Jyj and tvxq relationship marketing

5. The Bias-Wrecker: Kim Jaejoong – The Soul of TVXQ – NaniwaTabby

jyj and tvxq relationship marketing

Although JYJ and DBSK are still a work in progress, the three years of separation give a good indication on who is more successful. Do you follow JYJ and TVXQ now? who are your favourite members? who do you think are I'm honestly curious about their relationships. So when I say TVXQ here, I literally mean pre-split days unless .. His relationship with Yoochun and Yunho is also equally as great. that drives the market of fan service (or maybe it is the other way around, I don't know).

I can find many people who will agree with me most people actually because they are a little factual. Where people will differ is in the personality. As a brief note again, I just wanted to highlight something about myself. I did not realise this at first, but once I started becoming aware of it, it made so much more sense.

Similarly, I find myself seeing a lot of good features and points visually in someone who has a really good personality, even if initially I did not think they ranked high in the visual department.

The fact that Jaejoong manages to rank number 1 on my visual list even though he is my number 5 on the personality list is a testament to how attractive I think he is. It is honestly unprecedented for me to have such a gap but Jaejoong broke it for me lol.

In case you have not noticed by now — this is not meant to be a bashing post.

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Just an honest one in MY opinion. I think Jaejoong is really kind. When people say he looks cold but has a really warm heart, I actually see it. It does take a while to see it, but you see it very clearly in his interactions with the members.

But to Junsu and especially Changmin who he took care of honestly as they were his own family. I spend a lot of time watching Changmin for reasons you will find out in his post lol but I see his interactions with many people — and they are all beautiful interactions, but none as special as that with Jaejoong.

The difference between all the other guys and how Jaejoong interacts with Changmin and Junsu! He removes the air of awkwardness and almost makes them feel free to be and say what they want without feeling bad about it.

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Where Changmin is withdrawn and quiet in general unless he can bully Junsuwhen he is with Jaejoong, he literally opens up. As someone who has friends like that, I can relate very much to what Changmin feels like when Jaejoong is around and how comfortable he makes him feel. The same can be said for Jaejoong and Junsu.

jyj and tvxq relationship marketing

If he is in a good mood, he will encourage it. It is SO sweet.

jyj and tvxq relationship marketing

It meant a lot to them, it meant a lot to the fandom, and the emotions were running quite high that day —you could see it in their faces. The majority of the clips capture the same thing — they go up on stage, Yunho is talking to the crowd, Changmin unexpectedly breaks down and starts crying and Yoochun comforts him until Yunho hugs him.

It is quite popular. Maybe this story is well known too but I honestly did not see this version till quite recently actually. You can watch it here: So when you look at from this angle, you see some more things.

jyj and tvxq relationship marketing

Sure enough, Changmin starts tearing up and the first to pick it up obviously are the fans. He hears the fans and looks at Changmin and notices him crying, and again something you will only see from this angle — alerts Yoochun from behind to go comfort him. Only when Jaejoong taps him urgently, does he look to see Changmin and goes to hug him.

DBSK vs JYJ: Who is More Successful Now?

Also in the background, Junsu is struggling to keep his tears in and is hiding behind Jaejoong. Once again, Jaejoong instinctively is checking around and see s this and comforts Junsu.

Here it is also one of my favourite Jaejoong moments: And what does that say about Jaejoong — the person who is emotional, but put comforting everyone else above himself? He cooks for them, he loved them, took care of them, took care of their feelings. His relationship with Yoochun and Yunho is also equally as great.

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TVXQ is actually one of the groups with the least amount of fan service I have seen. This group honestly contrasts significantly with other such as Super Junior for example.

That is so disappointing.

jyj and tvxq relationship marketing

He chose as albums of TVXQ as songs he listens to frequently despite admonitions from others. What was funny was that he has—6 cell phones.

Nowadays many various pictures on the internet are talks of the town. I think it was probably around Myungdong, Seoul. I met with some of my friends in a bar in the vicinity of Apkujeongdong, Seoul, and I saw her for the first time then.

Kang Yebin very well but I came to say hello to her because she came with a drama script writer that I know very well. In truth we sat quite far apart, one front one back, but the picture had such an amazing angle that, on the picture, we seemed like we were leaning on each other. At that itme, what other people also came? Most of them were my non-entertainer friends. The luxury interior of your new home to which you moved was also the talk of the town.

Even when me and Mr. Kim Hyunjoongthe two of us, were living together, I did the interior design of the house.

And at the beginning of this year we moved, Hyunjoong to Chungdamdong and I to Jamshil. How did [you come to know] Hyunjoong? After that, we have been close friends throughout. I met Hyunjoong for the first time, and I felt a bit sorry for him.

With the late Mr. Park Yongha, too, your relationship with him was special. As soon as I arrived in the airport, there came a phone call by Yongha Hyung.