Jeannie and major nelson relationship

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jeannie and major nelson relationship

There's a lot of Jeannie/Major Nelson fiction and imagery out there by . of a consensual dominance and submission relationship, in which a. BARBARA EDEN talks about life with her I Dream Of Jeannie co-star Larry Hagman's astronaut Major Nelson assumed that the duo were “We did not, although Larry and I had a connection, something that was intangible. I Dream of Jeannie is an American fantasy sitcom starring Barbara Eden as a 2,year-old . In actuality, the home of Major Nelson was filmed at the Warner Ranch, in Burbank (on Blondie Street). Many exteriors were filmed at this facility.

jeannie and major nelson relationship

What the relationship between Nelson and Jeannie eventually becomes. A common occurrence in the show. Tony justifies it both by pointing out how much trouble he could get into if unexplained wealth starts pouring into his pocket and by noting that he wants to earn what he gets.

jeannie and major nelson relationship

The show was infamous for its poor continuity. Or the examples, one of the most infamous was that early episodes flat out stated that Jeannie was originally a human girl, born of human parents. Later episodes retconned this with Jeannie flat out saying she was born a genie, and Jeannie had various genie relatives appear in the show, notably her evil sister.

To make it worse, the show still went back and forth on this. Jeannie having been born a genie was pretty much settled on with the third season. One season 1 episode showed that Jeannie had a pet lion when she was younger, stating that it was her only pet. Later episodes introduce Djinn-Djinn who was her long-lost pet dog who was also a genie-dog. Whether or not Jeannie could be photographed depended on whether it can cause more conflict to the plot.

The second TV movie flat out said the Jeannie's sister never had a master before, despite us seeing one in her first appearance and another epsiode saying she had hundreds of masters and husbands before. Bizarrely, it was also implied she never went to the real world, as if the character never appeared on the show.

Added to that, Evil Jeannie originally had brown hair; it became black in later episodes. One season two episode features Jeannie being horrified of Tony going to the bank because people in her time would have their ears chopped off if they could not pay off the loans. A season five episode is driven by Jeannie being utterly confused by the concept of credit. Easily explained by Jeannie grasping the concept of physical money changing hands but not that of a line of credit.

Credit cards were only just becoming commonplace during the original run of the series, making this a Period Piece: One episode explained that if Jeannie had married Tony, she would become human and lose her powers, but their children could potentially be genies.

When Jeannie and Tony actually did marry in the final season, Jeannie retained her powers without issue. Added to that, the same episode showed that Jeannie and Tony, if they married, would have a mortal son and a genie daughter. Another point of inconsistency was whether or not Jeannie had masters before Tony. Despite being imprisoned for 2, years until Tony found her, right after becoming a genie, Jeannie would often discuss having other masters, and at other time refer to Tony as her first master.

In "My Master, the Ghost Breaker," Tony's great uncle's lawyer introduces himself as James Ashley, though is later referred to as Edward Ashley, then listed as James Ashley again during the end titles.

The Bellowses, collectively Offscreen Teleportation: Jeannie is fond of transporting Roger to faroff places like Antarctica and the African jungle. Somehow, he makes it back to Cocoa Beach in one or two scenes when enough time to have made it back by nonmagical means hasn't passed.

Happens three times in the first season episode "I'll never forget what's her name. Our Genies Are Different: Female, in Jeannie's case.

Justified with Jeannie originally being human; though this was later retconned. What's more, genies have a corporeal nature, such as having blood. They also cannot be filmed or photographed but only if it causes more conflict in the plotthough they do have reflections.

After putting him through various tortures, in the end, both Tony and Roger find themselves under a swinging pendulum about to slice their throats. The narrator in Season One implies that Jeannie is over two thousand years old when Barbara Eden was really three years Larry Hagman's junior. Of course, as a djinniyah Jeannie doesn't age in human fashion.

Major Nelson is Jeannie's master, and thus Jeannie is happily "his" property. It's justified as she's a genie and at the start Nelson tries to free her. Although she stays as Major Nelson's genie, she very much has the freedom to do as she pleases. Many of Jeannie's actions are in pursuit of her Series Goal ; as she is in love with Major Nelson, her goal is to be Nelson's wife. Quite a few are occasioned by Jeannie's powers: If you start getting expensive toys and unexplained wealth pouring into your pocket, people are going to want to know where they came from.

Especially if you're involved with top-secret government projects. Well, the Aleutians, actually. Tony and Roger get sent there at one point when Jeannie messes up a diplomatic situation.

jeannie and major nelson relationship

Replaced the Theme Tune: The black-and-white season 1 had an obscure jazz piece, whereas the color seasons had the more upbeat theme we're all familiar with. Two TV movies were made. Tony's fiance Melissa in early episodes.

She was dropped when the writers realized the Love Triangle just didn't work. Major Nelson inherits an English manor. Unfortunately, Nelson's crooked English solicitor tries to scare Nelson off so he could sell the manor and keep the proceeds. Features a shocking bit of Arbitrary Skepticism on Major Nelson's part, when this master of a genie repeatedly denies that ghosts can possibly exist! There's also the fact that Jeannie herself contradicts Nelson and says they do!

The trope is subverted at the very end, when a real ghost shows up and frightens everybody away.

