In the flesh kieran and rick relationship marketing

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in the flesh kieran and rick relationship marketing

Apr 27, Another guy was moving through the market, and slowed by the slaves to . Kieren was put to work fetching and carrying as Rick needed, unable to . slightly off about the relationship between father and son for a while, but it. Jan 22, Comments & replies; Public profile · Account details · Emails & marketing In the Flesh box set review: a thrillingly original take on the whole zombie three years ago, distraught at the death of his best friend Rick, a soldier in Afghanistan. Later, we see Kieren embarking on a relationship with cult leader. Buy In The Flesh, Season 1: Read Movies & TV Reviews - Will Kieren and Rick be able to find acceptance as PDS sufferers? . of the way the government presently plays a huge role in the Pharmaceutical market. . to be reminded of some of the deepest human relationships in a zombie series).

With new and old faces popping up in the village that will threaten to disturb his newfound happiness, will Kieren ever get the chance to have that normal life he so desperately craves? This is my very first fanfiction and it is going to be a long one.

Can We Get Clean Again? (Kieren/Rick)

I had been toying with the idea of putting fingers to keyboard for several years now, but series 2 of In the Flesh moved me so deeply, I was inspired to write this. I desperately wanted to find out what would happen next, so if series 3 were never made, at least I would have some answers from my own imagination.

In the Flesh, the series, original locations and characters, belong to the immensely talented writer and creator Dominic Mitchell. I hope he does not mind me borrowing them for a while, but I do promise to put them back once I am done.

in the flesh kieran and rick relationship marketing

Although, if I could keep Simon Monroe for my own, I certainly would! Moving On And Moving In Chapter Text Kieren Walker sighs as he surveys the almost empty room that has been his bedroom for the last twenty-three years.

Well, eighteen years the first time around and then another year after The Rising. After the four years he was away, when he came home he was surprised to find that his parents had kept his room exactly as he left it. Kieren smiles grimly to himself at the term. Yes, he had certainly left it, if you call slitting your wrists and spending a month buried in the ground, moving out? Or rising as a Rabid, without a thought in your head, except for that unquenchable hunger to kill every living person who crossed your path for almost three months, moving out?

Or even being captured, medicated and rehabilitated for what seemed like forever in Norfolk, moving out? Or rising as a rabid without a thought in your head except for the unquenchable hunger to kill every living person who crossed your path for almost three months, moving out? This time around, however, he was properly leaving home and funeral directors need not apply.

The story was that he was moving out to be housemates with Simon at the bungalow. That was what he had told his parents anyway, but everyone knew Simon was a little more to Kieren than just someone to share the utility bills with. That was all before Kieren though, as nothing brings what is really important into sharp focus quite like falling for someone, even for one of the twelve disciples of the Undead Prophet.

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Or should that be existence? Anyway, whatever it is now; taking a bullet for Kieren went some way to persuading them that he was an okay sort of a bloke and not the bad influence they originally feared. His dad had accepted the housemate explanation at face value.

Steve was always good at believing what he wanted to believe. One thing was accepting that his son was partially deceased, but coming to terms with the fact that his son was in a relationship with another man almost ten years his senior even if aging was not really a concern for either of them anymore, was something that would take time. Their thighs were pressed tightly together from hip to knee, while hands occasionally brushed familiar skin and sometimes even came to rest on familiar limbs.

Yer know, after what happened with Rick. She knew her husband would get there in his own time and in his own way. Steve thought for a moment, and then realisation crossed his features. Very touchy feely those artistic types. Could yer pass me the marg, please? It seemed silly, but neither Simon nor himself could bring themselves to clear her things out, even if she was not going to be coming back from the grave for a second time.

Kieren Walker

The Second Rising had not happened and although the dead now could never again be considered as gone for good, it seemed too much to hope to see his BDFF again. Simon is helping him set up his new Smart TV, after an accident involving Jem and their cordless phone had sent the last flat screen to television heaven.

Taking one last look around to satisfy himself his job is complete; Kieren picks up his suitcase and carries it down the stairs. Placing it by the front door, he makes his way into the living room to check on how Simon and his dad are getting on. The room is dark with the curtains drawn, despite the fact it is barely two in the afternoon. Both men turn to look at Kieren as he enters and he instantly has to stifle a laugh. They are both wearing dark glasses. Never have guessed that, dad. Thought the new flat screen yer got was just faulty.

Clearly he is itching to hurry this conversation along so they can leave as soon as possible. There is, after all, only so much Blu-ray talk a person can handle as Kieren knows only too well from past experience.

Both men watch him leave before turning their attention back to the marvel of 3D technology. Kieren does his best to pay attention, but he is distracted, consumed with an overwhelming sense of gratitude towards Simon for his continued patient indulgence of his family.

Not to mention his valiant effort in sticking it out all morning with his dad as Kieren begins to wonder if he will even make it through so much as five minutes of this. He turns to find Simon slouching against the doorframe. Simon walks fully into the room, looking about him in silence. His pale eyes survey the space around him like a detective looking for clues. He gestures towards the numerous artworks on the wall, which Kieren painted before he died.

Simon has been subtle, but they both knew his question only refers to one painting in particular; the portrait of Rick Macy. The fact that he purposely is not making eye contact does not go unnoticed by the younger man. This is slightly awkward. Kieren tries to think of the best way to explain without making anything sound too heavy or a big deal. Even though, in the grand scheme of things it is, in fact, a very big deal indeed for him. Only seconds pass as he considers what the right words are to use.

