John kitzhaber and cylvia hayes age difference in relationship

john kitzhaber and cylvia hayes age difference in relationship

Cylvia Hayes - used Governor's Staff for business use The emails show a pattern of communication in which Hayes, Governor John Kitzhaber and the . King County, Washington marriage records revealed Hayes married an .. Hayes and Kitzhaber · Cylvia Hayes: 14 People Who Made a Difference in. Cylvia Lynne Hayes (née Johnson, born August 10, ), an American consultant with a focus in sustainable economic development, was First Lady of the state of Oregon and is the fiancée of former Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber Hayes left the relationship in April and moved to central Oregon in July of that year. John Kitzhaber brought Cylvia Hayes into his personal and political life in a way he had never One thing was very different. Now that very public relationship threatens the governor's political career as The two were married in an equally secret wedding that took place a few days before he took office.

The basics On Feb. An emotional Kitzhaber delivered a resignation speech questioning the roles of both the media and his own Democratic Party in forcing him out of office: But even more troubling — and on a very personal level as someone who has given 35 years of public service to Oregon — is that so many of my former allies in common cause have been willing to simply accept this judgment at its face value.

Kitzhaber was a popular governor because he got things done.

Cylvia Hayes’ Emails Show Perverse Relationship Between Business and “First Lady” Role

Nonetheless, he was liberal on social and most economic issues and strongly committed to a clean, green energy future for the state. They began dating inafter Hayes lost a race for state representative in a district outside of Bend, Ore.

john kitzhaber and cylvia hayes age difference in relationship

She did influence him in one obvious way — encouraging Kitzhaber to walk his talk by driving a Prius instead of a gas-guzzling SUV. With another boyfriend, she purchased some farmland in rural Washington with the idea of starting a marijuana farm well before it was legala project that never got off the ground. She was not prosecuted, and the two bad judgments remained hidden from her public life story until both were exposed by the media in the fall of Hayes voluntarily left behind the people that she had been associating with during that time and started building a new life.

She moved to central Oregon, got deeply involved in environmental and energy issues — her passion — and formed a nonprofit called 3E Strategies that she later turned into a private consulting business.

InHayes was named to then-Gov. When Kitzhaber became governor again inHayes stepped into the first lady role. There is little question that she wore that mantle while promoting several political causes: In each case, they were causes the governor also believed in.

They started with charges that Hayes used state workers, including Mary Rowinski, her personal assistant as first lady, to take care of her pets, run personal errands, and arrange some travel for her energy consulting work. While these may technically be violations of stringent state ethics laws, they seem quite minor.

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Since the money was actually paid to her company, that seems a real possibility. Critics also charged that the fellowship bought political influence for CEDC. But its director, Jeffrey King, maintains that none of the money had been used to shape Oregon policy and that he never met with or tried to influence Kitzhaber.

On the one hand, they suggested the money was a gift with no real work attached, intended to influence the governor. But on the other hand, they were accusing Hayes of too much activity promoting clean energy. Indeed, Hayes performed significant work for CEDC, but much of it was outside the state of Oregon, and it had ended prior to clean energy legislation being proposed by Kitzhaber.

Beginning in JanuaryHayes also no longer accepted outside paid work and, in her role as first lady, acted solely as a volunteer in promoting her poverty and environmental causes.

john kitzhaber and cylvia hayes age difference in relationship

Given business and other expenses, her actual earnings may have been far less than that. In truth, Hayes is a passionate, effective advocate for her issues and a gifted, charismatic communicator.

john kitzhaber and cylvia hayes age difference in relationship

Hayes wanted to have a career and an impact beyond that of first lady. My first conversation with Hayes, inincluded a discussion of GPI, a project dear to her heart and to Kitzhaber, who says he has been aware of the problems with using Gross Domestic Product GDP to assess economic success since he first heard Sen.

Robert Kennedy discuss the subject in It counts all monetary expenditures, including the costs of cleaning up oil spills, treating cancer, etc. The authors called for starting with GDP but then subtracting the cost of defensive expenditures like environmental cleanups, loss of resources, and cancer treatments, while adding the value of housework and other useful unpaid activities. Hayes became an effective national spokeswoman for the concept, and helped organize a conference in Maryland promoting the idea, at which she and then-Maryland Gov.

How dirty media brought down Oregon’s clean-energy governor and his activist fiancée

The Oregonian insinuated that Kitzhaber was improperly influenced by Hayes in doing so, despite the fact that he had been interested in alternative measures of progress long before he met her. The April meeting was … organized by a coalition of organizations and governments pushing for worldwide use of the measure. However, public records raise questions about whether the marriage was legitimate or whether it was a way to help the young man with his immigration status.

Obtaining residency or citizenship for an immigrant through marriage to a legal resident is often called a "green card marriage. It's illegal whether or not the U.

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Kitzhaber's office referred all questions to Hayes. Hayes declined to answer questions about the marriage. Abraham, who is now 35 and living in the Washington, D. Abraham declined to respond to WW's calls and and texts. He also declined to speak to a reporter who went to his home Wednesday night. Hayes and Abraham married on July 19, The couple filed for divorce four years and three months later.

When she married Abraham, Hayes was three weeks shy of her 30th birthday. Court records show she had divorced her second husband three months earlier. Abraham, who listed his birthplace as Ethiopia on the marriage certificate, had just finished his freshman year at a college in North Carolina.

WW found no record of Hayes and Abraham having ever lived together during their marriage. Abraham was enrolled in Greensboro College in North Carolina, according to the school's registrar. The college's records show his legal address during college was in Montlake Terrace, Wash. On the marriage certificate, Hayes listed her home as a different address, in Renton, Wash. That summer, Hayes moved to Bend by herself.

She told The Oregonian in that she was broke and lived in her car on Bureau of Land Management property. Records show in January Hayes got an Oregon driver's license.