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Jeannie does this in the first episode after taking a shower. Tony, Roger Series Goal: Jeannie wants to marry Major Nelson. She finally gets her wish midway through the fifth and final season. She Is Not My Girlfriend: He does, eventually, fall in love with Jeannie. Watch any episode from the last season see Ms. The episodes that take place in Hawaii feature some outstanding Scenery Porn.

Several to Bewitchedwhich the show was frequently accused of copying. In one episode of SeinfeldJerry's apartment is robbed. George walks in without buzzing. Jerry asks "How did you get here? The relationship between Major Healey and his girlfriends often takes this form. Both for rocket launches, and at least in the first season every time Nelson drives up to his house particularly noticeable because the rear view mirror flashes directly into the camera just as he rolls to a stop in the clip.

Most unusual for a s sitcom, I Dream of Jeannie engaged in several four-episode plot arcs. That Came Out Wrong: When Roger is facing treason charges because of all the expensive stuff he got from Jeannie that he can't explain he begs Tony for help: Share and share alike? You're offering me half a firing squad? Tony and Jeannie get married in the last season.

Major Nelson tries to call home, and argues with a "recording". In reality, it was Jeannie's sister pretending to be a recording.

Tomboy and Girly Girl: Jeannie and her sister, respectively. This is highlighted by the good Jeannie wearing pantaloons and the wicked Jeannie wearing a skirt. Though this is offset with Jeannie being a Tomboy with a Girly Streak. Two third season episodes see Majors Nelson and Healey fall under the control of tough and insane officers who run them through unbelievably tough exercises.

Being a famous Fantastic Comedyit actually showed the real problems with having something like a genie: Nelson doesn't profit from genie, not only because of his moral conviction against a genie, it also meant being hounded the government on property and money he can't report. He is hounded by his superiors simply because of his suspicious behavior, menaced by supernatural forces connected to Jeannie, and often faced with unscrupulous types who wouldn't hesitate to take advantage of an powerful being, including his own best friend Roger.

Jeannie's ability to whip up a new outfit at will gave the series creators the chance to put Barbara Eden in an endless series of gorgeous costumes. Roger with both Tony and Jeannie. It's established that if Jeannie is ever trapped in a container such as her bottle or a safeshe can't use her powers to affect the outside world or to let herself out. Tony introduces Jeannie to Schaefer and Bellows: She's taken to hospital but when her head is x-rayed it turns out to be empty. It is not clear whether this a trait common to all genies or Jeannie in particularor if it's part of the inconsistent "Genies can't be photographed" rule.

During the 'Jeannie's birthday' arch, Roger keeps almost revealing her birthday only to get cut-off because he wastes so much time being overdramatic and trying to make the others guess instead of just telling it.

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Jeannie finally loses patience and sticks him in an iron maiden until he does so. As Roger says in his diary about that, "I am so glad he's my best friend. Remember Rob and Laura Petrie were married and they had twin beds and they had a son.

D TripperFan D Well somebody was hopping in with someone!! No wonder they were both so thin!! Television Well somebody was hopping in with someone!! Roger was the one that saw the doggy vitamins on the bedside table, which were labeled "Vitamins for Pregnancy", and he assumed they were Jeannie's and that she was pregnant. He spilled the beans Of course it's the magical dog that's pregnant, but no one realizes that before throwing a baby shower for the "parents to be".

In the meantime, she's got to get a temporary master. I'm currently into writing Greatest American Hero fic, but Roger's not forgotten.

'Larry was a troubled man' Barbara Eden opens up about I Dream of Jeannie co-star

D But Tony only had that one bed. Unless she foolishly kept sleeping in her bottle. EmoJoe Were'nt they married in that episode? It's fine if they were married. Sidney Sheldon vows and declares that she slept in her bottle, Tony in his double bed.

That's what was acceptable in the s in TV. Remember, in the late 50s and early 60s, Lucy and Desi, and Rob and Laura, were both married couples sleeping in twin beds. It was unacceptable to see even marrieds in the same bed. Donna TV Knowledge Fan There is a very cute innuendo at the end of s4 e17, "Jeannie, the Governor's Wife," where after all the typical Jeannie created chaos has been resolved, she apologizes to Tony and asks what she can do to make it up to him.

Tony snickers in a very sly way and says, "I'll think of something," and then puts his arms around her and gives Jeannie a prolonged kiss. Roger then says, "Well, you know what they say about politics. Donna Yeah, that cracks me up, because how much more does a robe cover up vs is jammies? Sometimes he was in boxers and T's, but even in his pj's he would grab a robe I never really took notice about the bottle vs the bed after they were married.

jeannie and major nelson relationship

Did we ever see her in her bottle after they married? Or did he still try to be the master? She never used the term "master" after they were married did she? They thought it would take away from the show. It must have because that was the last season. Maybe the actors were right, or maybe it was just that the writers didn't really try.

Look at the quality of writing that we were given in the fifth season, even before the marriage. Too many lackluster and downright bad episodes. It's as if they were actively sabotaging the show. There's no reason at all why a married Jeannie and Tony couldn't have worked. I don't buy that "jump the shark" crap because that's like saying a show or a story can only be one way and never evolve.

Good writing would have saved the show and possibly gotten us a sixth season. We wouldn't be second-guessing whether the marriage did it in or not because it would have been a success instead.

jeannie and major nelson relationship