He needs to try and convey several important things that they have never really discussed before. The most important being the way he feels and how things have changed for him now Simon is in his life sorry, second lifebut the silence stretches out between them as if it were hours until finally, he just purses his lips in determination and tries to make his next sentences sound as casual as possible. His parents are downstairs so it is not breaking their self-imposed rule.

That was not so difficult.

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And it was true. Rick had meant everything to Kieren back then, more than his own life. So much so that he had ended it all when he heard Rick had been killed in Afghanistan. He still loved Rick and still missed him every day. He visited his grave often in the new cemetery and told him the things that were going on in Roarton.

He passed on all the local gossip regarding people they knew; who was up to what and even sometimes with whom, and generally rambled on about all the new developments in his life now. He had even told Rick about Simon. Or rather, him and Simon. They at the house and settles down with Simon awkwardly as they try making conversation with each other.

in the flesh kieran and rick relationship marketing

This angers Kieren and prompts him to angrily tell his own story of when he rose, revealing details of him rising at midnight where no others had risen yet. He storms out of the house with Simon following shortly behind. At the bungalow he sits in Simon's room, taking out his contacts before beginning to wipe away his mousse. He then walks over and does the same to Simon. Episode 5 Edit A now "au naturel" Kieren is accused of breaking into the hospital and releasing the untreated PDS sufferers from their cage, and defacing the walls of the hospital with ULA graffiti with Simon.

It was shown to be two of Simon's followers trying to impress him, but the townspeople believe Kieren was the one who is guilty. He is given a tape recorder and told to confess his crimes.

After being pressured to confess to crimes he didn't commit, he slams the tape recorder onto the floor after yelling that he didn't do it. He's told that he will be put under house arrest until he can be transported back to the Norfolk treatment center because of his "noncompliance". Episode 6 Edit Kieren, under house arrest, is put under even more restraint by his father, Steve.

Steve locks Kieren in his room from the outside before he and Sue leave for the Fete with Jem. Kieren uses a wire to push the key left in the door out of the keyhole, using a piece of paper to retrieve it. However as soon as he opens the door, he is surprised by Gary.

Kieren is quickly overpowered by him and gets restrained. Gary tries to get Kieren to confess to the criminal activities affiliated with Simon, who he also demands the location of.

In the Flesh

After Kieren says he doesn't know where Simon is, Gary begins ransacking the room which leads to him finding a bottle of Blue Oblivion. Kieren had hidden it away after taking it from Amy and Simon's bungalow earlier. Gary is convinced Kieren is a part of the Blue Oblivion attacks and was going to use it at the Fete.

He forces Kieren into his truck and takes him to a nearby field, administering the Blue Oblivion into the hole in his back before cutting him loose. While desperately running away, Kieren is unaware that Simon has returned to Roarton and witnessed his abduction. Simon had been following him to complete the Undead Prophet's mission of initiating the Second Rising by sacrificing the First Risen, who Kieren was believed to be.

After stumbling to the graveyard, Kieren attempts to secure himself to a metal grate over Vicar Oddie 's grave, but isn't fast enough before the Blue Oblivion takes effect. Steve approaches Kieren and attempts to bring him out of his rabid state. Kieren is shown fighting the effects of the Blue Oblivion. The two get even closer, scaring the townspeople.

Pearl Pinder shoots at Kieren. Simon, who had been watching from a distance, jumped in between her and Kieren, saving him but getting shot in the back as a result. Shortly after, Kieren successfully fights off the last of the Blue Oblivion and returns to his normal self. Afterwards, Kieren and Simon are shown in the waiting room of the hospital. They have a heartfelt conversation, and before Simon can tell Kieren why he was in the city, Phillip rushes in carrying Amy's body.

After she passes away in the hospital, Kieren reads her will and puts together her funeral. Back in the present, Kieren retreats out of the shop and goes home where his parents have fallen asleep on the sofa waiting for him.

He tells her eh gets flashbacks of his memory returning and says she was there when Lisa was killed. At the Masey household, Bill is coaching Rick on how to kill Kieren — making it look like Kieren was the attacker.

in the flesh kieran and rick relationship marketing

And then he runs out of ciggies and Rick volunteers to go get some — secretly collecting change off his mother on the way out. Money for the phone box. I always put it back! And in a moment of subtle, but perfect writing — Jem gets a biscuit from the cupboard — she gets 2 and gives Kieren one.

Rick leaves a message on the phone telling Kieren to run if he sees Rick or Bill coming. He tries to say more but he runs out of money. He goes to confront Phillip and it seems a new council law has been passed saying all houses with PDS people inside must be identified.

Bill drives Phil off. They go in and sit down — the family still produces missing posters for Lisa, in case anyone has seen her. Her mother, Patty, even leaves the patio door open just in case. Kieren agrees — to give the parents hope and faith. Unf, heart strings ripped round two. Meanwhile, Dean, locked in the Rotter prison is not getting much charity from his neighbours, with abuse from a child and middle aged women spitting at him.

The Vicar delivers a rousing fire and brimstone sermon encouraging everyone how evil the PDS are, with Bill looking at Rick constantly. He grabs her by the hair, holding her down and painting her face with concealer. They pass the train station and Kieren sees Amy on the platform, Jem leaves and encourages Kieren to stay and speak to Amy.

The Undead Prophet on his website says he has a commune, with his own answers. Kieren says Rick put on an act around his dad. The train arrives and they have a touching goodbye. Including one woman whose son is getting sexy letters from people who are fetishising him being PDS. She reads it aloud while the other women desperately control their smiles. Janet speaks of being ashamed of being scared of Rick — her own son.