like a pragmatic decision. Also, Sooyoung's launching a brand of her own called "Beaming Effect"which fans were quick to note had the initials "B. Some believed this was a jab at Jessica, others believe it is simply a coincidence. Jessica's departure has even brought attention to her sister Krystal.

Krystal has been the subject of several controversies over her sour expression every time she sees SNSD performing, and even walking off the stage to avoid them. It's worth noting that Krystal supported her fellow f x member Sulli leaving the group to continue her dreams, and has criticized Jessica in the past when she didn't agree with her, so it's obvious Krystal definitely thinks Jessica has been wronged in this whole fiasco.

She even walked hand to hand with Jessica in W Korea Event, just to show her support publicly. Krystal's groupmates Sulli, Amber and Luna, however, have all continued to show nothing but admiration and respect for SNSD, so make of that what you will.

Seohyun", with Seohyun given less lines and some feel shoddier styling. They've been kissing each other since long before. They've even stated that Sunny was everyone's first kiss.

The pairings are divided as follows: G-Dragon of Big Bang also mentioned it in his song "Leaders": TaengSic Taeyeon x Jessica. No one knows what happened between them or why their interactions just completely stopped. WMG from fans range from them getting into a fight to Tiffany stealing Taeyeon away. Has also sort of become a fandom inside joke. Officially sunk ever since Taeyeon was revealed to be dating Exo's Baekhyun. She Really Can Act: A lot of fights over ships occur, particularly in the TaeNySic triangle.

Also see Memetic Mutation. It was revealed that a year-old man had been pretending to be a video director for SM. This, uh, "job" of his led him to do things that were many leaps and bounds beyond the usual creep. He not only started a rumour about an English album that Taeyeon herself had to shut down, he also made a fake casting call for young girls and women to come out and dance for an alleged music video in LA.

He had several fake profiles of SNSD members set up SM has repeatedly stated that no member has Facebook and used them to make himself look more "real". As a result, he had young women fawning over him, calling him "oppa", "appa" and "papa angel" - allegedly some of them were fake profiles he created.

Thus, he came across as borderline pedophilic, regularly interacting with vulnerable underage girls and pretending he knows their idols to manipulate them. He also posted badly edited photos of himself and "official" ID cards with blatant spelling mistakes and artists listed on the cards whom didn't even belong to SM. It's unclear if he really did work for SM as people have mentioned that, while they did indeed see him at various K-Pop events, his behaviour was very odd unlike the usual SM representative, he wasn't wearing identification, was wandering around and not doing anything etc.