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Maxwell Caulfield: I hate them all. Wylde (Amanda Donohoe), Faye (actress, Kim Thomson) and my wife, Juliet (Mills)! No, it's great fun. Maxwell Caulfield is perfectly cast to play an old-school movie He talks to Julia Molony about his career and his marriage to Juliet Mills. Caulfield mentions his wife – fellow actor Juliet Mills – a lot. The couple met when they were both starring in The Elephant Man back in

He was 18 when, as a kid from Derbyshire, he struck out for the bright lights of New York City. Now 54, he's been in the biz for more than three decades, has been a theatre animal, a soap star and even a Hollywood romantic lead in Grease 2.

The show boasts 12, litres of water on stage, a medley of songs, exquisite design and a classic, faithful rendering of one of the world's favourite stories. As musicals go, it's a gem — sumptuous, beautifully directed and a delight for anyone with even a passing interest in the golden age of Hollywood.

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  • They will star in a stage adaptation of the Alfred Hitchcock film from January.

It's a world of extreme highs and deep lows — both things that Caulfield knows a thing or two about. He's worked with Charlton Heston, Barbara Stanwyck, Jessica Tandy, many of the "great proponents of their art" but, despite a few brushes with the big time, has himself remained a jobbing actor rather than a global star.

Maxwell Caulfield & Juliet Mills Share Nothing But LOVE for TCM Classic Film Festival

When in he wed Juliet Mills, he married into British film acting royalty and an established showbiz family. Juliet is 18 years older than him, and was at the time the more experienced star having notched up Golden Globe nominations and an Emmy award. Of their long and happy marriage, he says "she deserves the vast majority of credit. We had our 30th wedding anniversary. I watched people leave the screening and it was amazing how muted the response was.

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The couple met when they were both starring in The Elephant Man back in He was 21, she was the year-old daughter of Sir John Mills and part of British acting. Many reckoned it would never last. She has sacrificed a lot to allow me to have my career. He also did a spell on Emmerdale, playing Mark Wylde, the bigamist owner of Home Farm who was unceremoniously shot dead by his first wife.

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You know, I go where the work is and things have worked out pretty well. Wind back 30 years and Caulfield seemed destined for the A list. Caulfield was big news, right up until the film flopped. You have to put the ball in the back of the net. Right afterwards she did Scarface with Al Pacino.

That showed that she had range, that she was versatile. Well, I was stuck for a while with a reputation as a bubblegum actor.