Joe simpson and simon yates relationship goals

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joe simpson and simon yates relationship goals

As his new book hits the shelves, Joe Simpson, author of 'Touching the Void', pursuit of high-altitude climbing to form a permanent relationship? Siula Grande in and his exhausted climbing partner, Simon Yates. In , two British climbers, Joe Simpson and Simon Yates, became the first people to ascend the west face of Siula Grande, a 21,foot. Few who have read Joe Simpson's brilliant book Touching the Void, In , Joe Simpson and friend Simon Yates set out to climb the.

Simon is always the guy who cut the rope and I am always the bloke who crawled home. Everybody misses that crucial point. He took a very pragmatic decision. Then, not having died, initially he beat himself up about it. He has a favourite Tibetan saying, ge garne. You just get on.

Yates slightly less so. They both went on many more climbs together but Yates, married with two children, now lives in the Lake District, with his own guiding and trekking business.

Simpson has retired from climbing. They are no longer in touch.

Friends in high places

When they collaborated on the film of Touching the Void inthey had not seen one another for 10 years. She slips from his grasp and falls to her death in a crevasse. Although Blum gave up mountain climbing after the birth of her daughter, she credits her tough childhood with giving her the wherewithal to succeed in the risky pursuit — proving her doubters wrong and showing the world what women can achieve in the process.

Davidson was in front when he left the trail to dodge a crevasse but fell into a deep chasm hidden in the snow. Mine changed with time.

joe simpson and simon yates relationship goals

At first there was a lot of sadness and I had to struggle to accept it and then there was some doubt about — why am I still here and what am I supposed to do with my life now? And it took, you know, the better part of a decade, eleven years really till I got to the position where I could feel comfortable enough to share with other people.

James Sevigny Image Source While some climbers faced with life-or-death situations may make it through with sheer steely will to survive, others claim to have been aided by a seemingly external and mysterious force.

After he was swept away by an avalanche, mountaineer James Sevigny experienced what has been called the Third Man factor. On April 1,Sevigny and friend Richard Whitmire were climbing Deltaform in the Canadian Rockies when an avalanche carried the pair almost 2, feet down the mountain.

10 Incredible Climber Survival Stories

Sevigny eventually regained consciousness, but he had suffered an extensive catalog of injuries. His back was broken in two places, and he had torn the ligaments in both knees. One of his arms was fractured, and the other had severe nerve damage thanks to a broken scapula. Several of his ribs were also cracked, his teeth and nose were broken, and he was bleeding internally. After discovering that Whitmire had perished, Sevigny decided to lie down next to his friend and wait for death — when he heard a voice behind his right shoulder telling him not to give up.

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The voice continued to give the desperate climber instructions and only left him moments before his discovery and subsequent rescue by skiers. The Third Man factor is a strange, but not uncommon, phenomenon that has been compared to a guardian angel and described as a way to cope in extreme circumstances.

Charles Houston Image Source Indisaster struck a team of mountaineers attempting to summit the legendary mountain K2 in Pakistan. On August 7, after a series of challenging incidents, expedition member Art Gilkey collapsed, thought to be suffering from thrombophlebitis, or blood clots.

Leader Charles Houston and the other climbers made a heroic effort to rescue Gilkey, attempting to descend the mountain in potentially dangerous conditions. A group fall down a treacherous ice sheet nearly led to the death of almost all of the team members, but incredibly, climber Pete Schoening single-handedly managed to stop six of them plummeting by using an ice axe to quickly set and hold the rope, allowing his colleagues to scrambled back up.

Gilkey was subsequently lost in what was assumed to be an avalanche, although the rest of the team made it to safety. Some people have suggested that Gilkey worked himself free and ended his own life when he realized the peril in which he was putting the expedition. Others have countered this theory, saying that it would have been impossible or was simply not the case. Either way, Houston felt guilty about the turmoil he had put his family through and all but abandoned mountain climbing.

joe simpson and simon yates relationship goals

Slowly, he crawled across the vast glacier, using his arms and good leg to drag the broken leg, its fractured bones shifting with every inch. The pain was murderous. Freezing and weak, with no food or unfrozen water, he lost his bearings several times. Delirious, he heard old songs in his head and started reciting Shakespeare. He had crawled eight miles in total, with an end almost in sight, but he was finally cracking.

joe simpson and simon yates relationship goals

Then, at 3 a. Four days after being left for dead, he had made it to the base camp latrine. But was anyone still there? He cried weakly for help and waited.

joe simpson and simon yates relationship goals

At last, Yates appeared with Richard Hawking, a fellow traveler who had watched over their camp while they climbed.